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Calum_Moncur | Fear RP

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Player(s) being reported: ID 322
Date of interaction reported: 25/MAY/2021
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1621980884

Your character name: Samuel Martin
Other player(s) involved: You can see in the video.

Specific rule(s) broken:

13. Fear Roleplay (FRP)

  • Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life.
  • If a player's life is in direct danger they must RP adequate fear and comply with demands.
  • If an attacker lowers their weapon to type, victims which were under fear RP remain as so.
  • A player is not showing proper fear if they run while on foot/bike or in an unpowered vehicle and a weapon is aimed at them at close range, or if they drive into an active shootout more than once without the intent of providing cover or fleeing with it.
  • A player still has the option to react if they are in a powered vehicle, if they already have a weapon drawn facing their attacker, or if their attacker's view is obstructed by an object.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)

The male changed his radio frequency at gun point.

Evidence of rule breach:



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Thank you for submitting this report. Please be patient as we review the evidence. We would like to receive a response from the following player(s) to explain their side of the story:

  • Calum_Moncur (322) - Can you explain why you think it is appropriate to change radio frequency when held under gunpoint?

If the requested player(s) do not respond within 24 hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. 

Administrator MrSilky & S. Support Tenbe

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Thank you for the report and your patience in it's conclusion.

Player Calum_Moncur will receive a punishment for Non-RP (Fear-RP). It is not appropriate at all to change a radio frequency at gun-point whatsoever. You should be realistically roleplaying fear and not moving at all. Had you done some additional RP to try to discreetly do it, there may be an argument point, but failure to do so, and reply to this thread with your side of the story has resulted in this punishment.

If you disagree with this, you are free to appeal.

- MrSilky & @Tenbe

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