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Officer #10314 - Metagaming

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Player(s) being reported:  Officer  #10314/ Id 87  @1621812109
Date of interaction reported: 23/05/21 and 25/05/21
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1621812109 and 1621935000 (time of arrest and DOC sentence)

Your character name: 
Miles Herberetto
Other player(s) involved: Admin Alderine. - Aldarine

Specific rule(s) broken: METAGAMING.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum) On Sunday the 23rd I was involved in a code 0 where we were sat on the side of the road waiting for our friend to return so we could continue the RP of us driving back to the city. Officer #10314 ended up coming over to us and we gave him notice in /b that we had a code 0 that he continued to ignore and he ended up calling for back up. This ended up getting multiple officers on the scene. I then went to ask in ICly that " a friend had a headache, we are just waiting for him" After this I got arrested leading to me getting my gun taken off of me and taken to DOC. I /report 4 about a Code 0 and Alderine came and ended up reviewing my footage and the voided the RP and giving me and the other people involved their guns back and removing all the charges places on me and the other guns. By doing this the officers character would no longer have knowledge on the situation that had happened. This is when I log in on the 25th and get pulled over for a warrant out for my arrest for carrying an unlicensed firearm which was placed by the arresting officer after the RP was voided causing me to get my vehicle impounded, me sitting in DOC for 1 hour and 45 mins and paying 8.5k in fines. When i was pulled over I didnt have a gun on me so I didnt lose anything of high value. I asked ICly to the arresting officer on the 25th about when the warrant was placed and it aligned after the RP was voided. I have not since been out in public with a gun nor have I been pulled over or even seen a cop meaning it would make no sense for me to have a warrant. I also didnt have a warrant prior to the voided RP

The videos I sent to Alderine which she voided due to us having a code 0.



The fines I got and time for this Meta warrant that was placed on me. unknown.png

I would also like to state when Alderine was dealing with the voided RP the officer was using /b to say he was going to report us all for meta and was going to report Alderine some reason as well.

If anyone could please @ alderine in here to confirm her side and to confirm she voided the RP and gave all our items back. Image bellow is her responding /report 4. Dont have the footage of her returning the items 1724670242_unknown(1).thumb.png.ddb99c690b956a24f2b944eed33cbce6.png       Me being arrested for "Warrant for unlicensed fire arm"

unknown (2).png

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