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Mask 3206_5644 and Mask 7883_9088 breaking rule 6.1, 6.2

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  • Player(s) Being Reported: Mask 3206_5644 and Mask 7883_9088
  • Date: 16-4-2018
  • Time: 14:30
  • Your Characters Name: Sylvester Groot
  • Other players: Sam Miller
  • Specific Rule Broken: 6.1/6.2
  • How Did The Player Break The Rule: they had no reason to kill me. i did everything they say and i didn't do anything to put them in danger.  so they break rule 6.2.5


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Hello Gouden, thank you for making this report.

Would @SteScotland (ID 3206_5644) and Pablo Garcia (ID 7883_9088) please respond with their side of the story.

A question I have for both of you: What reason did you have to kill Gouden Japie and MrKantonine?

You have 24-hours to respond.

- NoewUH

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