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[ECLIPSE Roleplay]: New Player Setup Guide

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New Player Setup Guide
Written by: The Eclipse Staff Team


First of all, welcome to Eclipse-RP! We are so happy you found us, and we want to help you begin your roleplay journey! You can utilize this guide to figure out some of the first steps of our community.

Step One

Make a forum account. The Eclipse-RP forums will help every player in every way. We use the forums to submit player reports, punishment appeals, special announcements, character stories, development sneak peaks, and more! Click here to make an account on our forms.

Step Two

Read our server rules. No-one wants to start out their roleplay adventure on our server with a bad admin record, so it's best to thoroughly understand our rule book, in and out. Click here to read the official Eclipse-RP rules.

Step Three

Download and install RageMP. In order to actually play Eclipse-RP, you need to download the client we run on, which is RageMP. Keep in mind you must have a legal PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Click here to view our tutorial on how to download and install RageMP and play on Eclipse-RP.

Step Four

Join the official Eclipse-RP discord server. The Eclipse-RP discord server is where we send out announcements on server and development related topics. We also use the discord as a means of communication and support. It is a great way to receive help, and fast. Click here to join the official Eclipse-RP discord server. 

Step Five

Learn the Eclipse-RP commands. Our commands help better the experience of everyone. Click here to view the commands list containing all of the Eclipse-RP commands.

Step Six

Familiarize yourself with the endless possibilities Eclipse-RP can offer. Our frequently asked questions list contains some of the most asked questions which will help most people, information on government factions and means of making money, and more. Click here to read our frequently asked questions list.

Step Seven

Launch the game and create a panel account. You will need to verify your email address on the panel. Click here to login into the panel.

Step Eight

Login, create your character, and roleplay!

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UPDATE - 20/06/2018:

  • Fixed the rules link directing users to the old rules. Link will now direct users to the new rulebook. 

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