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Max Myers


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Everyone agrees something is broken in Los Santos. Society as a whole has failed each other. From cops who have spit in the faces of the people, to gangs who have hurt the hard working man, to civilians who pretend to be innocent but deep inside know they’ve sinned. At the end of the day, every person in Los Santos wants the city to be better, but no one is willing to fight for a change. Well… We are. We are here to reset society… We are here to make a fundamental difference. Some may say we’re a gang or a cult… We believe we are a movement. We are what happens when the government fails to fix the problem…Natural law has kicked in.  We will control. We will rummage through the city and Judge the living, and the dead. We won’t stop until we bring Salvation!



Salvation is a criminal family that hopes to bring a movement to Los Santos. We are predominately made up of a few types of people who you encounter in your everyday life: The working class, the criminals, and the outcasts. One thing every person in this group has in common, we are fed up with the way Los Santos has treated us and are here to change it. We are based in an apartment in West Vinewood. We want to gain control and moderate the city ourselves. Legally: We are a group of bodyguards who will protect people for payment. However, at the end of the day we are vigilantes who want to control the illegalities of Los Santos. 



Our Current Turf:



Lisburn, Ireland, 1987, the Irish Republican Alliance has risen up against the British Rule and various sectors of the Irish Government. Biker gangs rome the streets, Mobs have begun settling in. It is a scary place, filled with violence beneath the streets that people call home. Nobody speaks of it, but everyone knows that Lisburn is one small shootout from annihilation. Tensions are high between gangs and the government has failed to regulate it. The working class has turned on eachother and begun leading lives of crime, meanwhile police officers are corrupting. A man named Romeo Myers is walking home from his job in the factory where he constructs bullet casings that are later used by the government. He is miserable but is doing what it takes to provide for his family. His neighbourhood is like a second family, and are all working to keep each other safe. As he walks through his neighbourhood, he hears a loud bang… followed by another…. And another. A shootout begins between the IRA and the Coffin Droppings causing Romeo to duck behind a nearby house. He is promptly dragged inside by homeowner, Rory O'Ceallaigh. Romeo, panicked, would look around the room to see men in white ties and white skull masks. This was the day he would join what would eventually be known as An tSlánaithe, which translates to Salvation. These men would fight to take control of Lisburn through criminal means. They believed if they could control the criminal trades, along with a heavy amount of the cashflow, they could  restore Lisburn. They started off with petty crimes such as mugging, store robberies and occasionally kidnapping. They would use this money to front their drug operations. They were fairly successful in this line of work. Unfortunately, when they got into Gun Running, everything changed. When receiving a shipment of Brownings from the French, Rory loaded them in the back of his truck. He slowly walked to the drivers seat and buckled his seatbelt. As he turned the key, an ignition bomb would blow him and the two men in his car to smithereens. Salvation would never recover. During Rory’s burial, a white tie would be placed on his coffin. The day after the funeral, Romero took over Salvation and a new trademark began. White ties would be laid on any member of Salvations coffins after death along with any families or friends of members. Red Ties would be laid on any bodies found in Lisburn that Salvation members came into contact with without knowing. Black ties would be laid on bodies of those deemed irredeemable such as IRA members or Coffin Droppers. Although their influence grew, the other gangs were just too dominant in the city and they would be picked off one by one. In 1993, one last mission would be set by the Salvation, kill John Hendron, the leader of the IRA. The 121 members stormed the hq but by the end, only three remained, one of which was Romero. During the massacre, Romero was able to put a bullet in the second in command, Connor O’Shea. He realised after a failed mission, he would have to flee Ireland. He took his son Michael and got on a boat to Canada. His son Michael would start his own family with his wife Angelina having three sons, Grant, Max, and Jacub. Grant was an unruly teenager and began the life of crime from the age of 13, something his father never supported. Much of his crime were petty muggings but each plan was based on his grandfather’s stories. Max would also be dragged into this life but was never sure this is what he wanted to be. He knew he wanted to make a difference, but never knew how. This all changed when his father went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Michael was charged with murder despite a lack of evidence due to a corrupt cop. From that day, Max wished to be a criminal defence attorney. He studied Criminology in University and would obtain his JD, During this time he experienced the death of his grandfather who left him the Salvation Skull Mask. Max never knew what to do with it. After University, Max left Ottawa and went to Los Santos, hearing that is where the land of opportunity was. In Los Santos, he would meet a man named Issac. Both men became middle-class members of society. They were mistreated and being robbed by different gangs and felt like the cops were spitting in their face. They realised how corrupt the city of Los Santos had become with a lack of control. Due to this reason, Max decided to join an italian mob where he would meet a man named Chad. Eventually, Max realised that this mob was evil and only in it for the money, although they protected him… he knew he wanted to do something more. One night after being robbed in the streets of Los Santos, Max went home to notice the Skull Mask sitting on his nightstand. He held it in his hands and stared at it. He then placed it on his hand and in that moment, he knew what he needed to do.. 




-Gain trustworthy members who are willing to die for the cause and each other.

-Begin connections with other gangs

-Gain money to set up operations and gain power. (Money = Power)

-Gain influence and control through expanding our turf.

-Gain influence and control through entering the drug trade

-Gain influence and control through entering the gun trade.

-”Rehabilitate” Los Santos




The Messiah

-The Messiah is the leader of the gang. He ultimately calls the shots and is responsible for motivating Salvation to achieve the vision. He must make sure no one forgets what Salvation stands for. The Messiah must look classy and be professional at all times around Salvation and other factions.




-These are the closest men to the Messiah. Each is responsible for different divisions such as Gun-running, Drug Trafficking, Recruitment, and Rehabilitation. They are the upper management of the Salvations. They tend to have classier styles but not necessarily suits. They each have some uniqueness that is represented by their codename. For Example: This is Trigger (Issac) who has a militant look. 



-Prophets are directly below Judges. They usually run with the judges but when Salvation needs to split up, they tend to be the heads of their own groups. They follow orders given to them by the Judges. They are allowed to vote. They must be dressed in a white leather jacket, white tie, white skull, and white pants.




-Saviours make up the bulk of the gang. They have been in the gang for a while and have been vouched for by a prophet +. They have earned their way into becoming a Saviour and are a valued member of Salvation. They are allowed to take part in votes. They must be dressed in the black and white jacket shown in the picture below with a white undershirt, white tie, white skull, and white pants (Camo or solid).




After being judged and completing their initiation stages, members will fall under one of two categories, Initiates and Sinners. Initiates are those who were deemed to be pure at heart and are prepared to join the movement. They report to the Prophets and must earn their way to become saviours. Sinners are those who were deemed to be evil and must be rehabilitated. Judges will work with the Sinners to rehabilitate them and make them pure at heart. They must work harder to ever hope to become a Saviour. Initiates are expected to wear White Ties whereas Sinners must wear red ties. Their clothing are not as strict as Saviours and Prophets but must be primarily white and be wearing a skull mask. During this stage you will also be given a code name.


TBJ (To Be Judged)

These are people yet to be initiated into the gang but wish to join. They must wear a white skull mask and be primarily dressed in white without a tie.




-Should you fail to follow this code, punishments will be voted on

-We are a family, we look out for each other and never harm one another

-Killing is not taken lightly and must only be conducted on those deemed to be irredeemable, or orders from a judge or higher.

-All bodies seen by a member of Salvation must have a tie placed in their pocket (inventory). White for the pure, Red for the unknown, Black for the evil

-Should a person who is deemed pure be killed, a ceremony will be held in which we will pray to the Catholic God in that he follows our judgement and allows them safe passage into a better place.

-When in public together, members must refer to each other as their code names.


OOC Rules

-Do not use our discord to talk to each other about In Character things.

-Cannot become a Prophet if affiliated with other gangs

-Must have more than 5000 XP to become a Saviour





Recruitment must be conducted by a judge or higher. Recommendations are allowed by Prophets and Saviours. All recruits start at the TBJ stage where they will be interviewed by Judges or The Messiah. The Judges and Messiah will vote on whether they are pure at heart. This will determine whether or not they can become an Initiate or Sinner. Afterwards, they will be given a task that they must carry out to prove themselves to Salvation. If successful, they will be initiated and given a code name.





The Messiah, Judge Trigger, Echo and Esco awaiting a TBJ.





04/22/20 Rebelion- https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/63015-salvation/?do=findComment&comment=306037                                                                                     05/03/20 Red, Dead, and Redemption - https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/63015-salvation/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-309306

05/04/20 The Kitchen Massacre - https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/63015-salvation/?do=findComment&comment=309405

05/05/20 Judgement Day - https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/63015-salvation/?do=findComment&comment=309665






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interesting backstory! will be cool to see how the dynamics are in-game between this faction and daichead gadai since both were based in ireland and tied to the ira. best of luck!

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8 hours ago, QuirkyMayhem said:

Hey there guys, looking good, looking forward to seeing where you guys go with your story.
(TIP: press F7 to hide the HUD for screenshots)

Thank you so much for the tip! 

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5 hours ago, AlbertoPanchino said:

Nice to see another irish gang, love to see how this goed.

Best of luck



8 hours ago, Lola said:

interesting backstory! will be cool to see how the dynamics are in-game between this faction and daichead gadai since both were based in ireland and tied to the ira. best of luck!

Thank you both for the support, this is gonna be awesome 🙂

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Even in prison, We keep the tie... Never leave one of your own alone... Today, even the prison got a taste of Salvation... Some came towards us, while others ran away from the calling... but they'll come around.

Making friends in prison.png

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A man wronged us... so we gave him a chance to redeem himself... but he let his big ego get carried away and couldn't see the bigger picture. 


Dean King AKA Big Six

Crime: Breach of Code, Disrespect to a Prophet, and the stabbing of a Judge

Sentence: Unanimous vote of irredeemable

Final Words: Please N-


Six betrayed us... The black tie lay upon his body as a representation of his unpure heart. We hope you get no rest in the underworld, for you have forsaken the Messiah and turned away from Salvation. Let this be an example Los Santos...


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Posted (edited)

TRCC pulled up one of our houses trying to rob us... He was voted irrideemable. A black tie was left on his corpse to represent his failure to comply with the vision. We prayed that he be taken into the underworld and suffer an eternal fate of misfortune and suffering. Afterwards, We cooked his liver with some pharma beams... Clown Stew anyone?

Clown stew.png

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jgsadojgasdkjg.png.855c793d38a3c32fa0eccb491ac1d968.pngSend in the clowns??? 

The Clowns are finally on board with the Salvation's goal... We invited them over for some Clown Stew... They declined... We shook hands and now there will be no more Clowning Around...


We will bring Salvation LS... it is coming soon...

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