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((For added effect when reading, enjoy the music - Danheim - Ulfhednar - YouTube ))
((For anyone wondering the wolves are Geri and Freki, the wolf companions of Odin, The All-Father))

Bjor Eiriksson was woken up in the middle of the night due to a startling dream showing him flashes of tall buildings, rough seas, boats, warriors, and Odin’s Hall. Near the end of the dream a sign flashed before him stating, “Welcome to Los Santos”. Not knowing what all this meant he visited the Seer in the village and began to ask him questions regarding the dream and asking what the Gods had in store for him. The Seer spoke in whispers and riddles, the only clear thing stated was his destiny awaited him in Los Santos and its untold fortune. Bjor nodded his head knowing the Seer would tell him nothing else, gently grasping the Seer’s hand and giving it a gentle lick before walking out and returning to his parents great hall located in the village. He told his parents of the dream and what he could make out from the Seer. His parents nodded and told him it was the will of the Gods for him to go to Los Santos.

Bjor had never left the village or the surrounding area except for when he was sent to meet the other Earls or Kings. However, if going to Los Santos was the will of the Gods then so be it. He began to gather his forces and explain the task ahead of them. As he spoke to his Radningar and Shield Maidens a crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning beamed across the sky as rain began to fall across the village. Times were changing around the village and in the surrounding area, the times of raiding and pillaging were over, but new ways of fighting were clear to everyone. Instead of shields and axes, they now fought with guns, however, the noise of war always remained the same. Bjor knew this was a possible way for the village to begin to prosper again even if it was a more modern way. Bjor and his Radningar with the Shield Maidens agreed they would find a few boats to take them across the great sea to Los Santos so they could begin a clan within the city, however, they knew nothing of this land and it’s uncharted area.

Two weeks went by and the journey was long and rough. The boats arrived at the ports of Los Santos but the only one to make it off the boat was Bjor. All of his Radningar and Shield Maidens had fallen ill on the journey and passed away or were sent back to the village. As he stepped off the boat and his foot touched the pavement of the docks, it began to rain heavily with thunder cracking constantly and lightning beaming across the sky. The Gods foretold he would make the journey but not that he would do it with help, he was being tested.

He began to wander around the city, trying to figure out where things were in this new place. As he walked down the streets, he noticed a sign with a symbol for The Seer and he wondered if this was real. He walked in and a voice broke through the silence from a dark corner of the room, “Welcome to Los Santos, Bjor Eiriksson, the long lost descendant of Ragnar. Find the golden tree lost in the hills, Odin awaits your arrival. Be mindful of these false heretics.” He quickly looked into the corner as if he was imagining things… it was The Seer from the village sitting in the corner but as quick as he saw The Seer, they were gone. A female walked out of the back room and asked if she could help Bjor and he smirked and spoke softly, “No my friend. You have a wonderful day trickster.” He turned around and walked out, finding a car nearby and breaking into it. He began driving around the city and it’s outlying hills before finally finding it, the golden tree lost in the hills. He approached the tree and kneeled before it, placing his head in his hands before speaking.


Those of us owned by You,
who have trembled in delicious fear
at Your presence,
praise Your name,
Odin, All-Father,
Master of the Tree.

Oh Son of Bestla
Son of Borr
born when the worlds were yet to be formed,
born of those first generations
to arise from Ymir’s horde,

You with Your brothers,
forged a new race of Gods,
rising from violence,
shooting toward wisdom
like the fleetest of comets
shooting toward the earth.

You are called Gangleri,
Wandering God,
at home nowhere and everywhere;
You are called Sigtyr,
brilliant in Your battle-glory,
born to conquer, to possess the world;
You are called Grimnir,
and by vitki Yggr,
in honor of Your terrible time upon the Tree.

You are known by these and many other names,
and the paths to You are many.
We praise them all, that You may savor
in each of Your guises,
and by whichever name pleases You the most
the fermentation of our spirits.

May these words please You oh God,
and may You bestow upon us,
whose mouths overflow
with adoration and praise,
the terrible grace of Your blessing.


Bjor had contacted Odin, The All-Father for his blessing in this new city. It was now time for the forgotten age of the Viking to be brought into a Modern Era. He would begin his work with the farmers, fishermen, lumberjacks, and hunters of the city… then move onto the more fitting people for fighting. However, those same farmers, fishermen, lumberjacks, and hunters would soon be taught how to be Viking.


King and Queen - The leader of the factions and clan. His word is law and the only way to become King is by killing the previous or current standing one. This person is shown the utmost respect by his subjects and all his people pledge their allegiance to their King, no matter the cost. In the end, the King only wishes for his people to sit in Odin's Halls, Valhalla.

Thane - Royal advisor to the King and Queen regarding the armies and how the strongholds are progressing along with any other things they are tasked with overlooking.

Hersir - The King’s right hand man when it comes to war tactics and the dispersion of manpower. This is the leader of the clans army and only answers to the King and Queen, only if the King is unavailable.

Radningar - Warriors who have proven their oath to their King and Queen through battle or other means. They are the only members besides the Hersir and Shield Maiden who are allowed to train fellow warriors in the art of battle and ways of the Norse.

Shield Maiden - This rank is reserved specifically for females who have proven their oath to the King and Queen through battle or other means. They are also allowed to train fellow warriors in the art of battle and ways of the Norse.

Berserker and Valkyrie - Warriors who have proven their worth through dedication to their King and Queen no matter the cost. They have become trusted within the stronghold and clan earning them a place among the councils.

Viking - This is where everyone starts within the clan. You have pledged your oath to your King and Queen, laying your life and everything you have in their hands. You still have much to prove but you are acknowledged within the stronghold and clan. You will be tested countless times before becoming a Berserker or Valkyrie.

- Establish connections with the farmers, fishermen, hunters, and lumberjacks.
- Establish a clan of 10 members
- Establish a look for the Faction (Currently an axe and leather vest are the attire)
- Establish a temporary Stronghold

- Establish connections within the criminal world
- Establish gun connections and gun trades
- Establish a chop shop connection
- Establish a permanent Stronghold
- Establish a clan of 30 members

- All recruitment is done IC
-Must possess general knowledge of how Roleplay works along with how to do proper /me
-Must follow all ECRP Rules to the best of their ability and not bring unnecessary heat to the faction
-Must know how to immerse yourself into IC and follow the lore and overall feel of the faction
-Must be okay with Gross RP considering this is a Norse style faction which will sometimes involve sacrifices to the Gods (You will not be forced to be involved in it, but, must be okay with it happening within the faction)
-Each recruitment is different as every person brings in different elements of RP to the faction
-XP Requirements will be on a case by case basis and as we see fit



- Stay loyal to your clan and uphold your armband oath

- Do not pick fights that are unnecessary, remember your wanting to go to Valhalla, make your death worthy of Odin’s Halls

- Do not openly speak of the clans business to outsiders

- Keep our established connections firm and progressing, do not backstab our allies

- Show no mercy and leave no survivors unless you have a clean getaway

- We do not snitch, if your caught you will be given judgement


((All of the info portrayed in this thread is strictly OOC. Changes will be made along the way, the overall goal of this faction is to bring something new and unique to ECRP. We hope you enjoy our journey as the Vikings make their way into the city.))

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((Enjoy the listen - Danheim - Hefna - YouTube))


Bjor began to make his way through the city, exploring the uncharted land he was now calling his home. Los Santos was not like his village by any means and due to it's massive size, you were lucky if you knew the person standing next to you. He began to wander around before finding the farm lands to the north which seemed to be empty. This sight was strange to him, the farms at the village were always full of people and animals as far as you could see. This did not deter him though, he needed to begin making money and getting the tools needed for the Sons of Odin. He began his work and harvest like he was raised to do, giving prayer to Jord and Nerthus mother of All. This was uncharted land and the farm land did not seem to be as fertile as the village so he would need all the help he could get.


He spent many days waiting for the crops to grow and began to grow concerned that this land was not worked due to it not being fertile and providing crops for the people. One day shortly after he awoke to find crops beginning to sprout from the ground and his prayers were answered, the land was fertile but only for growing wheat. This crop was a staple for many things in the world but not a very expensive crop however it was worth something none the less. However, it did not take long for a non-believer of Odin to begin trying to mess with him. In the midst of him tending his crop a man began to try stealing his truck, but, this man quickly learned that the Sons of Odin do not fear a fight nor protecting their possessions. Bjor approached the man and asked him one question, "I am ready to enter Odin's Halls and be with my brothers and sisters... can you say the same my friend?" The man looked at Bjor with a surprised look and thought he was joking until Bjor bowed his head and with no hesitation let his fists meet the mans face. The man quickly fled the area waiting for another opportunity until he realized Bjor was not joking and would not just let this go. Bjor shouted to the man as he ran away, "You will be judged by your deeds sooner or later by Odin, The All-Father. May you never enter Valhalla for being a coward."

The crops finally finished growing and made their way to a local warehouse, however, prices for these crops in this city seemed to be far worse than the village and local trading ports. Bjor needed to find a way to make money and meet people so he decided to begin exploring the logging camps nearby, but, he had no idea what was going to happen once he made his way there.

He began his work quickly within the forests, cutting down any and all trees he could. However, he knew the best trees were in the mountains, way up high. Bjor got into his truck and began to ascend the mountain sides trying to find the best place to find the trees when out of nowhere he began to see something in the distance. The Seer was sitting in the midst of a ton of trees and smiling with his typical grin. Bjor parked his vehicle and walked up to The Seer asking him why he was here once again and what riddles he would tell now.
The Seer smirked and laughed at Bjor before speaking in riddles once again, "Bjor Eiriksson, the great descendant of Ragnar, you know what colors you must fly if you wish to have the
favor of the Gods." As the words cut through the air, Bjor blinked and The Seer was gone.

As he stood there among the trees he had just cut down it became clear. Bjor would fly the colors of his ancestors banners, the
Sons of Odin would be that of black and red. They would settle in the woods near the ocean where they could prosper and continue following their traditions. Bjor knew these things but now needed to make them come to purpose.


As he finished his work in the forest and brought his trees to the local lumberyard, he realized him and his people could make a living from the trees in this land. It was a lot of work but it would pay them well to keep to their heritage. Sooner or later they would need the wood to begin making their stronghold and hopefully once doing enough work for the lumberyard they could get their help in making the stronghold. With this new found money in Bjor's pocket, he made his way to a local shop and inquired about getting his truck painted. The shop happily obliged and painted the truck, dawning it in black paint with a red roll cage. He nodded and gave the shop his blessing, bidding them farewell as he pulled off with music blaring.

Bjor made his way back to the city to park his vehicle and get some rest but sadly on the way ran into a fallen Brother who had been carried off by the
Valkyrie to Odin's Halls. Bjor recognized this man from the farms and knew nothing else except he was a hard worker like Bjor along with they shared a conversation regarding Odin, The All-Father. The man appeared very interested but sadly they were now no longer around.



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As far as factions go this is super unique and the thread is simple yet stunning, best of luck to you guys and I'm really excited to see what you can do with some Scandinavian characters wrapped up in century old traditions.

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18 minutes ago, Kazjii said:

Listening to the music and then reading the first post really makes me excited to see yall in game. Best of luck!

Before I even log into Bjor, I sit here for like an hour listening to music specifically tailored for my designing and wanting to bring this idea to ECRP. I'm so excited to see what becomes of this and I am shocked so far at the outreach I have received from people regarding this idea and the fact it has never been done before.

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((Music for your enjoyment -- Danheim & Heldom - Blodfest (Official Music Video) - YouTube))


It had been weeks since Bjor began his quest to begin the clan, Sons of Odin, in the city of Los Santos and it came with a host of problems from the start. The farmlands, lumberyards, hunting grounds, and fishing areas seemed to be barren of people. His mind began to wander thinking of where he could find people willing to believe in the Gods and swear an oath to him. He was using knowledge based on his years in the village and the surrounding area, but, that knowledge was proving useless. People in the city and in the outskirts of the country area were different… they were not like him nor the people back home. He needed to begin putting things in motion but how. Bjor began to wander through the forests looking all over for any signs from the Gods before he came upon a patch of mushrooms near a tree on the mountain. As he bent over and picked the mushrooms they began to make him think of home and what they did when they felt lost or needed guidance… he knew what he had to do.


Bjor began to wander through the forest looking for any animals and being cautious to not spook anything away. As he wandered through the forest, he noticed several rabbit holes and began to plan out how he would get them alive. He unsheathed his axe and began to cut down small branches from nearby trees, crafting a few spring traps to snare the rabbits. He began placing them throughout the area and once he was done, he made his way back to his truck and parked it on a hill, letting his eyes rest for a while as he dreamed of home.

Several hours had passed as Bjor began to awake to the sunlight shining through the windshield of his truck. He began to walk through the forest to a nearby river he found and gently cleaned his face and hands. Once he was done, he began walking to the traps one by one before finally finding three traps which had done their jobs. He had captured three rabbits of a decent size and placed them in some cages he had made before resting. Once the moon had blessed the sky, he would begin what needed to be done to get guidance.

** The Moon once again rested high in the night sky as Bjor began to light torches around the area on the mountain he had begun to frequent often. As the torches burned brightly into the darkness surrounding the forest, he walked off to the cage and grabbed each rabbit one by one, tying them to a pole placed in the center of the torches. He walked to his truck and grabbed a few bowls and carried them over to the center of the torches placing them down in front of each rabbit before unsheathing his axe from his waist. He kneeled down in front of the rabbits and began to do what he was raised to follow as it was tradition and culture. As the bowls slowly filled, he dipped his fingers into the bowls and smeared the blood onto his face in a few lines and began to speak while looking into the sky.

Hail Odin, god of wisdom and war, may you grant me a hint of your knowledge so I may use it for the benefit of myself and my community. Please accept my sacrifice and deem them worthy. Hail Odin, The All-Father!”

As the words left his mouth, the sound of Ravens cawing in the forest broke the silence and the torches began to slowly blow out. Bjor looked around and noticed one Raven in particular which was perched on a torch in front of him. The Raven began to tilt its head and cawing as if speaking directly to him… within a blink of an eye it began to circle Bjor before flying and landing on his truck. He walked over and got inside it, trying to follow the Raven to the best of his ability. Before he knew it he was overlooking a creek and woman, familiar fishing from the waters.

Immedietly he could not believe what he was seeing, thought to be lost, then brought a sense of peace to him. He called out a warriors call holding his axe in the air and she looked toward the peak, responding immediately as if it was natural to them both. Before him was an acquaintance of his, Aurora. She was a Shield Maiden he grew up with and fought beside a few times. She came from a neighboring village when she was young to train and have a place to call home, but after a string of bad luck was lost at sea. Odin had heard his prayer and gave him guidance. As his mind began to think he was no longer lost, the Raven began to fly around them above before many more Raven joined in circling the area above. Bjor looked to Aurora and smirked before speaking softly but stern.

“We have a lot of work to do Aurora. We shall claim fame in these uncharted lands and begin a new legacy under colors not of our fathers, shall we? We shall bring the ways of the Viking into the modern era.”

Bjor and Aurora began to think of what really represented the ways of the Viking. They were one with nature and of the Gods. However, everything they did and had was due to the Gods. The earth, the water, the airit was all from the Gods. Then it hit them, they would begin flying the colors of the water and earth.

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((Music for your enjoyment -- Danheim & Gealdýr - Bana - YouTube ))


Bjor woke up early one day and decided it was a good day for fishing and that he needed to begin making money to get necessary supplies for the settlement once he found a piece of land for purchase. As he woke up he began his daily routine of washing his face and hands, followed by a prayer to the Gods and Goddesses. He walked over to the shoreline and kneeled down placing his hands upon his thighs as he looked up into the sky with his eyes closed.

Hail to the Æsir!
Hail to the Vanir!
Hail to the gods and goddesses of my folk!
Hail to my ancestors that watch over me!
Hail to the local land wights that guard and guide!
Hail to the bounteous earth and the earth mother!
Words and wisdom give to us noble beings,
and healing hands while I live.


As he finished the words, he bowed his head and took a deep breath in as he began to hear the caw of a Raven passing by. He peaked with his eyes to the left and watched where it flew which was straight to the pier. Bjor looked over and said to himself, "This is where I shall fish today if the Gods will it." As he began to gather his things and load them into the truck, he looked around one last time taking in the view at the beach and made his way down the pier. Bjor was not expecting much from this day except to make some money and catch some fish... after all he had no home here or food so he was living off the land currently.

As the day progressed he decided to let the wolves out of the truck for a bit and began to feed them some of the fish he caught knowing they too were probably hungry. As he kneeled down and fed them he heard an unfamiliar voice come from behind him speaking one word, "Odinson?" His instinct was to immediately reach for his axe not knowing who or what this person wanted until the word registered in his head. He tilted his head sideways and looked over his shoulder, speaking softly, "Praise to the All-Father, Odin. Are you one of my folk, my friend?" As the words left his mouth he noticed what seem to be a man with shaggy hair and the beginnings of a beard in front of him. He smirked and waited for a response. The man responded with, "I have been looking all over this place for fellow folk and have found none until today. Praise to the Gods, we have finally found someone." Bjor began to realize why the Raven flew here and what was happening, but, before him was only one man... who was this "we". He looked over and began to talk with the man in depth regarding how he came to the city and why. From what he gathered this mans name was Ivar Orvik and he had made the journey from his village along with his wife came with him, Revna Orvik. All three of them talked for sometime and discussed many things of their culture and the ways they were raised.


Before too long they both looked at Bjor and complimented on his tattoo he had gotten back him, the wings of the Valkyrie. They then told Bjor they had similar tattoos and showed him. Their tattoos were not just similar, they were exact matches. They had gotten them before the journey to this land. They all agreed that meeting was the Will of the Gods and Ivar and Revna had agreed to become apart of the new settlement and clan. Bjor constantly thinking of making ways for the Sons of Odin to be identified, he proposed an idea to Ivar and Revna, both of them agreed... members of the Sons of Odin would need to go through the process of having the Wings of the Valkyrie tattooed on them. It would be another step on top of swearing an oath on your armband.

As the day progressed, Bjor became very tired and wanted some rest but not before handing Ivar and Revna their armbands and having them swear an oath to him. They both agreed to become apart of the cause and swore their allegiance to the Sons of Odin. Our people were far and few in this city so we needed to band together to begin our settlement, this much is true. Bjor bid them farewell getting into his truck as he made his way off the pier, it was late and now things had began to go as planned. He knew now, he would need as much rest as possible to begin working hard and long so the settlement could prosper.

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I know it says all recruitment is done IC, but where does one go to find said Sons of Odin? I feel like my character would be perfect for this faction, but I'm unsure as to how I can get in contact... If anyone got like a lead, or a location they hang? I'm normally farming so... 

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i mean i do like the story and all, and im a big fan of medieval legends and storys, especially the old gods and the whole story of valhalla. but im curious of how this faction will develope story wise and so on, where their  hq will be and a home area... will u be acting like the old vikings and such or are u more of modern vikings. i shall see once i meet some of yall ingame. really curious of this idea and i do hope it works out for you guys.

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