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Hydraulics Issue

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Date and time (provide timezone): 15:00 GMT+2 14/MAR/2021

Character name: Lex Roth

Issue/bug you are reporting: Hydraulics are not working properly. The vehicle isn't bounching the way it should be.

Expected behavior:  The vehicle should bounce properly when the hydraulics are maxed. 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I've met people with the same issue and people who dosent have the issue. So i am unsure what is going on. The only way to replicate this is to take a vehicle with maxed hydraulics and try to bounce. 


Vehicle license plate number*104SAD6

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Also had this issue, from my experience, stock hydraulics seem to work without issue but any upgrade causes the wheels to stick to the ground sometimes.

I'd also like to note that when using hydraulics if the car drops and hits the ground in any way (bumpers) it will take damage and thus it makes it nearly impossible to do any hydraulic movement beyond bouncing the car on all 4 lest you end up severely damaging the car

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Posted (edited)

Alright, after a lot of research and lots of modifications and money, we found what causes the issue at least for the people who have the issue.

When we modify the vehicle with any other wheels than the STOCK WHEELS, the vehicle hydraulics are getting glitched. If you have a Low Rider and facing that issue and you vehicle has any other wheels than the STOCK WHEELS, you might wanna change it to the stock ones. 

I am unsure why this is an issue but this work for me. Just make sure when you modify your vehicle to the stock wheels, you need to relog and everything will work as it should be.

Another issue that obviously can be fixed only from Developers is that the Low Riders are taking insane amount of damage when they bounce.


Special thanks to @ClankH for helping! 

@Maccy if you can check and confirm that too, it would be lovely.

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Since I own a lowrider(chino custom) I totally agree with the bug of damage when using hydraulics, it's really annoying to repair the car 4 times a day... 

Just bring back the old damage system pls

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