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Gang wars -Toxcicity and the server moving forward.

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Hi all! 

Many of you may know me IG as Danny Spears, I just wanted to bring something to the attention of the server and to the community in general. My character has been around the criminal world in a non-violent capacity for a good 4/5 months and have seen a number of server wide wars. I have also been paying close attention to the player reports as of late and wanted to flag something for us to discuss as a community, and that is mainly the toxic nature of the past couple of large scale conflicts.

Whilst it is clear that there has always been some level of OOC malice in previous wars, the level of toxicity now; from the azteca/lfm vs Irish and co wars to the now Irish/Rooks and co vs Goblins and co conflict has really made it apparent that something needs to change in the attitude or rules in eclipse. The number of gang related reports, vitrial in the responses to these reports and ig behaviour spilling into ooc attitudes and feelings (ie hatred or malice toward players rather than characters) is hurting the community and it isnt pretty to see or watch unfold.


Therefore this post is in the hope we can start an amicable discussion about what changes we can make (whether that be rules or new general standards of rp) to maybe curtail the toxic feeling around wars.

My two cents is this; we have a very under-utilised official war declaration which should be implemented more frequently by factions both official and unofficial, whilst I dont like forced rp or forced decisions made on people and gangs, admins and faction staff should be able to step in when a war has escalated to a certain point and bring the faction leaders of the warring gangs together to discuss what terms they would be happy to see a war fought in (victory conditions etc.). 


The simple fact is this, in my mind it is clear that a lot of the wars in the server do not end unless one side has been wiped out and therefore this creates a situation where gangs will fight forever without end, creating toxic "win at all costs" mentalities etc. There should be a bigger push towards conflicts which end with terms of surrender or peace agreements, rather than a fight until the last. 

I look forward to your thoughts on the above and would hope that we can have a discussion without accusing one particular party or another! 


Thanks guys and much love! 


Danny Spears

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I'm a strong believer that factions are not forever, especially those of a criminal nature. However the mentality that in order to win an overall conflict one faction must be pushed into disbandment or into leaving the server is not the way it should go down. I definitely agree that official war declarations should be utilized more frequently and defined victory conditions should be set. I also believe players need to start thinking outside the box in terms of conflict RP, do something interesting that the faction you're in conflict with will enjoy on an OOC level.

If your character is getting into gunfights on an almost daily basis you're starving yourself of quality RP you could be having outside of the action. Even during the most intense conflicts, shootouts should be a once/twice a week occurrence so that every player has a chance to develop their characters during the conflict and reducing the amount of shootouts happening would go a long way to increasing the possibility of de-escalation before victory.

To summarize: Conflict should be fun and interesting. Factions should maintain good OOC relations with enemy factions especially at the height of escalation. Shootouts should be coming at the end of arcs, not every time a gang member is robbed. Factions should be disbanding due to their own internal stories, not at the behest of others overpowering them.

We're all here to have fun at the end of the day and it's never going to be fun if players are losing costly items on a daily basis. The OOC toxicity stems from frustration that hours of collecting cash are gone in mere minutes. This wouldn't be the case if we slowed down on the action and looked outside the box aiming to ensure that not only ourselves, but the people we're RPing with are having fun too.

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People should just accept the L no matter what, instead of searching a little thingy rule break and throw it to the admins. If you happen to lose everyday, YOU should just stop participating in fights and look for another solution...

But what's happening now, let's just look at forum reports and its very clear tho. 

Imagine being an admin or FM and every night you have to deal with the same shit, a bit annoying, ending up people gets punishments, which will lead to OOC toxicity. 

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