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Bus Stops on GPS

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Bus stops should be marked on the GPS with a blip.


The bus job seems to be more like a bus driving simulator rather than public transportation. I am sure that not too many people know where the bus stops are unless you actually have done the bus job a few times. It would be nice for these bus stops to be marked on the GPS, so that the general public knows where they are. 

  • It would increase interactions with people and bring more social roleplay.
  • People may actually use the public transportation system more knowing they can get from one stop to another by looking at the GPS.
  • It would just make sense RPly. If you search up bus stops near me on Google, you can usually find bus stops on your map.

Possible Problem:

  • It is possible that people will rely more on buses than DCC since it is free to hop onto a bus.
    • Simple fix to this could be a script to make you pay depending on how far you go while on the bus.

I don't think this would be too difficult to implement since a blip could be added pretty easy and the script that is used for charging based on distance for DCC can be modified for the buses.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!

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1. Bus Rides should be free.

2. I love the idea! 

To reduce items on others make a command 

/showbusroute [route 1001, 1002, etc]

- will show blips for the bus stops of the selected routE


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