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[Kick Apeal] Left Sharkie

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Account name: LeftSharkie
Character name(s):Lexa/Emily Dagaslov

Admin who issued punishment: Triple Seven
Date of punishment:3/12/2018

Reason given for punishment: Non-RP Stunt Jumping

Your explanation of what happened: It all started with a cop chase. I was driving an off-road vehicle (
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/348697531196375052/423218679702880266/unknown.png) which gave me the impression I can make a jump like this without the car taking any major damage. After I made the jump shortly after I was kicked for Non-RP behavior

Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was not Non-rp, because a car with a suspension which is meant for off-road can handle a jump like this. The landing was pretty smooth, meaning most likely the wheels wouldn't be too damaged if this was to happen IRL. The only reason people buy cars like this is to go off-road and do things normal vehicles cant, making it easier to get away from the police.

Post any evidence or further details: https://gyazo.com/d84337385b819957200d823717fe0ccf  https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/305775676374384640/423227200456884224/unknown.png 

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As discussed with other staff members the conclusion has been made that this is not considered a stunt jump due to the type of vehicle that is being driven.

Punishment will be voided. Please send me a PM when you are online and on Emily_Dagaslov.

Appeal accepted/resolved

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