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((Lifeinvader is launching the new website into Public Beta. Sign up and use it as your normal social media:https://life-invader.ning.com/

For those who don't know, Lifeinvader is a social media platform for your character. It's planned, that you can post things on the website, these things can be used then as IC knowledge. For now (until Rage probs) it's gonna be in Beta testing, and the information can't be used in an IC way.

Join our discord to learn more: https://discord.gg/qHDggjx ))

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**UPDATE** Life Invader Are Waiting On Offical Updates To Know Where We Stand And If The Site Can Be Use ICLY. We Understand Its Been A Long Wait And We Are Thankful People Are Still Supporting Us While We Wait. Hopefully won't Be Too Much Longer. Sorry For The Inconvenience. 

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