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Original Covenant Ballas

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The sun slowly rose up the northern landmass of San Andreas shedding light onto North Lab. Billy Sanders cycled along the train tracks looking over the lab, checking for activity. He transmitted on his radio that it was clear for entry and the rest of the Ballas entered. They parked their dirt bikes to the side and started to collect Mariquana plants. Billy used his plants to grind up and trim on the inside workbenches creating blunts for them all. Out of respect for The Goblins who owned the lab at the time, we did not dare sell any excess blunts that hadn’t already been smoked. Billy felt it was necessary to remain respectful to other gangs turf to avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Through the hold-down of North Lab, no one tried to come in. It seems it was too early for other criminals to be awake. They farmed for about 30min and left with their pockets full, having replanted multiple times. Billy then went off on his own into Sea Lab where he got talking to Apollo, a Rook. There was a fight about to happen between The Rooks and another group which obviously Billy had no interest in joining. Although strapped, he didn’t care for Rooks enough to risk his life for them. Billy quickly left, with hopes Apollo would survive the fight.



Back in Grove Billy got talking with one of his high command, Kevin Craft, about Los Santos Drift. Billy wanted to have both gangs introduced and to start a relationship with one another. Drift had been building numbers for a while now and so after Billy met Moda (Their Leader), he passed his number straight onto Kevin who had them come down to Grove for a chat. With tensions building between Goblins, 6ix7even, Rooks and Irish it had been apparent for Billy to make sure all large organisations know that Ballas play no part in it despite living next to 6ix7even. Billy Sanders knew members of drift are Ex-Goblins, but as they’ve been hitting banks with Russians who at this point had been fighting against Goblins, no one was sure of where they stood.

Their chat was short, Billy led the conversation and both gangs now knew where each other stood. Gun running operations were barely discussed with Drift as that would be had at a later date. Moda brushed off very well and earned the respect of Billy that day. 

Billy Sanders aims to keep showing his leadership and a good initiative in hopes he will one day be considered for high command. There isn’t one day where Billy isn’t farming plants, chopping cars, building relations, hitting stores and hustling in the hood.



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Trae Maddox, an orphan who was raised in a small church two blocks down Murda Park. Pastor Joel Osteen, an ex-member of Kilo Tray Ballas sheltered young Trae. Pastor Joel was old school, he tried to give young Trae the best life he could, but it just wasn’t for him.

Trae was only 8 years old when he started snooping around the hood. Murda Park, A.KA Mirror Park was the home for the notorious African American gang known as Kilo Tray Ballas. Kilo Tray members used to hang around in the park, rep in purple and throwing up the “B” sign. Young Trae grew up in the streets were KTB members would deal narcotics, arm deals and prostitution. Trae would witness firsthand murders by KTB members and drive by shootouts from their rivals, the Vagos. Pastor Joel was a victim during a drive by shootout after a Sunday Mass. Young Trae grieved for a couple weeks when he was approached by one of the High ranking members, OG Kane from KTB. Young Trae was handed a Pistol and asked if he wanted to avenge Pastor Joel’s death.


From that day onwards, Young Trae grew up reppin’ purple under Kilo Tray Ballas. Time flew by and Trae build up a reputation under OG Kane for avenging Pastor Joel’s death by wiping out three of the high-ranking members of the Vagos. Vagos started to cripple during this time, but they did not give up. They planned a raid on KTB again during a Sunday Mass. Several OGs from KTB attended the Mass, Vagos surrounded the church and burned the church down while KTB members were still inside. This was the downfall of KTB.

Trae and a few remaining members of KTB drove to the Vagos hood and started taking one by one down. While this was going on, FIB showed up. Trae and members of both KTB and Vagos were arrested. Trae was charged for murder of rival gang members and major involvement in illegal activities related to KTB. Trae was sentenced to 6 years in prison with a $24,000 fine.



Six years…Trae just got out serving time. As he collected his belongings from the guard, he would dust off the Ballas cap and the purple flannel shirt and throw them inside a worn off duffel bag. Trae turned his phone on and checked to see if there was any contact he could reach out in town. Every number he dialed is not in service. Trae made up his mind, he started to head back to Murda Park. Everything has changed, streets look cleaned, the old church has been restored and no signs of Kilo Tray members.


Trae roamed through the streets and heard that Grove Street is lit up with purple again. He stole a BMX near Mirror Park and drove all the way down to Grove Street. There he met a few members of Original Covenant Ballas. Trae introduced himself to Fury, Bishop and Tyrece, and he wanted to rep purple again like he did with Kilo Tray Ballas. Trae was asked to hang around till the time was right to put back his old Ballas belongings.  



While hanging around with the OCB, an underground boxing tournament was held. Trae wanted to flex his strength to show that he can get things done. Trae drove down with the rest of the OCB to the fight club. Fight club was filled with colors, Jacky Boyz, Drifters, Irish and you name it. Trae took a step forward and gave his name to be in the fight. He fought 6 different boxers from various gangs. Trae fought well and came all the way from the bottom to the semi-finals, but he couldn’t keep up with his opponent. Trae was defeated at the semi-finals but that doesn’t mean he’s done.



Hanging around with OCB for a couple weeks, proving them that you're worthy for that purple swag paid off. Trae was invited to be part of the Original Covenant Ballas. Trae went back to his apartment as he grabbed the old duffel bag, opening it. He takes out his purple Ballas cap and the checked purple flannel shirt and puts on.


Trae “Kilo” Maddox will start his new journey repn’ for Original Covenant Ballas….



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It was just another standard night, the Ballas were hanging around Grove with nothing to do. Kevin suggested they hit stores and so Billy grabbed his BF400 and they went up north with Trae.

After a few successful robberies Lola Millers, from Daichead Gadi, reached out to Kevin for a chat. Kevin informed Billy and they both went down to Grove. As Billy was driving in, David from 6ix7even pulled in front with his Paragon R blocking Billy's tracks. David was in urgent need of .50 cal ammo, Billy had this quickly arranged and Kevin sold the ammo. While they did this, Billy got talking with Dara and Lola at Grove Street. Billy had previously met Lola from his past involvement with Dojin-Kai and so they caught up on a few things before diving into the deeper reason behind the meeting.

Ballas and Irish have been fairly close since OCB took back control of Grove. Daichead Gadi were the driving force behind acquiring turf around the hood, stealing it from LNF. Now it was time for Ballas to repay Irish with more than just gratitude. Both Dara and Lola explained to them that they should no longer sell guns and ammunition to 6ix7even. Essentially Ballas had been supplying 6ix7even with the guns used to attack Irish with, this was one of the reasons Billy chose to sell to other gangs instead of 6ix7even. Kevin agreed to never sell guns but exclaimed that drug sales would still go on as normal. 


Goblins, an ally of 6ix7even, had recently taken Ballas turf which Irish had to then take, holding it until Ballas could hold it themselves again. With 6ix7even being allied with Goblins it was evident that supplying them would essentially make matters worse for the Ballas. 6ix7even use their weapons to support Goblins who have stolen Ballas turfs. Given 6ix7even guns is far from logical.

They’re talks came to a quick close after Detective Steele decided to pull in and see what was going on, Irish also had members wondering Grove with a shotgun and so staying there would only lead to avoidable arrests. To Billy Sanders, Irish seemed to have turfs very much under control with full rain over north and city, Goblins are clearly ‘down bad’.




The choosing of sides is not something Ballas have ever planned on doing. Billy wants to keep his brothers alive and out of harm's way,  making sure relations are neutral all round. With the drug exchanges still going, 6ix7even are kept happy. Billy has multiple contacts from 6ix7even allowing them to reach out to sell drugs. Not long after the Irish meeting, a 6ix7even member sold $150,000 worth of LSD through Billy at $600 a piece.

Billy Sanders has always enjoyed the company of 6ix7even, especially when most of the Ballas have been staying in their houses. When Billy first met Ballas they were with Kush and since then Kush has been by his side. A week back, Billy had a drop landing in Sea Lab and Kush offered to hold it down while Billy collected it. Kush pulled through and also had Goblins protecting the drop. Once Billy secured his crates under the protection of 6ix7even, Kush offered to have him escorted back just in case Billy gets injured or ambushed on the way. Since then Billy has had nothing but respect for all members of 6ix7even. Kush has shown the most respect to Billy out of every other gang in Los Santos and Billy hopes to one day repay him.




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The Russian Mob had recently gained cartel access. With this, they must take turfs around the map of San Andreas to be able to import blackmarket items across the border. Unfortunately for them, all turfs are being held and no one is willing to budge. The Russians first hit turf in the industrial area, creating conflict with Los Nostra Famiglia, an Italian syndicate. Once they took full control, Russians came into ‘The Hood’, a rundown stingy area currently being run by Ballas with the protection of 6ix7even and presence of JackBoyz. An area you would not expect Mobsters to ever be entering.

Without diplomacy the Russians began laundering cash. Mac Mango, a Begun, told Billy Sanders they had intentions to take the launder. With this information at hand, Billy attempted to reach out to their high command and have their leader Dimitri come to Grove St. After this was setup Billy then called Kevin and Troy to be by his side for the chat. While the Ballas patiently waited in the circle of Grove, Ramon pulled in with a neon and claimed to represent Dimitri.

Kevin told Ramon that the Russians were to “stay out of Megamall, Forum Drive and Grove”, basically the hood in general. Ramon replied “We are not capturing it, nothings been decided” but Billy was in much disbelief. Kevin replied “If you take the turf it will be hell for you” and this is when the situation escalated. Ramon told Billy, “your boy will regret his words” as he quickly ran off into his car. Billy thought that The Russians had acted childish during there first interaction, quickly driving away shouting “Your a fucking piece of shit” after Billy had given them respect. That day was a fine example that The Russians could not be reasoned with.




A few days after the talk with Ramon, The Russians had successfully taken over Ballas chop and launderer. It seemed Ramon wasn’t exaggerating after all. Billy couldn’t get hold of any of his high command and so he took the initiative and started to outsource. A gang known as The Firm operate out of 'the hood' and have had previous feuds with Russians. Billy met with Mr and Mrs B at Jamestown. He got them hooked on the idea of The Firm supplying Ballas with packed money and stolen vehicles. Although asked, Billy did not offer The Firm cheap weaponry in return for their help. The trust wasn’t there and weaponry wouldn’t help them with supplying Ballas cash and cars anyway. Cleverly, he got them onside without giving anything up. The only thing The Firm would get out of the situation is respect from Ballas.

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The day started like any other, Billy was up early searching for cars and bringing them back to the hood to be chopped. After having chopped a few low end cars, Billy bumped into G.W. and they got deep into conversation about JackBoyz disbanding and joining Ballas. G.W. expressed he wanted to lead the Ballas due to their lack in high command. Billy agreed with G.W, high command Ballas are hardly leaving their houses resulting in demotivation from the rest of the members. Ballas is a mess and G.W. believes he is the key to solving it.

Then Dimitri Mandojev, Russian leader, was spotted driving through the hood. Billy ran up to Dimitri asking him why the Russian Mob are still utilizing the hood for their business. The rest of JackBoyz followed behind backing Billy up as he told the Russians to stop acting like a street gang and to leave the hood.



After the Russians left, Sumana came up to Billy and introduced himself. Sumana used to rep purple for the East Side Ballas which had Billy interested in learning how that version of Ballas used to run Grove. Trae had previously mentioned that Sumana would be a good fit for the Ballas so Billy decided to hear him out. They both went back to Grove St to talk with Omar Bishop, getting him to recruit Sumana as Billy isn’t high command. Recruiting isn’t Omars strength and so Billy took the reins and started questioning and testing Sumana to see if he’s truly fit for Ballas. After a long round of questions from Billy, he gave the all clear to Omar that Sumana should be given a chance. Omar agreed and so Sumana became a Hood Rat.




The following night Billy was cruising the hood when a convoy of bikers came flying past. LostMC had traveled down from Sandy Shores hunting for the Russian Mob. Billy and the rest of the bikers pulled into Forum Drive to talk diplomacy. Lost leader and underboss both introduced themselves to Billy, numbers were exchanged and deals were made. Billy is slowly building the relations between Ballas and LostMC, with a shared common enemy, The Russian Mob.


Then in the following days, the Russians came back to the hood to hold it down, scaring off the African Americans with their big guns and armored vests. Billy pulled up on his bike to question what the Russians wanted, and it was nothing but a fight. So, the LostMC came down and Billy made it clear to them that he wanted the Russians gone by any means necessary. Moments later shots were fired, Russians appeared from the Roofs of megamall sniping down at Lost. The bikers managed to huddle together and push forward against the Russians killing all those whos hand't already fled. The remaining few scattered away, LostMC had won this fight. Billy congratulated them on their victory, helping clean up the mess. All Russians vehicles were then chopped and Lost went back up to Sandy Shores.


Billy traveled up to Stab City to discuss options for both Ballas and LostMC to help each other. He told them there are very few Ballas in the hood and that for Ballas to fight Russians would be insane. Through all the turf conflicts Billy has been speaking with Russian Mobs high command to make sure peace is kept, if it wasn’t for him, the Russian Mob would have already hit Ballas members by now!


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From as far back as he could remember, there was always weed. There was something comforting about it, felt like home. So it was no surprise that every time a teenage Cornelius got arrested, it had something to do with weed, growing it, selling it, smoking it. Finally, local law enforcement got tired of seeing young Cornelius so often and offered him an ultimatum. Join the military or serve time, a lot of time. So Greaves made the choice that stood to teach him some skills and went into the Marines.




He did well enough to get into some special “programs” that performed missions on a regular basis, things the public was generally unaware of. Greaves did some bad things to some bad people, things he still won’t talk about, but eventually his time in the service came to an end. He had the opportunity to make it a career, had the skills too. But he didn’t want that life. Greaves just wanted to be back in the hood, preferably with a blunt.





When he got to Los Santos, he immediately got work in the financial transport field. It was decent money and paid for a bike and a car. Things were looking alright, and Greaves started to explore the state a little. It wasn’t long before he found his old friend, green and abundant at some community farms. Greaves started to meet some of the people who maintained the farms, some of whom were happy to allow him to work for weed. Greaves always made it a point to replant before leaving when he could.


Some time passed and he heard word of some homies reppin' purple back on Grove. With a heart for home, Greaves made his way there and started hanging around. He met some Ballas and some neighborhood folks and got the opportunity to pitch in for the hood. While running some stores and helping pick up a few drops, Greaves showed himself to be cool headed and capable. Things were going good. Shortly thereafter, he dropped into a Grove Street party, and Omar told him to go get some purple on. Greaves felt thrilled as he rode off to grab colors and start reppin' the set for real, reppin' the set for good. OC Ballas to the end.



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Fleeing from a past life of gang and street violence. Brazi found himself in a new city eager for a new start in it where he belongs. Trying to stay on a decent path, flashbacks of dirty money and drugs were always on his mind.
Eventually falling back into the streets, Brazi found himself getting into as much trouble as he did back home. 

After spending some time locked away, Brazi wasn't ready to give up on making that fast money.
Instead, he decided he would need to step behind a gang, that way he would not only earn notoriety but also respect and anything else he could ask for...and word on the street was "the BALLAS was back..."




Day after day, Brazi went on the hunt for the BALLAS. At the same time still putting in solo work around the city. 

Until one night he pulled up and bumped into Trae. He introduced himself to the few that were there, and told them how he was willing to put in work for them. Later, Brazi was introduced to another OG named BIlly. From there on they connected and Brazi was put on a couple "missions" to earn his stripes. 





Anytime they asked for him, Brazi would show up and stand 10 toes behind the ballas.
Whether they were meeting a bigger gang, or doing a bigger job, Brazi would be there to show his loyalty.


Feeling back at home making moves with the BALLAS, Brazi was down for the gang and they were all with it. Making bigger moves than he has in his old city, and gaining more respect around town than ever before Brazi knew this was more like family.






From that point forward, he was solidified in the gang. Putting his rank in-front of his name "Hood Rat Brazi." He aims to become OG Brazi, one of the next OG Ballas.
And for that hes willing to prove it to his gang at Grove & Covenant, and to the city of Los Santos.






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La Fuente Blanca, the sole supplier of Illegal imports through the state of San Andreas. Argued to be the most dangerous and influential force in the state. Without LFB, gangs like Ballas would have no guns to sell. The Command of this cartel had called a meeting, every criminal organisation leader was requested to be there. Billy Sanders heard word of this meeting through his talks with Benjamin Specht, leader of Goblins. Once he found out, Billy spoke with Lost MC to gain info on where the meeting would go down. [REDACTED] from Rooks told him the time and with this information at hand, Billy prepared himself ready to represent the Ballas.

Billy approached the location a little nervous, no other Ballas were in the city and so unlike the other gangs arriving, he was doing this alone. He parked his hellfire just outside, leaving his gun and knives inside his car. After a quick pat down, Billy was invited in. As he entered, the majority of the gangs were already there, silent and standing around a White Fountain in the middle of the lobby. A replica of the fountain over at the Ranch, seeming to be a signature of the cartel. Three members from each organisation had attended, their leader would sit at the table while the other two stood behind. Through the entirety of the meeting, only the gang leaders could speak, and in this case, that was Billy Sanders.


As Billy took his seat, he noticed a black box in front of him. Seth Blackwood told each leader that they could open them at the end of the meeting. Then Blackwood placed his heavy revolver on the table before taking a seat with Vince Williams observing from behind him. Seth led the meeting, discussing how LFB should be seen as a legal group of supercar owners. Law enforcement shouldn’t have a single clue of their operations and that is something Billy is willing to take to his grave.

The leaders and representatives sat at the table and discussed numerous topics in regards to violence and Illegal shipments. Blackwood said police chases are happening too often and that this shouldn’t be happening due to PD attention. Billy looked down as he said this, knowing he was one of the guilty ones. LFBs name also was demanded to never be said on the streets, all information regarding them should stay within the high command and not trickle down to lower ranked members. Billy couldn’t help but chuckle, he isn’t even high command although running all of Ballas operations.


With every gang being present, Issac Collins (Irish Leader) brought up the idea of setting a ‘street price’ for the 50 calibre pistol. Lucifer (LostMC Leader), Dimitri (Rooks Leader), Benjamin (Goblins Leader) and Billy both voiced their agreement. Leah from LNF countered the idea, loyal clients deserve lower prices and some gangs at that table give their allies stock price. When trying to setup a minimum street value for weapons, allies could simply undercut you which is what Lucifer and Benjamin feared. The debates were going nowhere and so Blackwood shifted onto a new topic.

Special imports were offered to each organisation, these orders of rare machinery and melee weapons are to be ordered directly though the cartel themselves. With orders having to amount to a minimum of $2,000,000 US Dollars.

After some mild bickering between Collins and Specht, surrounding turfs and Leah's point of groups taking turf in areas they don’t belong. Blackwood pulled the meeting and invited each seated individual to open up the boxes in front of them. Billy Sanders filled with anticipation unclips the box hinge and opens it up. Comfortably sat in a secure padded box, an Antique Cavalry Dagger rested. Recovered from the civil war, only 8 exist in the whole San Andreas. 


After the meeting, Billy sat with Irish and Blackwood drinking whiskey on the rocks at the bar. Billy then went over to Vince Williams who runs the cartel. They exchanged phone numbers and Billy explained to Williams that the position of Head Balla had been left vacant. Williams took a liking to Billy and gave his blessing for him to step-up to Head Balla, he told Billy to “get it sorted” and keep him updated.


Billy Sanders left hopeful of the future of Ballas. The role of Head Balla needs to be filled one day...



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Freshly arrived in the city came Megan, raised in a small town in The Netherlands
she lived a easy life growing up getting everything from her parrents and always she was right but all changed after the divorse.
Megan was on 9 years old when her parrents were getting a divorse and this changed her life drasticly.

Where she always had the perfect grades on school she started to skip lessons to go hang with the other problem kids.
growing up with fighting parrents she started to do all that would never be excpected from her, stealing cars, fighting, lighting a fire, breakins she had done it all.

On the age of 16 her guardians decided that this is out of controll and she was sent to a psychiatrist where she had to be 24/7 for the comming half year.

This was only the start of a bad bad ending. 

After 5 months at the psychiatrist Megan commited a small fire to distract all the workers and other patients and she ran away.
Alone no money no plan but finally some peace in her head. 
Megan slept at her best friends house and found a job as housekeeper this wasnt perfect but atleast she could provide for herself.

Unfortuanatly this didnt end as she wanted and got the biggest arguement with her best friend and got kicked out of her house.
With nowhere to go and no one to fall back on she made the biggest desicion of her life, she bought a one way ticket to Los Santos.


Megan started her first day renting a hotel and exploring all what the city has to offer.
She started searching for work but very quick she discovered that this wasnt who she became who she is.
While wondering down the street clueless what to do a guy on a bike stopped next to her and asked her if she was lost.
his was when Trae introduced himself and ended up talking for a while untill Trae suddenly had to go and really fast he left.
Megan didnt know what happened but he was gone. Untill a few weeks later they ran into eachother again and Megan told Trae how lonely she felt and without a goal.
Trae didnt think for a second and told Megan about this amazing family living on Grove Street and megan instantly fell alove with the idea of becomming one of them.
It started with a promis and ended in Megan joining the Ballas and she couldnt be more happy.
The Ballas taught Megan to be more secure about herself and to protect herself where needed and Megan has helped them growing evolving and to work towards a amazing future together.
The Ballas is more then a group, its a family!



"Credit to @MrDisciplefor the photo"

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Little DeAndre lived nearby Mirror Park A.K.A Murda Park. Back these days, an African American gang known as Kilo Tray Ballas used to hang around Mirror Park. Instead of being scared of them, little Dre had some balls to hang around with them even though he is just fifteen. That's just not only because his cousin Trae Maddox was a member of  KTB.


Dre's father left them when he was five. His mother Sophia, who used to be a car thief, took care of the little Dre with the money she got from chopping cars. With those financial issues, Dre was pushed into stealing cars following his moma’s footsteps. Instead of chopping them himself, he handed them over to his cousin Trae.

DeAndre got to know that dealing drugs was the backbone of the KTB's financial income. So he kept asking Trae to teach him how to make those drugs. One day, Trae took him into a lab by the sea called Sealab and taught him the recipes and how to make those coke.


Since then instead of stealing cars, Dre focused on making drugs and selling them to the local dealers.



After a few years, Dre left Los Santos and headed to Paleto to find some more dealers to make more money. He discovered an abandoned village called “Dignity” and he started living there while making some drugs and money out of it.


While he was living there, he once went to the Bayview mechanic center to repair his old BF-400. When his bike was being fixed, he met a girl named Imane. And later on, he got to know that s was already a local drug dealer. Dre talked with her about his product which was very famous around the city already. After some agreements, Imane started to deal with Dre's product and hang around with him more often.




This was when The Goblins were entering the drug business at Paleto. Dre has received multiple death threats from goblins because Dre’s Coke was way better than theirs.
With Imane’s help Dre was able to get Trae’s new phone number and got to know that Trae is now repping
purple again with Original Covenant Ballas in grove streets.

Dre wanted to leave Paleto and go back to his cousin to join OCB along with Imane.Meantime there was a buzz going around the city that Dre’s coke was one of the finest since then.

Dre explained to Trae about his plan through a phone call,which was joining OCB and assisting them by supplying the finest coke in the city while hanging around. Trae was more than happy to hear from his lil cousin after ages and he asked Dre to come back to Los Santos and meet them in groove street.

DeAndre headed to Grove Street and met his cousin and Billy AKA Big-B. Dre explained both of them his plan furthermore.


After some internal discussion they have welcomed Dre and Imane to hang around with OCB and show their loyalty first.




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Kentrell Williams is a care free Florida-born Jamestown resident with an unrequited love for fast money, schemes, side hustles and stealing.Hailing from one of the most bloody counties in his home region he learnt quick that violence and brotherhood were an absolute necessity to thrive and survive in a city like Los Santos. Lying to get out of a sticky situation is his norm, not having steel within arms reach is a sin. Finessing is a question of personal responsibility and problems are resolved without law enforcement. 


Mr Williams can frequently be seen around the grove chatting bullshit, throwing dice and being a general nuisance to those who refuse to smell his finger. A lover of vulgar humor, he would sacrifice any inch of self respect for a cheap laugh. Nothing is serious till a glock is pulled. Humor for Kentrell is the ultimate test of character and you'll most likely find yourself equally amused as you are annoyed by his demeanor. 




Kentrell found himself being mixed in with the Original Covenant Ballas after chopping a bike on their home turf and quite surprisingly not being robbed in the process. After this small encounter he began to put in work on behalf of the O.G's to build reputation and trust. After perhaps a week of solid work, He was ready to rock the grape soda drip.



A generous donor to the judicial system, Mr Williams has learnt the hard way that yelling "Balla Gang" to police does not keep his car safe from random stop searches on the sidewalk. This is perhaps not a good habit to form  as a small-time firearms trafficker. Yet, nothing pleases Kentrell more than a happy customer, particularly those who believe 15k is this week's half price deal.

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Tez Haze, raised on the harsh streets of London, UK. Tez grew up with his siblings, no mother or father. He had a lot on his shoulders from young which ended up leading to his downfall in crime and drugs, but not everything was considered a downfall. Tez hustled day into night, 24/7 a day, he was making big racks! One day his ass got caught up with some ops, shit went down, Tez lost it all… and that day his dignity. This is where he realised it's time to make for a change and get out of the UK for good. 

Los Santos is where Tez landed. Straight off the plane he already knew shit was gunna be bless. For months on Tez found himself working a shit load of jobs dotted around the island but always seemed to find himself doing what he knew best, coke, weed, cars whatever it is Tez knew about and always had it lock arf. 




Months had passed, job to job Tez had been doing what he does... but he decided he needed some colours to rep. Ballas has always been in mind for Tez, purple is what he repped back in the UK so he knew the ins and outs, it may as well be in his blood. He started hanging out in the hood, grove street to be exact. Hood rat was the next thing to come for Tez, he started repping the purple and representing the Ballas with his heart, chopping cars, hunting ops whatever it is but he still got a long way to go.

He climbed to become a Buster as shit progressed, trust he gained and enemies he met. Tez is like a brother to all who comes until you step his line. He will bring a lot to the table, just show him some respect and it’ll go a long ass way.

This is where Tez stands today…


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LA Capone. Born and Raised in Liverpool,UK. His mother and father named him Leonard Anderson, he was known for hitting jobs and spraying up the streets of Liverpool. LA met a guy from Los Santos who was supplying drugs into England. When the guy offered work for LA in Los Santos. LA was quick to book his flight and packed his bags and moved there. Before LA was able to touch down in Los Santos the whole operation came crashing down. LA was left with no choice but to turn to the streets of LS and that’s where he started hustling and doing anything for that extra bit of paper.



LA was about to hit a store down by grove street when he came across Trae standing outside. So LA went up to trae they started to talk. Trae had been looking for someone to become part of the family as they were where expanding . But it wasn’t as easy as just getting in. you had to put in work. So LA started rolling with Tez Haze,Kentrell Williams, and other ballas to show he was ready to make a step up into the family. LA begins chopping cars,Robbing stores and beefing with others the prove he was a loyal member to the ballas. Till finally LA meets BIG-B and gets to rep them purple colours as billy holds his arms out and lets him into Ballas.

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