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Original Covenant Ballas

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Fury, loyal individual always puts family first. When Omar first arrived in the city His cousin introduced him to one of his close friends Jimmy Irish. Instantly Jimmy and Omar hit it off they went out and had one of the wildest night’s ever. 

Jimmy and Omar continued to catch up over the poker table at Tequi-la-la, after knowing each other for several months Jimmy gave Omar an opportunity to join his family. To be part of something bigger. Omar was set to return home back to Glasgow where he grew up. On that day he was given bad news. Due to the news he was given he decided to use that as an opportunity to start afresh in Los Santos. 

Omar accepted Jimmy's offer and became part of the Rooks. After spending a long time as part of the Rooks Omar decided to return home to Glasgow for a while. He left the Rooks on good terms, packed his bags and returned home. 

While home Omar just found he couldn't settle down, nothing made sense anymore. He missed Los Santos, he missed his friends. He missed being part of a Family. He returned back to Los Santos and it didn't feel right to him to go back to Rooks. Omar gave most of his things away to his friends when he left the city. So when he returned he didn't have much money. He didn't have a job. Omar searched around the City trying to find a new crew to run with. He always had a soft spot for the Ballas. He heard rumours they had returned to the City and that a group of OGs were trying to rebuild the Ballas. Omar made his way to Grove to confirm the rumours. He met Kofi Johnson and Omar Bishop. He expressed his interest in joining. After a few days he got a text from Kofi to come and hang in Grove. After arriving both Kofi and Omar agreed to go and hit some stores to make some money.


After a week or so of proving himself Omar was invited to join the Ballas. 


As an old journey ends. A new one begins...

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Queenie White was born and raised in the hood. Like most families, her mama was broke. Waiting each week for a welfare check that would only pay for basics. At the young age of 16, Queenie had enough and started hustling on the streets. She lied to her mama by telling her she had a small job at the corner store. But, she was sellin dope on the streets and taking her cut. Queenie got away with this for a while, paying for small things here or there. Her mama didn't need to know and their lives would get a little easier.

Being on the streets Queenie got to know a lot of people and saw the Ballas in action. She never was apart of them back in the day, she was to naïve and was too busy hustling. But, she had made respect for everything they did. Even spoke them on the streets when she had the chance. Queenie felt like she was in her element. But, everything changed when she sold a large amount of dope to an undercover cop. At the time the cop offered her a lot of money and she took it, not thinking about who this man could be. Next thing she knew, she had her head fast down on the cop car and was sent to jail for over a year. 


After Queenie went away, her mama never spoke to her. No phone calls. No even a letter. She was alone for that whole year. It got even worse when she arrived back to Groove Street. There was no purple roaming the streets no more and her mama had died from a heart attack. Poor Queenie lost her shit. She got back into the drugs, couch surfing and get addicted pretty quick. This went on for a few years. Through her teens into her early 20s. She would do anything for a hit. Sell drugs, sell her assets and even sell her body. 

She kicked in that life after being robbed at gun point. It really shocked Queenie in realising what she become and booked herself into a local rehab quick. 


Being released from rehab she came back with a whole new mind set. Stay clean, stay safe. Queenie was worried at first, but when she saw Groove Street alive again and the Ballas were rolling around, she felt at home again. Quickly she got to know a few of the OG Ballas and settled down back where she belongs. All Queenie wants it to keep the community thriving and hope that all the future Ballas feel they have a place in this city. 


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Life ain't always what it's cracked up to be and sometimes, crime just seems like the right option to our problems. Tyrece was born and raised on Covenant Avenue, a street not too far away from that of Grove Street, his father being one of the OGs of the Original Covenant Ballas. Long story short, Tyrece ended up moving away from the city when his father was taken to prison due to a murder charge. It proved to be a stint of boredom that not even hipster girls with fat asses could quell, life was... inadequate, even if he was working and had a pretty decent life. Everyday as he started his morning shift, he'd think about everyone that came into the coffee shop. Imagine that, previous coffee connoisseur that is afraid of the ocean and sharks, now a hot-headed gang-banger with a drinking problem who'd probably shoot someone over even a small dispute. Yet, he'd think and think. He would read the stories on the news about successful criminals, shoddy ones, every different type. His life had no challenges, he had no brothers or sisters, he was in a strange city, surrounded by strange people who would probably never want to abandon the things they had for a "bad" life back in the ghettos of Los Santos, but was he the strange one instead?




Upon moving back to that of Los Santos, he kept to himself mostly, boosting cars here, robbing people there. It was the life he missed, the life of his teenage years. Things finally started to be a challenge. He saw things different as he slept on the streets, having went through most of his money in the first week of coming back. Seeking out ways to make some money and friends at the same time, he hit up Grove Street and found some people relaxing. Hitting them up, they all got to talking and eventually he learned that the two men were 'Scot' and Troy. From that point on, he'd start to hang around the Ballas more and more, having taking a liking to their views upon how to live life. He would eventually meet several others in the gang that had a big influence on him, causing him to want to follow down the same steps his father had traveled.




Not every criminal is caught, but holy fuck is Tyrece caught a lot. In fact, he was already booked into the penitentiary within his very first week back in town. Something about probably about robbing a convenience store at gun point with an old friend and then getting into a shootout with the police during a car chase. Tyrece has never been the brightest bulb in the box, but what he does possess is the spirit and willpower, to take risks when others might shy away. To be a criminal is to take risks, and to take risks is to get ahead in life. After a stint in prison, Tyrece started to work with Omar Fury, who Tyrece would come to see as a brother and guide to this life he wanted.



A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. One day as Tyrece was hanging around Fury, the two stopped at a clothing store. This was to be an iconic day, yet Tyrece didn't even know about it. Suddenly, the news was sprung on Tyrece and that resulted in joy and pride, he spent quite some time deciding on his first outfit as a Buster, but it was worth it in the end. Sporting the colors of the Original Covenant Ballas and with a pistol stuck into his waistband, he was ready to prove that the Ballas could depend on him, through thick and thin.



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Troy Ford was born in South Side, Chicago... South Shore Hospital to be exact. Troy's parents were the head of a small gang, which meant that he learned about the rules of the streets at an early age.
Armed with a handgun and a bag of weed, Troy would be sent out on the streets to sell drugs and make money for the family.

One day rumours were going around that one of the members were pinched by the police during a drug deal and that they told them about the gangs warehouse.
Noone knows If the rumours were true or not, but at a snowy December night the Chicago Police Department raided the warehouse and arrested almost every high ranking member of the gang, seizing all of the gangs drug reserves and money.
Troy was selling weed a few blocks down the road when the raid happend, he heard the sirens and gunshots and immediately knew that they were coming from the warehouse.
He dropped the bag of weed and started running, but arrived too late. All of his friends and family were either in cuffs on in the back of an ambulance.

Up until this point, Troy's life consisted of selling drugs on the street and doing what his parents told him, but now that they are gone, he didn't know what to do...
It didn't take long for other gangs to get wind of what happend. They started taking back their territories, executing hits on members of the gang and more, so Troy decided to leave this life behind and move away from Chicago.

Troy packed everything he owned, which wasn't much, threw it in the back of his Chino Custom and started driving. While getting a last look at the Riverwalk and crossing the DuSable Bridge one last time, he remembered his old friend that put the hydraulics in his Chino. He knew that he moved to Los Santos a few years ago to open his own mechanic shop.


In hopes of finding his old friend, he set the GPS to Los Santos and started driving West.
The first few years in Los Santos were hard for Troy, he had practically no education, so he had to start jumping from minimum wage job to minimum wage job, but knew that this couldn't be his life forever.
While picking up Garbage in Grove St, he met Omar and 'Scot' and saw something in them that reminded him of his old gang.
After a few meetings with the OGs, Troy was given a shot to join the Ballas... and he took it.


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Bishop "Malloy" Malloy grew up in South Baltimore to a single mother, his father was killed before he was born. As a child he knew that his life would be tough. Barely finishing high school he joined the Army in hopes that his life would have some sort of meaning, he was wrong, he still felt out of place. When his time in the Army came to an end, he moved to Liberty City and began working as a Bus Driver, meeting new people throughout his route. One day a group of 3 college kids got on his bus and began to cause an issue with an elderly couple sitting in the front of the bus. Malloy knew he had to do something about it. He pulled the bus over to the side of the street and grabbed one of them by the collar of his shirt and began to pull him towards the door. Punches were thrown, police were called and Malloy went to prison.




Malloy was released from the Alderney State Correctional Facility after 5 years and moved to Los Santos. He found himself at Los Santos International Airport alone, no one to reach out to. He began walking and found himself on GROVE STREET where he met up with Omar 






Omar and the rest of the BALLAS made him feel like part of the family. He started hanging with them more and more. To the point where he found himself on GROVE STREET all the time. "I got me a home" he thought to himself as he was watching people drive up and down the street "and this time its for good"







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Jerome along with his twin brother Darnel were both born, raised, and turned men in grove street. Their Dad, Tyrone McDavis was in the Ballas before they were born. He promised their mother, Shandra McDavis that once they would go to school, he would quit the gang life and live a normal life to support Shandra with raising Jerome and his brother.

The day came and Jerome and Darnel were at the school waiting for their parents to arrive for the schooling ceremony. All the other parents came on time with a couple being too late but only Jerome’s and Darnel’s parents were nowhere in sight. 15 minutes past and Jerome started to get worried, 30 minutes past and Jerome started crying. The night before he heard his parents argue. It was the same stuff as always. They were arguing about Tyrone being involved in gang life and the danger that he is putting himself and his family in.

“You are gonna get yourself killed “, Shandra yelled.

And she wasn’t far from the truth, when Shandra finally showed up to the school, 46 minutes later, she is crying rivers and had blood all over her hands and clothes. When he saw both her children, she ran up to them and hugged them as tight as possible.

Up until he turned 16 Jerome always thought his dad fell down the stairs and broke his neck, as that’s what his mom had told him, but one night while sitting on the streets of Grove his dads old friend, “OG Marq” approached him and started telling him what really happened. “Your dad did a drive-by, but he shot a bit more than he should have, he killed “El president’s” little daughter. We weren’t at war with the “Mexicanos” back then but she was hanging around Forum drive with her friends and he shot her. The next day, the first day of school for you and your brotha’ they went to yalls house and sliced his throat right on the front door, to teach us a lesson.”

A couple of years after his father’s death his mother died due to a OD. It didn’t affect him like it did with his old man as he has already become completely numb to all kinds of emotions.

Jerome had already got accustomed to the streets and had set one foot into the gang life. He had his first blunt when he was 12 years old and shortly after started selling weed on the streets. It didn’t take much time for him to move from selling weed, to selling dope, and eventually moving to pistols. The police was not happy about the situation and decided to start busting down on gang members and raiding entire hoods.

One night Jerome was selling a bag full of weapons to one of the newer members of Ballas when a big parade of S.W.A.T. and detectives moved in on the street and started busting everyone in the area.


Jerome was lucky enough to have been close to his car, and far from the police so he did the only thing he deemed logical, run!

Some of the officers started getting back in their cars and chase Jerome to not leave anyone free that night. It was a lengthy chase with shots being exchanged throughout the entire chase by both Jerome and the police.


Jerome thought he managed to lose all the cops when a heroic civilian decided to risk their life just to stop Jerome, who he never met before. Jerome came to a full stop and his car was broken down.


He decided to ditch his car and run to the main street in the hopes that one of the Ballas was able to pick him up and bring him to a safe spot.

Little did he know that a helicopter was on him the entire time and the police were waiting at the street for him with shotguns and SMG’s. As much as he liked to believe himself to be a shooter, he knew he couldn’t fight that kind of utility and decided to surrender.


He was sentenced to prison for 6 years for the charges: Attempted murder of a gov. employee, possession of an Illegal firearm, distribution of illegal firearms and felony evading.


He heard rumors in jail about Ballas disbanding and going their ways because there was a internal snitch but he didn’t wanna believe it. He also heard rumors that his best friend Dushane has been shot and killed by a detective. He didn’t wanna believe it but he knew that detectives are like gangsters with badges. They never had any intention to end gangs but rather kill all their members.

After serving his time and getting released half a year earlier than planned on good behavior, Jerome met up with his brother and his brother started telling him what’s been going on. They talked for a bit and Jerome finally asked: “yo so I heard the Ballas are back. That true?”. Darnel glanced over at Jerome and with a smile told him “They back and they stronger than ever”.

Jerome decided to head to grove and to see if it really was true. He pulled up and he saw the Ballas, holding guns, repping purple, smoking weed and doing better than ever before.

The rest is history yet to be written…


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Johmarus Davis was a very out-sprung boy in his teenage years, always snooping around his parents business and looking around local drama.  Tanisha Davis was his mother. He was in a family of 3 he was an only child as wild as he was he loved his mom and dad. His Dad was called Tony Davids he was a Hispanic man, lovely married to Tanisha. They grew up in the ghetto town of Liberty City, his parents worked 2 jobs so they didn’t have enough time to spent with him so he was mostly out on the streets playing with his friends and staying at their houses, once day his friends decided to “play hook up” at a store this was a game that required skill is consisted of distracting the convenience store worker and the other rob or steal items from the store after they got out they gave each other the thumbs up. Well this didn’t end well one day Johmarcus and his other friend were playing hook up at a gas station not to far from his house and unbenounced to him there was a police officer in there having his 12:00pm coffee so while his friend was distracting the store clerk JD was filling his pockets with candy, chips, and sodas the cops noticed it and IMMEDIATELY stopped this by handcuffing both of them and contacting their parents but JD told him his “parents don’t come home until 10pm at night” so the officer had to arrest his mom and dad for Child neglection, after that traumatic day JD has had a hatred to Police officers.


Fast forward a few years after leaving the wretched city of Liberty he saw most of his old friend move up NORTH to a city called Los Statos Where you dreams come true after seeing this flyer he immediately  packed his bags and shipped out to LS after landing he had his Rent a Car waiting for him after seeing so many new faces and building. JD got tired so he went to a local hotel not known at the time but Police there canvassing the area for a drug / gun dealer and JD matches the description of the man.uM59Qx9bsVGFsjB2JAroUGEsqL7b2MitkyJGoRxaoS1cOQqU2QDwWq8DyWz1WId7bYPuVSReHZscDdFhwHMMg0xT8g-caepVRlVRB1R5-gTyfTuCo8SoAykoNl4A1WAVWQl0ahvh

JD happened to be carrying in his bag a few Marijuana plants about 5 ounces. After he did his time at the DOC or Department of Corrections he wanted to pursue the criminal life since he was already in it and he had heard that the Ballas had come back to LS so he went on a long search for them until he ran in to “Omar Fury” at Grove Street and he had told him that they were rebuild the Ballas and he said “Well, if you need help rebuilding Hit me up” after that Fury N4xVtCA7vjfpt99y6EpH6c6kj1i2vonzglmmC2C8YOdJra6xf_YZdJUlG-rPFndlW1eMigYSaJw7gdCjKLMwTD-2LFzXH3LrM48iUYXHm-dhM9s8ScIT6JQ_p8XcFOv6G1oNFCC9x5kV0hmLvGfyRA3Zj7m3oGw292XFehYifde3AqcVpc5YhJibPGzPtDS_703Ns0WaSA6NbaepsVdr0gv2hEu1IuKWDKa7toqfAG84-Gc8xUaWhTAYwaEbBaXdfRSiEgHQM9fUVoWkhad taken his number and the rest is history...

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Darnell McDavis grew up in Los Santos alongside his twin brother Jerome McDavis, and they both lived and grew up in the suburbs of Grove Street. They lived from a young age with their dad (Tyrone McDavis) and their mother (Shandra McDavis). Darnell always looked up to his father as he was a Balla long before him and proceeded to hang around his dad and his homies a lot. Tyrone had made promises about a new beginning to everyone in the family, but it is not what I wanted. Tyrone had built himself a family around in the Ballas and gained respect; to give it all up was not the right way to go about it, is the thought that kept whirring in Darnells's head. Darnell's parents were tough on him, but that made him the man he is today, and Darnell appreciates them for that. 


A couple of years later, bad news came by Darnell that his father had passed. Darnell went down to the centre of Grove and talked to some homies that he had not spoken to for a while and asked what happened to his dad; when he found out, Darnell was furious but could not break the news upon Jerome as he could not do his younger brother like that.



Jerome and Darnell had turned 15; when being down in Grove, he, as well as his brother Jerome were rolling with the Ballas. Darnell was always doing things for the Ballas back in the 2000s and was mainly rolling around, hitting the local stores with the other brothers. Another profession of Darnell was rolling the blunts for the Ballas and was something that he had learned from a very young age.



Darnell was involved with a store robbery situation with the rest of the Ballas on his 16th birthday and had chosen to hit the one near Legion Square. There was an undercover cop that had been involved in the robbery and dressed as one of our own. We all had to make a run for it as there had been all the police surrounding the area. When Darnell had gotten away from the law in the area, he fled, and Darnell had to escape from Los Santos for a while to lose the heat as well as the rest of the homies.



Darnell had returned to Los Santos once again, back home and the first thing he did was go down to Grove Street to meet back up with his family. The heat had lowered down, and Darnell was still going to keep a lookout for the police around, but he needed to move in his father's footsteps.



"I'm Back"

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Billy Sanders' father Xavier Sanders spent his whole life in Grove repping purple through his later years there. That was until he received the death penalty in 1988 for multiple aggravated murders. Billy looks up to Xavier, he saw him as an admirable man who upheld respect for his mother although she was unfaithful. Xavier would never lay his hands on a women no matter the situation. As for her lovers… Well, let's just say they won’t be making that mistake again! Years later Billy found out his mother had been working with the DEA and so he ran away from home leaving Grove behind.



Without his father to guide him and no mother, he didn’t become a member of OCB straight away. Instead he landed himself in Bolingbroke Penitentiary where he met Tom Winters who invited him to join Dojin-Kai. In the early days of Dojin-Kai, member count was low and main operations was just money making for the treasury. After a month Billy was no longer interested and left to join his friend Jack in The Shelbys to help fight in the war against Skulls. After their success, Shelbys' grew large and ended up siding with Dojin and WCA against The Council. This was the downfall of The Shelbys and left Billy without a place to call home with the majority of his friends dead.



A whole year later he returned back to Grove St and met Omar Fury and Kush from 6ix7even.. Ballas and 6ix7even were having boxing matches against each other. Billy Sanders went up against one of Kush’s strongest members, bets from both gangs were thrown in and then they were off. Thousands of dollars were at stake, Billy knew he had to impress his new high command. Halfway through the fight, he blocked a punch and threw his opposition onto the pavement thinking this would finish him off. To everyone's surprise, the 6ix7even member got straight back up again.



Billy took punch after punch until he collapsed down to the ground concussed. The rest of the Balla's although losing bets were still proud. Later that week we all went over to Jamestown for a BBQ with 6ix7even and although PD kept making appearances the event was a great success. Even JackBoyz got involved and all 3 gangs got on very well with each other.



Billy Sanders hopes to keep on proving himself to the rest of the Balla's to rank-up and dive into the heart of their operations. He can now officially call Grove his home!

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A Los Santos native, MJ was a regular on the streets in the southern parts of of the city. With both his parents rolling with the Ballas, MJ was raised in the hood and learned his way around the different sets early on. From a young age, MJ showed an affinity for elechtronics and using it for his jobs, learning how to spit out money from ATMs, stealing phones to hack bank accounts and looping cameras when robbing stores.

As he moved into his late teens in the 2010s, MJ was a known face on the streets and recognised around the different sets of Ballas. During his times in juvy for assisting with a bank robbery on a job in Liberty City, he learned about a plot against his father's set, the Original Covenant Ballas, with another crew from the city planning to ambush the set during an upcoming drug deal. Unable to get the information out to his father, MJ stayed clean until he was allowed out on parole, but ended up breaching his parole by leaving the state to come back to San Andreas and Los Santos. Due to him no longer being a minor, when he was caught trying to get back to the state, had his parole revoked and sent to a correctional facility near Liberty City for the remainder of his original sentence.



When he was finally released a year later, the news had already broken out: the crew he had heard about in juvy had laid waste to Grove Street and Original Covenant Ballas when the deal had gone south, with LSPD being involved as well and arresting the surviving members, silencing Grove Street and the nearby sets.

With the OCB set basically wiped out in the 2013 shootout, MJ had lost his family, his father dead in the shootout, his mother kidnapped by the buyers as collateral. With the set in ruins and other gangs trying to move in on Grove, MJ decided that it was time for him to leave town and planned a last hit to secure himself. 19 years old, alone with no crew, he turned to what he already knew. Hacking the transportation logs for the city's money trucks going to the ATMs, he started rerouting them so some of the ATMs would be filled and left alone long enough for him to hack into the system and withdraw from different bank accounts.



His run didn't last long though, and cops were soon after him to stop his spree. Trying to escape in a lowrider ain't easy though. MJ was caught after a chase, with one officer run over trying to block MJ's car, ending with MJ being sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary for 7 long years.




When he was finally released, MJ had no idea what was going on in the city. He looked through his phone and reached out to Omar, an old friend. To his surprise, the number was still active, and Omar told him to come down to old Grove Street, as he was part of a crew trying to get the Original Covenant Ballas set back together. MJ hitched a ride down to the old turf and met up with Omar, introducing MJ to some of the OGs and hooking him up with a spot in the crew.

Back in the hood with a crew, MJ was on his feet again and back where he belonged. Times were good for the rebuilding OCB, and only getting better!


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With the Ballas back and Queenie on her feet, things are looking up. Her first week on Grove made her feel like she was back being a teen on the streets. The color purple shines brightly back where it belongs. Back where Queenie belongs.


She got to know many of the Ballas, some old and some new. Each of them with their own stories and wanting to work together to bring the hood back to what it could be. Each day is different. One day you could be held at gunpoint, risking your life and not knowing if you would live to see another day. On the next day, you could be kicking back in Grove and smokin it up with the homies.


On those exciting days though, the gang had the chance to work together. And this gave Queenie perfect time to grind that money for the people, and herself. In these moments, where a brother and sister can stand side-by-side to earn an honest living, it really brings them together. No more thieving from each other, or looking for the next day of money to pay for food. They were comfortable and happy.


Not only did Queenie have the chance to meet her new family, she had a chance to meet some interesting people. Two off duty police officers stopped by the Grove and tried to talk with the Ballas. Now to a brother or sister, PD rollin by off or on duty can be a bit sus. But, Queenie wanted to see what they were made of. Especially the PD lady. So, Queenie did the only thing she knew best, offer the PD woman a fight. 


At first, it looked like it would have been a good fight and Queenie would have had some respect for her. But, her ‘boyfriend’ stepped in and put a hold on the fight. Just proven to Queenie that PD has no backbone and all talk.


Now since Queenie has been back, she has had a chance to make so many new friends. Some of these friends are from the gang down the street, Jack Boyz. One of the Jack Boyz, GW, helped Queenie out a lot. He took her on a trip out onto the town. This meant Queenie getting herself a new set of clothes and a fresh hair do.



Things are looking up for Queenie and she knows the Ballas have a lot more exciting times ahead of them.


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Loyalty is key! Billy Sanders strives for it, and that's exactly what the Original Covenant Ballas are to him!




The hood has increased in popularity over the last months with Ballas, Jackboyz and 6ix7even. Parties every weekend, dice games and fights being thrown almost every night now. This outburst of popularity brought the attention of the Russian Mob. Billy Sanders met with some of them to discuss his pricing and the hustle was on...

It was a late afternoon, the sun had just fallen behind the sea and the noise of constant traffic started to settle. Billy had Kevin Craft place an order for some drug equipment to be shipped in from the cartel. Both Ballas went up to collect the drop using Billy’s Chino Custom and that's when a challenge hit them. Driving up the off-road track, the Chino’s wheels got stuck in some thick mud. So, they both stepped out and went on foot. With the drop seconds from landing, Billy feared it was open to being compromised. Upon arriving, everything went smoothly, the drop was secured, taken back down to the Chino and loaded up without interruption.

Later on, Billy met back with the same Russians and exchanged the goods for a profitable amount of cash. After trust was built Billy had Bishop place an order of acid for them, which they picked up. A couple days later, another Russian introduced himself to Billy and even more workbenches were ordered for them. It was just hustle after hustle for Billy Sanders...

A week later, Russians decided to cut the middleman (Billy) out and order straight from Cartel themselves, but this wouldn't discourage Billy in the slightest. He now focuses on Los Santos Drift, Bloods and The Firm for his gunrunning and drug operations.



Following his success, It was time to celebrate! Billy Sanders met with his good friend from the Rooks, Kaito Owen, for a few beers before entering the night club. They ended up sneaking in with 6ix7even members without paying a dime. It was a notoriously wild night for the pair, full of drugs and women!!




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