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The Start


After Moda came back to Los Santos and had a break for two days he went back to his garage to takes
out his car, that car was here in Los Santos while Moda traveled to Tokyo so the car was kinda in a bad shape and full
of dust.
The engine was really bad so the car had to go fix by the mechanics.



Moda made his way to Bayview as he knows most of the mechanics over there, and also The crew kinda needs some mechanics so they can have the experience to repair most of the cars for the crew and they can save some money. 
One of the mechanics came to speak to Moda when he arrived about his new red colors outfit so Moda told him about his new crew so the mechanic seemed to be interested and he said yea sure I will help since both of them was good friends for a long time.



Once the mechanic was working on the car so there were some weazel people around and they heard me speaking on the phone about the crew
so they came inside the mechanic shop and the start to take out the camera, So they start to take pictures of the car and as well they start to ask me some questions about the crew, But Moda all that he said
'' The City will Know soon about it''



After Moda's was ready with the new crew's car and everything was working in the normal way and better like before.
Moda took his car and start to drive around the streets as he was missing Los Santos streets so much since he was away for a long time and while he was driving he was always stopping to say hi to all his friends and shows everyone that he came back to the city with a new thing.








While Moda was driving around whenever he met any old friend he was telling him about the new crew and they seemed interested,
and everyone starts to ask about Moda's new crew.
Moda was planning to start to recruit some old friends  in the crew as well but it was already too late around the city so Moda had to go back home so he will do the recruitment in the coming days.
''To be continued''

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Recruitment Day

Moda went out to start to drive his car and try the new engine and also shinning with the new red color and while he was driving he met two people and these people were looking to join the crew also they were looking for Moda for like two days but lucky they finally met each other. So Moda told him lets to go to a spot so we can speak without getting interrupted by Cops.


Then they start to introduce themself to Moda and tell them about their driving skills and of course how they start to know about the crew,
Moda start to like them because was looking for people can trust and these two guys were kinda trusted people from the way they looking and the way they were speaking about joining the crew made Moda starts to
put them on the list and recruit them.
Moda starts to tell them more and gives them more details about the crew and the plans and he also made sure they understand what they are going into once they join the crew so there is like no going back as well, both of them were so happy and they said '' we are in''


After everyone was on the same page Moda took to LSC to change their car colors to the same color as the crew is. The crew has a special red color not every red car around Los Santos can from Los Santos Drift.


After they painted their cars with the new colors then they all went towards the clothes store below the bank so they can get red tops and also the crew mask, cuz the crew mask means everything for the crew.


Once they were getting everyone ready then cops start to see 3 red car colors parking outside and from the time Los Santos Drift ''LSD'' starts to get a little bit heat from the cops since they were wearing their masks and top red so they had to stop behind LSD cars and check the license plates and asks for our id.
They start to ask what is this crew called but LSD starts to change the topic because they wanna stay low as much as they can.



After the cops left then they start to move to their meeting spot again and they start to discuss some stuff about the cops will start to ask and they will get much heat from the cops since it's a racing crew especially if they knew the leader as well since Moda has been criminal for along time, but LSD gonna play it smart for the time being.


''to be continued''


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Jamal woke up and immediately turned on his radio to check if anyone is in town, shortly after Moda answered and told him about a spot the crew could use as a HQ and a hangout place. They met up at the Mors insurance company not long after and drove there. *This place is perfect don't you think Jamal?* asked Moda, Jamal noded and said *yes this is the perfect spot for us* not long after that they went to check on a possible race track close to the garbage job area and raced for a while with a local racer called Cheng. Jamal,Smoke and Moda explained to Cheng their idea of the crew and its future plans. Not long after that Cheng was convinced to join the crew as a new member.


The crew gathered with the help of radio communication at the new HQ and had some conversation about future plans for the crew and how to bring the scene of racing and car shows to the city on a whole new level with unique race tracks,locations and even interesting car shows. The crew decided to also step eventually into the actual underground racing scene with money bets and eventually special race bets such as loser loses their car. With the help of the nearby tools in the garage they ended up fixing up and polishing their vehicles for the ride.





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Friend Arrival

Back in Japan Moda had a friend called Jamie he also got arrested and was locked up in prison
and today they let him go back to Los Santos so Moda had to go to the airport to give him a warm welcome since Jamie is one of His best friends and both of them went through too many problems together in japan.
Moda made his way towards the airport.



Moda gave him a warm welcome and he starts to tell him about the crew and Jamie seemed interested as well to join since Jamie is always got Moda's back all the time.


But there was a problem that Jamie lost his car in Tokyo so he has no car at the moment also he has not that much money to buy a car since he just moved to Los Santos but Moda had an idea which is he can go to race someone for his car which is kinda risky that Moda can lose his car but he can do anything to Jamie so he can help him.
He sent a text to someone about the race.


They both accepted the race and met at the observatory track and they both agreed on the race conditions and Moda wanted to take the other car back home with him tonight.


After 30 mins Moda has won the race and he took the car and the ownership of it then he went back towards Jamie to meet him with the new car and he gave it to Jamie so he can start to race with the new car with the crew after that Jamie went to LSC to get his car done with the crew colors to starts to roll with the crew.


''to be continued''


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Smoke wakes up, and starts to make a cup of coffee for himself, While he receives a call from Moda.

Moda "Hey wassup Racer, how is it going on"

Smoke Replies "Good Good Is something going on"

Moda "Yes we have a problem, meet me at track 2"

Smoke wears his street clothes and grabs his ride out of his house garage, and drives up to the spot.


Smoke was curious about Moda calling him so early in the morning for the first time, he was also scared a bit and shivering because of the cold weather. He parked his car and walks towards Moda. He saw anger in Moda's eyes, but he didn't spoke a word ahead. Meanwhile Moda starts to greet them and begin with his conversation "So boys we have a problem with our colors, let me explain it first, So basically I got information that there are 2 more red color gangs in Los Santos and they are fighting each other to get their colors, as well they have also caused some troubles to the biggest criminal organizations of this city such as Irish. So we really have to change our colors because It will put us in troubles in future , Furthermore I got a phone call from one of the Irish higherup asking me that were your boys a part of insulting the Irish members? , I replied that we can never be a part of such a thing and we are changing colors Just because we respect you and don't want you to count us one of the groups who dis respected you guysEvery one agreed on what the Drift King said and they made their way to the garage to re paint their vehicles to the new color they chose as Orange.


Smoke and Jamal were professionals in spraying the vehicles, they grabbed the spray machine, filled it with orange thick paint imported from Tokyo Japan. They both wore their masks and started to spray the vehicles. After the paint they applied the pearl-cent polish to the sports cars and they were ready to drive.


They also dropped the red t shirts throwing them away, Moda gave everyone a dark orange T shirt with a stamp of LSD on it.


And so on the Drift ( Moda Montasser ) King Says.....

" Color doesn't matters , the person behind the Wheel matters ☠️ "



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Racing with The Crew

Moda woke up and then he starts to text all the crew about the new frequency so can everyone gathered around, After about 30 mins everyone starts to wake up and checks over the radio so we get to know who is coming and who is still sleeping.
After that everyone starts to meet at Bayview so they can fix their cars before hitting the roads or getting some new T-shirts as well.


After everyone got his car fixed and was ready to hit the road we all start to convoy towards the garbage track so we can start to race and practice more on the track since most of the crew were away from Los Santos so they need as much practice as they can.
The crew made his way towards the garbage track and they start to talk before they start racing.


The crew starts to hit the road and race each other for like 4 hours at the garbage track without any problems and everything was really good.
After that, they start to hit the observatory track and we gathered there also there were new people wanna race with the crew.
Los Santos Drift starts to show the other people the observatory track because there are two versions from this track the long one and the short one.
Once everyone was ready to race then we hit the track and everyone was having fun until one of your crew members did a huge accident then we all had to break off the race and check over him even we tried to call MD but no one responds so we had no other choice so we had to call PD to  come and provide him BLS, Family comes first for sure even if we gonna need PD help but we have to rescue our member first because that's how is the family is,
Once PD came they start to question us about what happened and they doubted that there was illegal racing going on and they asked everyone to take off the masks and identify everyone but after all MD showed up and they rescued our friend.
The crew got too much Heat yesterday from PD especially after our friend went to the hospital so we had to shut down the race and we all go to rest
but PD starts to know that there is an illegal racing crew around Los Santos.


''To be Continued''

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Toni Boyka, his life was already terrible at some point, but the death of his parents made it unbearable for him. A good friend of Toni decided to help him through his hard times and shifted him to the city of Los Santos. In Los Santos, he got him on-track after finding a job for Toni, getting him a car and a small apartment where he could live. Toni ended up getting fired from his job and money was very short for him at the time. It left him no choice, but to go after things that he shouldn't be doing. He ended up committing crimes. He was sentenced to a long time in the Bolingbroke Penitentiary and it turned even worse for him.


After serving his sentence, he made his way back to the city and got himself a job as a Mechanic in a workshop. During this period, he met some people from the Midnight Club, a street racing group. He was invited to a race with the leader of the group where he was quite impressed with the driving skills of Toni. He was announced an official member of the group after some races, however, the group didn't last long. The group was disbanded and Toni left the town for a while. 


After coming back to the city, he met Moda. He knew Moda through some weapon deals at the Zetas Store. Moda was looking for some experienced members for the new group he formed Los Santos Drift. Moda provided him the startup items and offered him a position inside the group that he couldn't turn down. He accepted the offer and was welcomed to the group.


He sent his vehicle for a repaint and is now preparing for what's coming next for him.


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Posted (edited)



One day Moda gathered up the crew in the garage they used to hang out in,
once everyone came Moda told them we can't hang out in this garage anymore and we have to start to look for another hangout spot, it was the decision of the leader so everyone said yea sure and before they start to move out and collecting their stuff from the garage Moda got a call from Lola high command in irsh about to set up a meeting and talk with Los Santos drift. Los Santos was growing up fast and some people start to see the orange color around Los Santos so Moda said to the crew we have a meeting with Irish and it's our chance to meet with them and introduce ourselves to them as well.
Everyone agreed and the crew starts to move towards the meeting spot.



''It was the first time Moda and Lola meet and no war between them since Moda was always in a war with Lola since she was in Dojan Kai but what happened in the past can always stay in the past and starts a new page with everyone is always good since Moda starts his new crew.''

Once the crew arrived at the meeting spot and both gangs start to say hi to each other and exchanges names, So first thing Moda starts to introduce his crew and the plans about racing around Los Santos, Also he said about the crew that we don't look to be in problems at all we kinda retired from the wars and shootouts all that Moda wants to focus on his crew and make the crew stronger day by day and in the meantime keep the racing starts again around Los Santos.
Irish agreed and starts to like the plans as well which was a good thing for Los Santos Drift since LSD needs to have connections with all the gangs and not being on someone's side.
Then Moda said We won't be helping another gang to war with another gang because it's not our thing anymore all that we looking for is to stay on a good page with every gang around and I think it's not a bad thing and also he mentioned he will have a meeting with everyone around to introduce the new crew to all the gangs around.
Irish as well said whenever you need any pistols or ammo you can also let us know and we will help you with that which is a good start and good business as well with LSD since they are still new around.
Also Irish said they gonna help us as well with any racing events since they already experienced with holding events and business as well
So Moda agreed as well and both gangs were happy from that meeting and it was everything for now and both start to hit the roads.


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This story starts like any other- dude comes into the city with big hopes and dreams, aims to achieve what people could never.

Famingo flew into town with a bunch of his Irish friends, the Coleman's and Rick Knight- they aspired to become the biggest criminals the city had ever seen, this didn't seem hard until they were confronted by the Council. Over 30 people with heavy weapons rushed towards the four of them and stripped them of all their weapons and dignity. Famingo had never thought of being treated like this, and he realized that there is no place for him in the world of crime- he applied for the Sheriff's Department and got accepted and sworn in in less than a week.



Famingo made a massive amount of progress while he served as a Deputy, from being a mere Trainee to being the Deputy of the Month- he worked as hard as he could to prove his worth to his superiors and they noticed his efforts on the daily. He made his way up to Master Deputy and joined one of the most elite divisions that the department had to offer- the Special Enforcement Detail where he learned the ways of tactically encountering and terminating any and all sorts of Gang Activity.



Although Famingo had a decent livelihood, he was always bound by rules and regulations and he never felt like he could do things without being judged- he never had the feeling of being completely happy no matter how many people he caught or how much he excelled in his career. He felt the need for change but he was afraid of fully committing. He tried applying to become a higher rank in the department, thinking it would change things but after a week of no response, he had lost all hope- he filed for resignation and took a major break from everything.


After a much needed hiatus, Famingo came back to the city and rejoiced with his old friends, he missed the old times and tried reapplying for the Sheriff's Department after speaking to his old co-workers. Unfortunately, the department didn't seem to want him back even though a bunch of higher command had personally asked him to reinstate. Famingo was furious after seeing the response to his application- he was confused and did not know what to do next. He tried calling a couple of his old accomplices but none of them had the time to speak to him nor did they have interest in discussing his problems, at this point- he was hopeless, with nothing but 10,000$ in his bank and a steering wheel in his hand.UqsSdF3.png

He drove for as long as could, not thinking about anything. He saw a convoy of orange vehicles go past him and noticed that one of his old friends Moda was leading the convoy. He tried to piece together what he saw and without hesitation, called Moda the next day. He asked him to meet at the end of the pier without anyone accompanying- Famingo hung up before Moda could say anything else and started waiting at the Pier.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, Moda showed up in a Hellfire and slowly went towards Famingo- he got out of his vehicle and asked Famingo to remove his mask before they spoke about anything. When Famingo removed his mask, Moda was surprised and nervous because the last time they saw each other, Famingo was a cop. Moda examined Famingo for any sorts of wires and after he felt like everything was okay, they spoke.


Famingo spoke to Moda about his situation and how he felt like he didn't have anything figured out, Moda understood everything and told him about Los Santos Drift. Without doubt, Moda offered Famingo a place in the crew and told him that there's nothing to worry about, he'll be there when he's needed.

Moda took Famingo to the hangout where he met the crew and immediately became friends with them- Famingo had the feeling of finally getting the family he never had, a goal only a handful can achieve. He let go of his past, he was changed, he was reformed.



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Cheng moved to Los Santos and fell into a life of crime from the start, moving in with his uncle times were hard. They would go round the county stealing cars, drive them around for a while then chop them. The latter hardly ever happened though as Cheng loved to show his driving skills by messing with SD, losing them multiple times proving to himself and the Sheriff department he was a force to be reckoned with when he was behind the wheel. Cheng was sat inside his uncles trailer thinking there must be more to life than this, leaning back on his chair staring at the car posters on the wall he decided it was time to prove to himself he was ready for the track, the only problem is, the funds. So he does what he knows best, Jacks the first elegy he finds and takes it on a joy ride. Cheng pulls up to what looks like a local car meet full of red cars and speaks to the one of the guys. No names were mentioned just "want to race?". The leader points towards another elegy parked up and tells them to get on the track with Cheng. Cheng grips the wheel of his stolen car and revs the engine till it bounces off the limiter. 3 2 1 GO was called, Cheng leads the whole race by a long way securing the victory and earning the respect from Moda. Moda takes him aside and asks him to join with the crew saying they need good drivers amongst their ranks. Shortly after Cheng decides now is the time to purchase his own car. He does not go with the norm, he takes an old vehicle, works tirelessly to rebuild it over the coming weeks, then releases it to the crew to see. He got funny looks, he got sly comments until they saw it race. Shocked crew mates saying they never seen a Warraner move so fast, little did they know this was a Retinue MK2.



Cheng and Moda becoming close, Moda would take Cheng along to meet with people to speak about the crew. Moda the softer touch and Cheng the more to the point kind of guy, they worked well as a team. Moda pulls Cheng aside once more offering him the Underboss position within the crew. Cheng looks towards Moda, lowering his head looking out the top of his eyes, then gives him a cheeky smile before grabbing Moda's hand for a hand shake. Cheng moved from lower than low to running Los Santos Drift along side his good friend Moda.




Whilst the crew grew, many new members joined daily, one of which was Willow. Willow impressed Cheng with not only her driving skills but her personallity too, she could give the best of the best a run for their money. Willow asked Cheng for a 1v1 at the Observatory track, Cheng smiled towards her raising one hand to his side showing her the way to her car, "lets go" he said. Gripping the steering wheel with one hand, the other on the shifter his eyes lock onto her, she is so focused she doesn't look away from the road. The race started and Willow gets an early lead. Cheng happily sits behind through the twist and turns but try as he might he just can't get passed. Willows Elegy pulls to a stop at the top of the track after the finish line, the smell of burning rubber in the air and the biggest smile from both of them.





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Big Smoke and Dimitri were crime partners, they had close friendship and were helping each other in their problems. Dimitri Mandojev was leading the Russian Mafia while Smoke was part of a racing crew. Their groups were getting stronger day by day and they started to catch up with their goals. Smoke went up to Moda and asked if he can setup a friendly meet up with one of the high command of "The Russians" , as Moda trusted smoke as a brother he allowed for setting up the meeting. Dimitri asked smoke to setup a meeting spot and the spot was decided with a fixed time for meetup. Finally LSD reached at the spot with all of their sports cars and Russians also arrived in full Dubstas specially their lore vehicles. Smoke started to Introduce Dimitri to Moda and the talk began here. Everyone spell their names and numbers were being exchanged. A friendly relation began at this spot.



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