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After what happened in Tokyo and the big loss happened and most of the crew still in Tokoyo's prisons and most of their cars are impounded it was a big loss for the crew, but everything can get rebuilds again by the time and the effort. Moda was the first one to arrive in Los Santos to start to rebuild the crew again with everything colors and clothes and get a new car again.
His first plan was to go to the clothes store once he arrives in Los Santos to start to pick up good clothes and masks for the crew

none of his friends was waiting for him because most of his crew still at Tokoyo but they will arrive in the coming days



He starts to check the DCC application on his phone, then he requested a taxi and start to wait for the taxi to arrive




After the taxi arrives he asked the taxi driver to take him to the nearest clothes store, Moda went inside the clothes store as he starts to get a good color for the gang which is much red, after a couple of mins He finally found a good top with a red color and of course a red mask which is gonna be only for the leader for now.




After he changed his clothes he asked the taxi to come and drive home since he was so tired so Moda went back to his apartment.
once he arrived at the apartment he starts to wash his face and he starts to ''remembered what happened to him and his crew'' But he said to himself '' it was an old chapter and it needs to be closed and a new chapter is coming it's just a matter of time''



Then he went to the bed and start to fall asleep..... 


''To be continued''

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It was a sunny day, Big Smoke took out his super car and went to meet some old friends at the pier of Los Santos. His car was completely red as he was in love with the red color. The car was looking sick and everyone wanted to buy it off him. It had twin turbo with V10 engine as well it had 645 horse power. The sound of each acceleration was making the wooden floor Vibrate. Smoke and his friends decided to drift around the beach track and hit up the max speeds of their vehicles. He was drifting while he noticed one red Nisan Skyline with a young man inside it, this young man was looking more like a gangster so smoke decided to offer him a short drag race with a bet of 10,000$. He accepted the race and lots of people gathered around these two cars. They decided the track and the race started by a teen boy shooting with his pistol in the air. Finally the young man won the race, and they decided to move on to a spot for a conversation. The man told his name "Moda" who turned out the Drift King of a drifting crew called as Los Santos Drift. Here Big Smoke was deeply Interested in friendship with Moda and the conversation went friendly. Big Smoke offered a bundle of 10,000$ which he lost in the race, but Moda rejected it saying "I have a better option for your payment" Smoke replied "and what is that?" . Moda offered him to join his crew and work for him in return of that cash, which was a good deal for Big Smoke and he accepted it.


To be continued....


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