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Another day in the Hood...

The Boyz after having woken up decided to take a cruise around the block and meet and greet those larking in their hoods and surrounding blocks. When checking the surrounding area a purple car passed. The Boyz decided it was time to shoot some dice and have a good old time with the Ballas, whom they've gotten accustomed to. They kicked up on the blocc rolling dice for petty change being about $500 a roll with some of the Balla cats.



Unfortunally, DeMarcus lost against them Ballas pretty heavily having to kick up about $3000 towards his lost rolls. After so many lost rolls the Boyz decided to kick up some the gang with a street brawl. Winner takes all and looser fittin to pay up. DeMarcus called to the plate GW. He was excited to for the chance to fight represent the Boyz and took his spot to square up. After several moments of fighting, GW to the W for the Boyz. 


Several matches in an both sides are quite impressed with one another and ever so developing their respect from the interactions given. 

Following some police rolling up on the hood, the Boyz an Ballas sat on their roofs watching and chillin payin no attention to the cops. The two groups began developing a close bond, proving one thang to one another and that is that the hood always lookin out. They watched the cops roll out and resumed their chillin


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            (of an object, substance, or resource) of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.
            "precious works of art"
         1. used as a term of address for a beloved person.
           "don't be frightened, my precious"


Precious was sent to prison for assault, arson and attempted murder on her ex Balla boyfriend. She sat 10 years after she caught him in bed with other women and he decided to hit her in retaliation for her accusations. In turn she waited for him to fall asleep, attack his manhood extensively and then start his home on fire as he lay there bleeding. She wasn’t raised to be a fool, not with a momma and brothers like hers. It was a sink of swim in the hood and she developed a taste for blood at an early age. 



She stopped talking at a very young age due to trauma she experienced before she reached kindergarten. Momma was a strong black woman and asked for nothing other than praying to Jesus to protect her children and help them grow to be good people. Momma forced her kids to learn sign language so that they would always be able to help their little sister if and when she needed it.  Precious learned to talk shit, run the streets, defend herself and got her cosmetology degree while in the hood. Her and her brothers helped out the neighborhood and showed face everyday to help the hood stay the community they grew up in. All of the siblings did their time behind bars for one thing or another, but always knew where home was and to not bring trouble to the block and most of all, above all else, never wear your damn shoes in mommas house. 

Previous minded her own business, gathered information and worked hard while she was in prison. She grew up knowing the worth of a dollar and was no stranger to hard work and keeping her head down. She did her day to day, day in and day out and was up for parole early. She made sure there was nothing and no one standing in her way to getting back to her family. 


The first step of her freedom was a breath of fresh air, well as clean as the nasty Los Santos air could be. All of the guards on duty were happy to see her leave as they expressed repetitively during the week she was set to be released. Although mute, Precious made it known how she felt about things, and they were usually in a violent form when ignorant people insisted on messing with her on the inside. 

The gates to the parking lot began to open as she neared them and she could instantly make out all three of her brothers as they began to yell and whistle from across the lot. A huge smile formed across her face as she got closer and they embraced her in hugs and instant shit talk. It was as if nothing had changed other than Quintavious’ disastrous fro he still didn’t know how to take care of. She pointed at him and began to sign as she threatened him “You gon let me fix that nappy ass head of yours if you like it or not!” He just stared at her quizzivacably as he scratched his head; he did not keep up on the sign language, this was going to be an issue. 

DeMarcus laughed and shoved Q to the side as he gave her a hug and Darius smirked, lit a blunt and passed it to her as he leaned on the car. “Let’s get the hell out of here before they decide we committin’ a crime standing here.” They all piled into Darius’ Chino to head to the blocc. “Turn that shit up” DeMarcus scolded from the back seat. Precious learned forward, cranked it all the way up and hit her blunt hard as she leaned back in the seat just vibin’ as they cruised down the highway.


“Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.” -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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Moving on up...

The boyz rolled up on ballar territory, hanging as usually cracking some jokes. The Boyz decided to seek their Ballas contact towards arranging a pick up for some equipment. Though the contact seeked was a little busy so the Boyz asked the Ballas if they'd like to hang with them at the park riding the ramps for a bit. After 20-30 minutes the Ballas contact rolled up and began planning out the details of the order needed for their soon to be operating trap house. 


The time was set with a mutually agreed upon location for the items to be delivered to. Their Ballas homie setting up the deal said it would be awhile before the order could be placed. So the Boyz decided to roll on back to the Grove an hang for a little bit more. 

Just then an old man appeared on the block by the name of "Pops" who was a WCA OG. After speaking with him it was apparent to the Ballas and Jack Boyz that this dude was a bit off his rocker. So they left him to fall on his own after some lip was exchanged. 

The Boyz dipped and decided to do a cigarettes' run at the 7-11 store on grove street. While doing so they spoke with a boy from the 67th and a mysterious business man dressed in a wonderful suit. They talked and were watching a fire roast on a motorcyle. The 67 boy called 911 to get the fire put out. Just then a man in a grey shirt rolled up and asked the Jack Boyz about their set. This friendly conversation did not last long as the man was being pursued by the LSPD. He was caught attempting to escape infront of the Boyz


The Boyz watched the arrest and got a view of the legendary "Commissioners" assisting in the arrest. After playing a couple interesting songs, one such commissioner approached the Boyz by the name of Lewis Langley and spoke to them for a minute. After a few words exchanged, the commissioner asked how our thoughts  where on the ghetto. It was clear to the Boyz that a systemic problem need addressing an that was the lack of good chicken in the hood. The Commissioner road with the Boyz to a local joint they would love to see open. DeMarcus stated to the commissioner he would get a movement started on life invader to bring the good chicken back. 


Once returned back to the store a few shots was heard coming from down on grove street. The Boyz had been concerned that the police were about to hit their homies reppin purple. Though come to find out, the previously mentioned old man named "Pops" had decided to take a AK out from his crib an start blasting a car infront of his house. This triggering a massive response from the police, eventually leading to a raid on the blocc


Following the conclusion of the raid by the police and the arrest of "Pops". The Boyz decided with the help of the Ballas to go through the open the door and jack anything the police left behind and trash the place. Dippin with any goods taken an returning to their respected blocc.


A Few Hours later...

The Boyz got a call from the Ballas regarding their order ready for delivery. DeMarcus with the help of GW rolled to the meeting spot and put the money in position for once the items are good inspection. 


The Ballas entered the meeting area with the desired items in hand. GW secured the bag from the Ballas and inspected the goods.


After GW gave DeMarcus the green light for the condition of the items, they made with way upstairs for the payment. 


Once the cash was counted they all dipped from the area to avoid and detection from law enforcement that could be near by.  Being sure all items had been secured. 


This being the conclusion of another day in the hood for the Boyz

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The Club...


The Boyz finally had the opportunity to venture into clubbing with the opening of the Vanilla Unicorn. Operating in this free space hoping to spark a whole new rise of customers for their product an maybe even be introduce to a new life of friends. The Boyz invite their boys the Ballas down to the club. Which as expected they attended. Two of the current shot callers got given some blunts an told to have a good time.


The party started slow but soon popped off with lots of people coming by to join the festivities. After some time, a reputable Balla approached DeMarcus an offered to buy a sizeable amount of blunts to keep his crew entertained. The deal went off without a hitch in a side room hidden from plane sight. 


Following the sale, the Boyz went to enjoy some of the fruits of their labor, partying with a large group of people selling out of their product almost completely. 


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Trap House....

The Boyz now with their initial funds generated from the parties held, had enough to begin creating their very own trap house. As seen before the tables, an vents had been purchased from their blocc friends. The assembly began an one of the Boyz with experience in utilizing this type of equipment took charge. First thing the Boyz did was purchase a new van to transport their goods. They took it down to a location to get the ingredients needed to began manufacturing.  


The Boyz drove everything to the trap an began their first ever cook!


The products had been created, left at a drop location and sold. The Boyz now truly began generating income for the hood. After the sales an work had been put to the side, they headed over to a Blocc party thrown by 67.


This being the conclusion of their day....



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Things were lining up right for the JACKBOYZ in the hood. Events in the hood were going well, parties were popping up all over the place. It has been quiet in Grove lately since they all got sick. We are hoping to see them around more soon but we also had the other homies in blue; 6ix 7even.  With all the parties going on Precious has met a lot of new faces on the streets. 


She’s met new faces in different gangs as well as get to know newer ones better. One of those faces being Kush from 6ix 7even. They’ve got to hang out alone and get to know each other better lately and even though there isn’t anything serious, he has begun to grow on her a bit. She swore she wouldn’t allow another one to fuck her life up like the last one, but there was something about Kush that she saw she imagined not many have. 





Precious has been keeping busy planning events as well as working with the boys to find more talent for the Vanilla Unicorn. With some of the women they met becoming a few new friends, it was easier to expand business plans by word of mouth. The endeavors the JACKBOYZ had planned would require a certain finessing and keeping DeMarcus away from all the white women was the first order of business. 


With Precious hanging around Kush and being at Dutch London more often she was able to befriend Hayden. They started hanging out more often and on one occasion Precious thought she could pick lock a car quick enough while the cops were busy around the block. Unfortunately the alarm went off and the owner came screeching like an angry parrot as did the police. With Hayden’s help she was able to get away and meet up with them later on. As the day progressed the girls were enlisted to help two 67 members go check chop shops which did not go as planned. They were pulled over and all four ended up at DOC, having laughs and talking shit to guards. 




As the days went on she saw less and less of her brothers, but gained a new face; Andre Saint a.k.a. Young Dre.G.W. and Precious were out in the streets talking to people and making moves to help them get into a position to give back to the hood and help keep hood shit, hood shit. 
The JACKBOYZ attended more parties and clubs in the days that followed than they knew what to do with. DeMarcus was only seen out on his late night walks home after he left the recent white girl of the night and then usually talking shit to Precious and getting knocked the fuck out. 



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A Case of Mistaken Identity...

After a photo and video shoot with Cheng Izumi from Los Santos DriftG.W and Precious were spinning the hood in a borrowed Retinue, celebrating P's new promotion to Double OGG.W was attempting to get a nice video to use to show off his driving skills and potentially be used in a music video in the future but he just happened to pull a drift in front of the notorious BlixBlix pulled them over and instantly called for additionals over the radio, as he had quickly made the assumption that this blue retinue was 67 affiliated. And thus, G.W spent the night in a cell for a 96 km/h drift, but at least he made a new friend.



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Things have gotten very quiet on Brogue and in the hood in general, apart from 6ix 7even which the PD have taken a vested interest in. With rarely and BALLAS out there has been a lot more traffic through the chop shop by Mommas and gun fire to follow, things are looking rough in these streets in regards to the Hood being on a come up and us lookin’ out for our own. With the last event at the Vanilla Unicorn not having a good turn out at all, at no fault of the JACKBOYZ, funds needed a bit of finessing and since they still had one other job to figure out that needed more Freeman hands on deck, GW suggested they hit a lick. PRECIOUS is no stranger to dangerous work but the way the day was going for them, they should’ve cut their losses. Needless to say at the third store and barely getting any cash, their luck, as little as there was, had run out and SD was happy to remind them of their failures.




GW tried his normal tactics of being a talker, but was lost on him, the SD trainee seemed to have his head up his ass and didn’t know what he was doing and the other had some laughs with him, but nonetheless, GW and PRECIOUS ended up in DOC. While they sat their time they worked out in the yard, chatted with the guards and continued on without any trouble. Being able to chill with the guards, talk shit and 
watch Boondocks in the TV room made things much easier as they bided their time until release. 



A few days passed and they received an invite to the Ranch from Lola to celebrate an anniversary for Vince. DRE, GW and PRECIOUS gladly accepted a reason to let loose, and have fun. They packed up their swimwear and headed out to the Ranch where the cars had already been parked bumper to bumper, music bumpin' and the laughs could be heard from the moment you pulled into the long driveway on the extravagant property. As she entered the gate she was amazed at the expensive ass set up she was presented with. “How rich are these niggas?” PRECIOUS laughed as she continued walking in. 




The party progressed and the JACKBOYZ drank, mingled and chilled in the hot tub and pool for hours. PRECIOUS was later approached by Seth and Vince on a business proposition that would only benefit her, her goals for the future and strengthen relationships. This was something she addressed with KUSH and mentioned to GW as PRECIOUS is a woman of her word, and with it being family and plans that had been in the making, she wanted to be sure they were all in the know on the possible future arrangement. As the night continued and darkness fell over the party it was nearly time to head home. They were able to party a bit with a few members of DRIFT, meet a few new faces and make their presence known among people in a higher standing and that would only help her plans for the hood's future. PRECIOUS was determined, there was going to be a come up in the hood one way or another. The potential for Southern Los Santos was there, people only needed to grab it and fight for the place they called home. 





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