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Starting on their home turf locally called "The Block" in which DeMarcus and his brother started a small set with the primary aim to create additional opportunities for not only themselves but their friends who lived on the same block. Initially using their funds to pay for their mothers old house. During the early 90's DeMarcus and his various brothers and sisters grew up on a small house on the block. During this era law enforcement had not been very favorable to the concepts of the ghetto and its life style. Usually leaving the community having to defend itself. DeMarcus originated the idea of creating a set on the principle of defending their home where no one else would. After several months of establish the set most of his family unfortunately after some bad deals had occurred outside the set, most of his family had been arrested. Momma Freeman packed Marcus stuff up and sent him to Liberty city.  No other ambitions then keeping their neighborhood secured and providing collective opportunities through various criminal activities. After about 20 years DeMarcus returned to his hood and got his mammas old house back and re-established his crew the Jack Boyz.  To be noted though most of their criminal activities are typically ranked "minor" in terms of other groups. Typically straying away from weapons in favor of an old fashion street brawl. DeMarcus and his crew specialize in car jackings, manufacturing of "Bolivian flake" and street fights/dog fights. Once more their establishment of their gang was to improve the conditions of their street and building a common defense for those who live with them.



The Kingpin being the executive leader of operations when it comes to cooking/distribution of operations, car jacking operations, illegal street fighting and any racing opportunities that may present itself.  Typically born to the role, the operating head of all gang functions.


A Triple OG is the Assistant Director of operations when it comes to the gangs activities. Usually being a member of the gang with the most seniority in terms of long term development of operations and relations management. Triple OG is the right hand man to the Kingpin and will be a title very sparingly given.


A Double OG is a leader of the set acting in the official capacity of a Lieutenant, commanding their crew to operate in the interest of the group. Usually a senior member of the gang that had proved through time and dedication their commitment to the gang. 

An OG is a senior gangster, someone who has proven through time and dedication their commitment to the operations done.

Gangster is someone who has some experience and working in the capacity of a solider. Operating as a dealer, jacker or otherwise building up the operations of the gang.


A Youngster is startup attempting to prove their worth to the gang with activities on the street.


Establish connections within the city for equipment

Fortify our street for protection against negative outside influences

Establish a function Trap houses with working staff and managers

Build reliable trade locations and routes for products and services rendered

Establish a functional fighting racket

Establish relations within the city for the betterment of the gang and block.


General Rules: 

Must strive to provide the highest standard of RP possible 

Must be respectful at all times no matter the person

Must hold the moral high ground even in the most unfavorable situations

Never should you use out of character chat for anything beyond informing a player about a command/educational reasons

Must develop your character thoroughly

Must understand and be willing to conform to the lore of the gang. 

Must not deviate from the lore of the gang.

Lore Rules:

1) You may ally yourself to an individual; but allowing yourself to another groups problems intended or not is not permitted. When you roleplay that of a street gang you dedicate yourself that groups and its problem. Not as a hired gun for everyone else. Under no circumstances can you become a ride or die ally for another groups problems outside the gang. As in general it promotes poor rp for a street gang member.

2) Radios for a street gang make little to no sense when connecting it to the reality of any current standing street gang. Do not under any circumstances; in relation to gang based operations use a radio as the primary line of communication.

3) DO NOT use vehicles based on their performance. Select them in relation to street gang operations. It is not tolerable for a poor low ranking street gang member to operate or drive an expensive sports bike or car.

4) DO NOT jump escalation in a conflict or go out of your way for others affairs; as a street gang member your primary focus should be the street in which gang claims to operate.

5) DO NOT make the primary of your hangout locations beyond the border of Los Santos. This is a street gang; your primary point of RP should be on the street in which you represent.

6) YOU MUST roleplay an African based character; must make an attempt to provide immersion by speaking in a African dialog or by typing in it.

7) DO NOT Buy luxuries that make no sense for your character; for example a house in the vinewood hills etc


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22 hours ago, Riderz said:

typically ranked "minor" in terms of other groups. Typically straying away from weapons in favor of an old fashion street brawl

Very interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing what RP you guys will all be bringing!! To see a faction that isn't playing to win with best cars and weapons is great. Goodluck!!

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Establishing the Vision

The JACK BOYZ have been busting through many hoops sense returning to Los Santos; hoping to establish their foot hold within their blocc. One of these many hoops had been generating enough revenue to invest in their community and it's members. One of the easiest forms of income generation the Boyz could come up with other then jacking whips around the town was distribution of narcotics. Though due to limited funding and lack of education, the Boyz decided to start by dealing in the only thing they understood down to the science. This being a controlled substance named "cannabis", typically known as marijuana. The boyz began experimenting with different strains in order to make a unique appearance, smell, and feel to their product. After much experimentation, they've discovered their brand of strain. This being the newly nicknamed "Blue Crack" being the speared headed name agreed upon by the Boyz. Only after extensively testing their product for many hours...


A few days and sales later... 

The Boyz realized they need to move their product at a more secure location then the heavily secured pier guarded by the local law enforcement agents. Typically loosing a lot of profit due to not only fines occurred by parking, or by the ever so cunning speed camera. Additionally, realizing dealing on the hood may not be the most ideal location as it would attract law enforcement to their block needlessly. Thus, decided to invest their man power, product, and efforts on a local park called "B.J Recreation". Understanding this location had strategic advantages due to its proximity to their hood and the amenities not available on the hood, such as a BMX ramp and basketball court.  



The Boyz came bearing fruit as the OG's of the set all agreed with DeMarcus's suggestion in this particular opportunity. Thus, after they left the meeting, Kingpin DeMarcus decided on tagging up their new dealing location. He approached a local store located just by the old car wash purchasing the tools he needed to tag up the new spot.



Following his purchase of both a white spray paint and the primary color of interest being blue. He went up to the location he desired and began covering up a previous mark quite literally carving their blocks name on the community park.


DeMarcus started by adding a base for the crown and slobs of paint to cover up the mark of the previous tagging. Then adding in J-A-C-K-B-O-Y-Z ever so slowly and to perfection. Being sure that anyone who happened to drive by knew just where to get the product they needed from the representatives they trusted. 



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Gerald Williams, educated, religious, bisexual. Everything that your typical gangbanger is not stereotyped to be. While his father was never in the picture, he had as good an upbringing as his mother could give him. Smart enough to get grades good enough to go all the way to university despite deciding to drop out in the first year. Once out of university he spent a lot of time at home cooking up beats on his laptop attempting to make it big. Eventually, after getting sick of having to go out to his dealer at least once a day, he decided to begin growing in his house. After a while and some recruitment the operation grew exponentially. He began selling to the entire estate and played it smart so there was no heat that came back to the operation itself for a long time. But thanks to some relationship mistakes, his boyfriend at the time decided to go to the police providing evidence on the whole grow house operation. Police raided the house, putting G.W and his brothers away for a few years. After getting out at the age of 28, he moved back in with his mother and began to jack cars to steal stereos and electronics to make a small amount of money to buy grow again. Through the power of social media his mother found the woman that his father had moved onto over in the US, discovering that G.W had a brother, Deon.


After exchanging a few emails, G.W made the decision to uproot and travel to Los Santos to meet up with his brother D.W, and managed to find him after a few days of travelling around and getting used to the city. It was like they'd known each other their whole lives, D.W was a mean motherfucker but the blood they shared between them allowed G.W to take the lead and calm him down in certain situations. There was a level of trust that couldn't be bought or earned. After spinning the block a few times on the south side and finding it to be suspiciously quiet, they made the decision to start rebuilding the community and not two days after, G.W spotted a brother on the block.


DeMarcus introduced himself and they immediately started to hit it off, he told G.W about his small set that held Brogue and Macdonald, the Jackboyz. DeMarcus wanted to see what G.W was made of, so he asked him to get up on the bars and give him a few reps. After he was convinced he was cut out for the Jackboyz, he took his shirt off and told G.W to throw a couple punches. The brothers exchanged a few hits and laughs and it was obvious that they were both as competent in a brawl as each other. DeMarcus asked G.W about his story and after hearing about the operation quickly appointed him Triple OG. He tossed him keys to his momma's house and the stash house and they went to get him some blue drip.

G.W began to meet the rest of DeMarcus' family and brought his blood brother D.W into the set. The companionship and tight knit nature of the set was not to be underestimated. The brothers could sit on the block for an hour and not get bored, however not was all sunshine and daisies. The absence of a large southside presence had led Los Santos' biggest gang to settle themselves there, the Police Department. The set had laid ground rules to never push the cops and get yourself unnecessarily locked up but the unfortunate reality is a brother always gotta watch his back. Despite how smart G.W wanted to play it, some of the Police Department didn't wanna hear his stories, and he found himself locked up over a silly failure to comply charge. He realized whilst sat in the cell that if the Jackboyz wanted to keep their set off the cops radar they were going to have to play it real smooth and brand themselves as the community that they were at heart.


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The Boyz started their day off like any other, patrolling their streets and checking out what's been crackin in the hood. After DeMarcus stepped out the house and watched a small engagement occurring across the street at a local thieves den, his boy G.W gave him a ring on his phone. The Boyz talked for a little bit and both agreed to meet up on the blocc. G.W showed DeMarcus his new whip and decided to take it for a spin down an old warehouse district just outside the blocc. They cruised and feed some speed to the new ride. 


They spoke about future ideas and operations soon to come for the Jack Boyz to really place themselves at the top of the food chain on the blocc. Following this the Boyz drove back to the hood and meet up Precious and . After seeing how nappy headed brother Q got we decided to get his Afro washed in order to maintain the clean image seeked by members of the Jack Boyz


Following this the Boyz rolled down the BJ Recreation for some business thangs needed to be done for a couple future operations. After taking care of the business needed to be done Q wanted to get some practice in with DeMarcus for an up and coming street match that was going to be set up soon. The Boyz got into a practice brawl on the court and the results proved quite a surprise to Q .


A powerful whopping that brought him down...


Concluding this brawl they decided to start networking for their future operation. Driving down to the pier to make new associates for the big plans yet to be revealed. Additionally, being introduced to several groups developing near or around their blocc. 


The Boyz established some new contacts and groups to aide in their future plans. Talking over respect to colors, hoods, and tag locations between groups near and far to their hood.

After concluding these several events throughout the day, they decided to crash at mamma's house an call it a night. 


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Community Outreach

Being on a different schedule to the rest of the Jackboyz meant G.W had to do things mostly by himself during the earlier hours of the day. Being the social butterfly that he considers himself to be though, this wasn't so much of an issue for the man. Over the course of the past few days he's made efforts to introduce himself and the Jackboyz name to some of the larger or otherwise friendlier sets in the city, making sure they know which block belongs to the Jackboyz and how anything outside of that small corner of paradise is not of concern.



After some successful interactions with the boys in the Lost MCBallasGoblinos and Six SevenG.W felt comfortable that the Jackboyz were making themselves known. He made some contacts within the Lost to set up a little street fight where they could bet some money in friendly competition and was waiting to hear from the Ballas to do the same. All whilst preparing for the Jackboyz biggest venture to date...

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Block Party

As soon as the Freeman family were all back at Momma's house they'd established a clear vision of what they wanted along with G.W. The Jackboyz wanted to show that the hood had life back in it. With the recent reappearance of the Ballas and other hood sets such as 67 popping up, now seemed like a prime-time to do something big. A Block Party. There was only one location that made sense to host all the sets in a neutral setting and to invite regular citizenry of Los Santos without them fearing too much, BJ Recreational Center at Davis Community Park. It just so happened that DeMarcus had tagged up the spot just over a week ago, and the Jackboyz name was plastered right where the party was to be held. This held two purposes for them, one to show that the hood is alive and is the same type of community it always was and two was to get their name out there to the general public. By the time the date for the party rolled around, the Jackboyz had already been pretty successful in making themselves known thanks to the efforts of G.W, DeMarcus and the rest of the Freemans, but every little helps.

What DeMarcus and G.W weren't prepared for was the events of the day prior. Large scale conflict outside of Daichead Gadai's legal establishment had left the entire city in limbo. It presented a challenge for the Boyz and almost pushed them to pull the party. But G.W had put too much work in to let this go easily. He'd spent the past week and a half tirelessly going around socializing, spreading the word and rolling blunts up north in preparation and nothing was going to stop him from at least seeing who would turn up. He'd even gone so far as to gain the respect of Daichead Gadai who he'd initially run into issues with due to some of their more puritan white members thanks to saving two of their members lives. Lola Devalera assured him that even the Irish would come and support as a way of thanks.

The time for the party rolled around and G.W went to the spot and begun to play some music from his Primo Custom and handed out some of the Boyz signature 'Blue Crack' to The Firm who'd shown up five minutes early to show their support. LNF67 and Ballas showed up pretty sharpish too and DeMarcus was a little surprised by the turnout. Little did either of them know exactly how the party would snowball...


Each of these sets had in turn radioed in to their members or called friends from outside their sets to come down. There was a crew calling themselves the 'Pier Gang' and many individuals showing up with friends. Even Daichead Gadai eventually showed up, despite Lola's unfortunate inability to attend. The party had grown massively and the car park was bumping with good music and socializing. The 'Pier Gang' had a man named Billy Boe show up and he performed stood on the top of a Rumpo Custom much to the Boyz and Ballas distaste.



Not all was perfect, but everything was in line with expectations of a ghetto party. There was a couple of fights, drugs being passed around and obvious tensions between Irish and 67 however nobody was shot and everybody at least had a good time. However the party was going so hard it caught the attention of the one set that the Boyz didn't want in attendance. The Police Department. They had just finished a raid in Jamestown and were rolling 15 cruisers deep when they spotted the party. Unfortunately this spooked nearly all of the attendees and they scarpered quicker than the cruisers could get turned around. G.W's heart skipped a beat when they dismounted and begun to walk towards him. The container containing the blunts was still in his pocket and there was still a lot leftover. Thankfully smart moves made earlier by himself when interacting with the Police meant that his word was all that was needed to turn them around. Church approached G.W and said they'd received a call about illegal substances at the party to which he replied 'Not at all bruv' and that was all they needed to hear.

Since the party was over and the 'Blue Crack' was still secure DeMarcus and G.W saw an opportunity to begin a symbiotic relationship with the Ballas. Knowing that a dealer lived on GroveG.W made a call to a friend named Fury and informed him that they would offload the 'Blue Crack' to the Ballas so that they could complete a deal and pass the cash back to the Boyz. Whilst they were meeting to do this, DeMarcus made clear the boundaries that the Boyz and the Ballas would have. Their beef is their beef and our beef is our beef. It was simple to understand and the Ballas wholeheartedly agreed. DeMarcus then took the opportunity to head back to Brogue to sleep and G.W spent the rest of the night shooting the shit with FuryTanisha, Ty and Troy.

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The hum of a window-mounted airconditioner permeated the background of the dimly lit living room, besides the small rays of sunshine gleaning through the broken window blinds, the only light was the flicker of the television's rapidly changing colors. The bright colors reflected off of Quintavius' thick glasses, lit up his face and the wall behind him. A look of intense concentration was magnified by the spectacles perched at the end of his nose. He was just a few seconds away from beating the course record in Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce Power Carts: True Racing IV, not just his own record, but the WORLD record. He glanced at the VHS tape recorder for a brief moment to ensure that it was still recording, this almost cost him a 16th of a second, and he felt a wave of heat flash across his forehead. 

"I'm almost there! Just 5 more consecutive hairpin turns and the record is mine!" He thought. At that same moment, he heard the front door slam, and an acrid smell almost like a skunk made his nose wrinkle up. He finished the second hairpin turn as his brother DeMarcus could be heard behind him. Quintavius stiffened however he still remained fixated on the screen with immense concentration. 

"Awww sheeeyut brotha! Your game be fucked up!" DeMarcus exclaimed as he literally stomped across the living room to his brother's Sprunk™ Series Gamestation 8. Quintavius couldn't afford to look away, as he was maximizing his acceleration coming out of the third turn. The vibration of his brother's footfalls made the candy dish on the living room table rattle. "Here, pause it, Imma help you bruh." DeMarcus said as he leaned over to the entertainment center and grasped the Gamestation. "Noooo!!!"Quintavius exclaimed as he shifted his attention to his older brother. It was too late, DeMarcus yanked the game cartridge out of the console, and turned it upside down. "See, ya gotta clean it erry once in a while, like dis!" To his horror, Quintavius' brother began spitting in the cartridge. DeMarcus then took the bottom of his filthy shirt in his filthy hands, then began to rub the inside of the cartridge.

Quintavius' eyes were as wide as dinnerplates, his mouth was agape, and the color seemed to drain from his cheeks. "Why! What are you doing!?" he tried to shout, but only a meek little whisper escaped. With a stream of saliva still dripping from the cartridge, DeMarcus slammed the game pack back into the console. When doing this, the screen immediately went from a frozen picture to black. Quintavius thought he smelled burning plastic as he watched a tiny wisp of smoke rise up from the Gamestation.  

"Damn little nigga! Guess you won't be cooped up inside the house no mo!" declared DeMarcus. "Git yo ass up and come ousside and hang wit da real niggas! We gon show you howta roll a blunt, ya hurd!?" DeMarcus practically lifted his younger brother off of the rug from his sitting position and begun dragging him to the front door. Quintavius knew not to protest, or he would be subject to one of the many elaborate tortures his brothers could come up with. He shuddered as he remembered last time, where he learned what  "Swirlie" was. 

It was on that day when a small 8-year-old boy's life was changed dramatically. He had gone from an innocent third grader to one of Brouge Avenue's notorious criminals in the making. 



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Another day in the Hood...

The Boyz after having woken up decided to take a cruise around the block and meet and greet those larking in their hoods and surrounding blocks. When checking the surrounding area a purple car passed. The Boyz decided it was time to shoot some dice and have a good old time with the Ballas, whom they've gotten accustomed to. They kicked up on the blocc rolling dice for petty change being about $500 a roll with some of the Balla cats.



Unfortunally, DeMarcus lost against them Ballas pretty heavily having to kick up about $3000 towards his lost rolls. After so many lost rolls the Boyz decided to kick up some the gang with a street brawl. Winner takes all and looser fittin to pay up. DeMarcus called to the plate GW. He was excited to for the chance to fight represent the Boyz and took his spot to square up. After several moments of fighting, GW to the W for the Boyz. 


Several matches in an both sides are quite impressed with one another and ever so developing their respect from the interactions given. 

Following some police rolling up on the hood, the Boyz an Ballas sat on their roofs watching and chillin payin no attention to the cops. The two groups began developing a close bond, proving one thang to one another and that is that the hood always lookin out. They watched the cops roll out and resumed their chillin


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