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Race Tracks? Where are they?

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I've been part of this community off and on for almost two years, so if I'm harsh, I'm sorry, but it's with passion and hope for change. I like to drive cars in 'Steal Cars: the Game', and race them. I feel like there is no support for this mechanically and it's a huge oversight that could create events and fun for Civs aswell as Crims. 

When did Eclipse RP come out? How are Races not mechanically supported yet in Eclipse? 

I want to reserve some hope for the devs that something is coming and what I'm talking about is "around the corner" or "it's too hard with our funds". If it's not: The code is basically already there from Blackjack and Bus Stops. Ideal would of course be for people to create races but that probably has huge implications and limitations, but just a SINGLE PREMADE TRACK and /createrace (0 or AMOUNT) for bets or no bets and start a timer for 30 seconds to /joinrace within 30s.

It's obviously harder than above to do, obviously, since it's not in yet... RIght?... RIGHT? BUT It cant be THAT hard to implement. If you need voulenteers to code this I'm here.

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You can just race with a bunch of friends or in a group, I see no need to add a command when we have factions that are related to racing and you can just roleplay most of it as you could have a person counting to indicate for the racers to go.

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