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Temporary Repair Kits for Vehicles

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I suggest temporary repair kits that you can use on your vehicle if it is permastalled. The effect would be to render it able to drive at an extremely slow speed (or to be pushed perhaps) for a certain amount of distance or a short about of time. I personally suggest the time frame option. Make it long enough that you could push/drive it to a mechanic shop but not long enough to go through a chop process.

Why do I suggest this? It so frustrating when you are a new (or established) player starting out and you have 1 vehicle and it gets stolen and perm stalled on the side of the road. You call a taxi to your car and then you call for a mechanic and sit. For upwards of an hour most times. I sat for 2 hours with no response. Either there aren't enough players to run the tow trucks to do these repairs or there are too many calls for them to handle them all in a timely manner OR the mechanics are not interested in taking the tow trucks out for repairs. 

It would be better if there was a queue. You could know that you are x out of x requests. That way if you are 1/1 requests and your standing for an hour you know that there are not mechanics working these requests so you can go continue on to other RP other than waiting by your vehicle. However I think the repair kits would be helpful. Don't make them so that you can continue to drive your car but just enough juice to make it to LSC or Bayview. At least there you can sit and wait for mechanics you can see.

Make the time frame short enough that one could not chop the vehicle OR just make it so that the chops will not chop vehicles in this condition. That will stop anyone from just fixing permastalled vehicles to chop them.


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Just to add on to what Krooks has said, there could be an NPC at each of the mechanics shops that would sell the repair kits (revenue from the kits could go to Bayview or LSC) similar to the NPC's at the hospitals. 

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Wait times are ridiculous. All in all this is a game and some people don't have 3 hours to wait for a simple repair. I know some people who'd spend their whole day in the city waiting

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+1 from myself having spent probably about a total of 4 hours now within a week waiting for a mechanic and having a friend join the server who loved it but almost quit due to a 2 hour wait for one when his vehicle got destroyed by one of the various massively non rp drivers in the city.

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