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License Plate change

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When buying a vehicle from places like High end or Low end, there is a chance that the vehicle you buy has a license plate that is custom. The problem comes when the license plate has wordplay like "2WET4U" etc. I get that some people think this is fun to place on their car, but the person buying the car after, might not think the same. 

I would suggest adding a system where you are able to reset the license plate within a few hours of buying it from those locations, but the license plate will just consist of random letters and numbers and you do not have to use credits to perform this change. If you want a new custom plate, you have to use credits in the f6 menu.

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I was just about to suggest this, but mine was to be that you would be able to just reset it back to a randomly generated one at the DMV, or through an admin script command. Either way, +1 because the way it is now just doesn't make any sense.

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