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This is a massive +1, if it was script'ly changed so food isn't sold in general stores it would make it that much better, if there are no employees at the shop then you are able to just buy food and drink but if someone is there working then you have to get it through them!

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Big +1.

When I started playing on Eclipse I was going for the regular civilian RP at first, but soon I realized there isn't much to do if you are not crim/LEO, which is a bit sad.
I think that adding something like these fast food jobs would improve the regular civ RP a lot.

Of course for this to work it would require the items sold at restaurants to not be available in stores or something like that.

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+1, I'm so into this idea because it brings in more realistic aspects to the city and gives people something else to do with their day. Drawing people to the fast food places would just be a case of making burger shot food items cheaper and more realistic than the hundreds of dollar sandwiches from a corner shop. 🙂

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