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k2Thom - Thom Saxon (Macroing Major Appeal)

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Account Name: k2Thom

Character Names: Thom Saxon


Admin who issued punishment: Eriksen


Reason given for punishment: Macroing Major


My explanation of what happened: I play with a controller and I went to go and prep food and threw my controller down. I came back a bit later to a ban screen. I was later informed by fellow Faction members that I was walking in circles in my faction building (LSC's) rather than just standing out of the way, as intended. (Didnt think I would be gone long enough to warrant logging out.) 


Why should my appeal be accepted: My actions were not intentional. They were not malicious, nor did they effect the experience of any fellow players. I am fairly new to this server and am thoroughly enjoying myself, and the interactions and people I have met thus far, and hope to stick around for some time. In future, I will make sure to that my controller is face up before leaving it for any period of time. And if there is a chance of me leaving my computer for an extended period of time, I will make sure to log off first.


I hope this incident can be overlooked. Thank you for reading my appeal. 

- Thom

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Thanks for making the punishment appeal.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt as the story does seem plausible.

I would like to remind you that macroing or using methods to circumvent the AFK script is against the server rules. Doing such behavior intentionally for a financial gain will lead to full account wipe with a solid ban.

Appeal accepted.

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