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Criminal Overhaul 2.0

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The main point I like is skill based progress. Give people a sense that what they are doing in the server matters, not only from the money they are making, but how well and quickly they are doing it. As you pointed out, being a proficient drug cook or a master car thief should make you a criminal asset to any organization looking to maintain/operate the corresponding trades. Hopefully this expands to plenty of other tasks too, have you been fishing for 200 hours since you started ? Well maybe this should allow you to get fish quicker and higher quality fish. Have you been farming at Paul's farm every day for a month ? Well maybe you can now have a special truck that carries more wheat bags and a reduced timer growing your crops. Reward people for their efforts in whatever they choose to focus on.


I will say I recognize our player base is dependant on our criminal players. You can want to improve their level of roleplay while still acknowledging this. I think they rightfully deserve a worthy content update that truly represents Bala's 2.0 vision because at the end hopefully everyone gains from this change too.

Although the next thing after this should be business and civilian faction support! 🙂


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I did leave some stuff off the list, either because I forgot or it didn't get fleshed out in time.
There's a lot of things to pick through there and I don't want to overload it but obviously if it's well received, which the post has been then I'll probably include those ideas at some point as well.

I have some ideas for legal jobs and the legal side of the game, but criminals need the content the most out of every one.

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+1, beautiful thread!

Although I wouldnt limit crypto mining to black markets as realistically anyone could do it with the right computer setup (perhaps equipment could be purchasable from legal player-owned hardware stores?)

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+1 liked this very much it should be implemented only thing I didn’t agree  with completely was the “heat” system cops wouldn’t just know you did something with out evidence so maybe if you didn’t cut the wires of the cameras at the stores they start to build a case. if you didn’t clean off any fingerprints on the car you took to the chop shop. maybe cops can talk to the mechanic and find some parts that could still have prints on them. all in all this is a very good suggestion and I hope most of it if not all gets implemented 

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