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(discord/game) magnolia - cindy savage

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This appeal is for in-game and Discord.

Account name: magnolia
Character name(s): Cindy Savage
Discord name: Rumbunctious

Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU
Date of punishment: 15/01

Reason given for punishment: Savage

Your explanation of what happened: Savage last name

Why should your appeal be accepted?: 
The last time I actively played/participated in Savage activity was when the faction was "good" and people like Mason were still around. 
Stopped around August/Sept. Had used the character maybe once every few weeks/month to mess around.
I knew 0 of the characters in the faction as it was at the end, some of them I knew OOCly due to their involvement in the MD/Weazel on other characters.
I do not understand why this ban applied to a faction leader, the ban confused me and seemed like a massive joke to me.

I said this ban wave was ridiculous and could have been sorted in other, much, much better ways. 
After that I left the discord, and upon trying to rejoin, have discovered I am banned.

Post any evidence or further details: 
I would like to apologize for what I did during my time as head of Weazel. I spent 4-5 days putting in 12 hours of work (per day) and got burnt out.
I ended up not doing much and got really frustrated over a lot of things. Things like how I had-
one person on the team who was able to function as a reporter and write news-worthy articles. 
And how I was forced to fire employees after they went over a month without any communication or work.

I would like to thank Vera/Applejacks/PBAJ for her dedication to the faction and her immense input into turning it around. 


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