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Juniornyc - Rudy Vinziatti (Discord Appeal)

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Account name:juniornyc -Overandout
Character name(s):Rudy Vinziatti
Admin who issued punishment:Not Sure
Date of punishment:Not Sure
Reason given for punishment:Being super Toxic in the general chat and being rude. Your explanation of what happened:So this all went down when the server was being ddos and us savages got banned. So i took out my frustration out in general chat by making witty and unappropriated remarks.
Why should your appeal be accepted?: I took a good week and half to reflect on my actions , i mostly miss all my babies in the discord and meeting the new people and seeing their stories of the first day.

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Ah, the issue with this was that you were ban evading as you were already banned on your first account. We now have discord registration to prevent this.


2nd discord will be unbanned, any attempt at evading bans / punishment using alternate accounts in the future may result in a permanent ban from the discord.

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