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County Lines

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County Lines originates in the UK, being one of the biggest drug trafficking practices known to the country. REDACTED and REDACTED had always been brought up in a bad environment, but there’s nothing like home. REDACTED and REDACTED were contacted to expand operations in Los Santos, an offer they couldn’t refuse. This would bring in tons of cash, something that can be hard to get your hands on in such a big city. With Italians in the family and tons of gang experience, County Lines within Los Santos is born.

REDACTED and REDACTED had been contacted by a County Lines boss back in the UK to expand operations. It wasn’t public knowledge that County Lines was a huge underground Crime Family with great power. When REDACTED and REDACTED received the call it came as a great surprise, it had been years since moving to Los Santos and hearing nothing from the Crime Family. The sound of money was all they needed to hear before agreeing to start up County Lines in Los Santos.

County Lines in Los Santos will be its own branch, taking its own footsteps in running operations. REDACTED and REDACTED do not want County Lines in Los Santos, to receive the bad name that had been given to County Lines in the UK. The organisation sets out to smuggle drugs throughout the city under the radar. Illegal activity will not be limited to drugs; however, drug trafficking is the main goal. Drug runners for County Lines should look like your average street thug, as the ranks go higher up the Crime Family begins to show what they're really about, running one of the biggest drug rings in the city.


• Establish a hierarchy within the Crime Family

• Meet with other organisations within Los Santos

• Find and obtain areas of interest

• Establish relations with other organisations in Los Santos

• Find a reliable weapons dealer

• Get drug operations up and running within the city



The Boss’ rule the organization. All orders given by the Boss’ are final and should not be questioned. Any major decisions should be run through one of the Boss’ before being made. Failing to do so may result in big consequences


Should the boss’ be unavailable, the underboss is able to make decisions in place of them. The Underboss has one of the biggest responsibilities but carries the biggest risk as they must always make the right decision.


The Boss’ right hand man. The Consigliere should advise the Boss’ on their decisions and plays one of the most important roles in the crime family. Consigliere should be considered trustworthy and able to provide sound advice when needed.


A Caporegime, otherwise known as a captain has the ability to lead a team. Typically, a Caporegime is expected to lead teams of at least 10. However, more can be expected of them if needed.


County Lines wouldn’t be County Lines without a Trapper. A trapper is able to lead rings of traffickers and look at potential recruits. A trapper is expected to keep drugs running through the business’ and teach the new soldiers how it’s done.


A Street Hustler knows the ins and outs of the business. They are trusted members of the Crime Family and are expected to be an influence to the soldiers.


A full member of the Crime Family. Soldiers have proven their ability to be welcomed to the family. They have gone through an initiation and an agreement has been made to bring them in.


Associates are not only friends but also potential soldiers for the future. County Lines do not have recruits. Associates are not apart of the Crime Family but will typically work for them and help their organisation.



• Respect everyone within the Crime Family

• Understand the hierarchy within the organisation and respect it

• Show no hostility to any organisation unless instructed to do so

• Respect other organisations space and privacy

• Be available. You may be needed by your family



⦁    Admin Records should not be extensive. Large amounts of admin logs will be taken as if you cannot follow server rules.

⦁    No Toxicity | We will not tolerate any toxic behaviour from our members. Anyone who does so will be removed without warning.

⦁    Have an excellent understanding of the server commands: /me & /do. We pride ourselves in creating unique RP experiences and you will need to understand these commands appropriately.

⦁    You must be willing to adapt your character in a way that makes sense within the faction. This means understanding where County Lines originates and understanding what type of organisation we are portraying. 

⦁    County Lines should lead by example. Anyone who is seen as playing to win or playing to “fight” others will be removed. The faction should be focussed on RP over everything else.


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James Salamanca and Jimmy Highland made a trip back to England to meet with the leaders of County Lines back at home. There were long discussions about: money, expectations and leadership. James and Jimmy made it clear, they would be running the operation how they want to run it back in Los Santos. Agreements were made and it was agreed that regular updates would be given to ensure the operation starts smoothly. Once the organisation was up and running communications would then be kept to a minimum to reduce risk. Information was given on how County Lines works back in the UK, information that would prove useful to James and Jimmy.

After endless meetings, it was time to go back to Los Santos. James and Jimmy would be escorted back by a High Commanding member of the County Lines UK branch. Christopher and Billy would be waiting at the Airport to pick James and Jimmy up. After landing, very few words were exchanged between the UK branch member and the Los Santos County Lines members... 

"Business at home is good, this needs to be worth our while or we're out"

"You boys better work hard and show us you're dedicated to the cause."




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After James and Jimmy arrived back to Los Santos, they go straight to work on creating a path for where they would like County Lines to go. While the past couple of weeks had been slow, they were productive. With the help of Christopher, James started building a mini lab to start drug productions in Los Santos. James had received some info from back home and was told a shipment would be delivered to one of the docks, the shipment contained 100 bricks of cocaine, this would prove useful as Los Santos seemed pretty dry of drugs currently. James asked Chris and Emma to meet him at the location to help him obtain the bags of cocaine that would be delivered. These would later be sold to a large organisation in the city known as Irish. 




After receiving 100 small bricks of cocaine from back home, James decided to call Mark Handley, an old friend of James'. James told mark he had some cocaine he needs gone, sooner rather than later. A meeting location was set for the sale of the drugs. County Lines wants to maintain their relations within the city. While there may be gangs in conflict, James wanted to help every organisation that could help him. James and Jimmy agreed that they would not be starting County Lines on bad terms with anybody.


After a few days pass a short meeting was quickly arranged with Irish to get everyone to know each other. During the meeting James explained that County Lines' main focus would be on the distribution of narcotics. James explained that County Lines would happily help Irish as maintaining relations is one of County Lines' main priorities right now. James also made it clear that he still has family in LFM and there will be times when he would also be helping LFM too. Jimmy and James let Irish know that they have no conflicts with anyone currently and would like it to stay that way. Irish did not have a problem with County Lines helping LFM as long as they weren't shooting at them.

Overall, James felt like the meeting had gone well. Irish understood that James and Jimmy still had family in LFM and were still on good terms with them even after their departure.



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