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Someone here who has been banned but then become unbanned. How does that process work? how long did you have to wait to get an answer to your ban appeal? From my point of view, I have not done anything wrong and I got proof. But I have now been waiting for several days for another admin.

What I want to come to is. How long did it take for you to get a standing answer. on what will happen.

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Once an admin reviews your appeal, he might ask some questions if need be. If no questions were asked and he gathered enough evidence from different resources, he will make a decision of either keeping the ban or to lift it.

How long does it take? Well, it depends on the punishment. So there's no ETA for a response. Just stay patient. 

Tip: if an admin asks a question, be honest with your answer, lying to an admin is the worst thing that you can do, they know everything. Honesty is key!

Good luck with your appeal.

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For the tip. 

I have a good feeling about my appeal, most bc i didt brake any rule. 
I just want to come back to the vibe at the pier and the fun driving around the city with my friends. 
It littel sad bc i was at 93 k exp and me and my friends had a race too 100 k exp. And then i got banned. But i still think i can come to 100 k first. 

I hope. 

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Hey, I knew your character "Stig Stone" and had an okay experience for the most part so I will tell you my honest experience from my appeals.

I was banned mid november for RWT which is a serious offense and even tho I didn't buy super cars my first appeal was concluded and rejected in 4 days. 

You should be always polite to the admin that banned you and just like @Harvs pointed out you shouldn't be lying in the report because it will just take more time 

for them to reopen the investigation again and ask you some more questions, etc, etc. If you first appeal gets rejected they will give you a certain ammount of

time before you can make another appeal. After that time has passed you can make another appeal. The second appeal might go slower because they have to

check all the evidence before they can give you another statement/ask you more questions. My second appeal was concluded and accepted in a week so now 

im just waiting for them to wipe the assets included in the "trade" before I can play on the server again. You should be PATIENT POLITE and HONEST in your appeal. 

I checked your appeal and your gramar/spelling is pretty bad and thus the appeal is hard to read so you might change that in the future, other than that I wish you

best of luck with your appeal and sending you kind regards.




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