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Only The Family

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Only The Family is a criminal street gang that consists of trappers/rappers in Chicago. Founded by lil Durk 2010. The group would normally be filled with rappers but wanted to expand in more places. This would not limit who would be allowed to be accepted, as long as you are able to show dedication and loyalty. After the disbanding of Gangster Disciples, a gang that Draco was formally in. Draco still had those ties in Chicago. He was lost, shortly after the disbanding of GD, he joined Aztecas who were a family that Draco could go to for help. After being in Aztecas for a few months, he had a great time meeting everyone and having fun but he knew he was missing the same style/life that GD had. Draco then decided to think about his life and decided that a new street gang in Los Santos would surely create an uproar around things. Getting advice from Dre Rivas and Tyrell Vert, who were his closest friends, he decided to create Only The Family. Which would someday be a fully recognized gang in Los Santos. After creating all the groundwork, he spoke to Alicia about his departure from the Aztecas. Draco never thought that this day would come as he thought he would not leave unless there was another disbanding. After a sad discussion with Alicia, all that was left was to start this new journey that awaits.




White Clothes.



Code of Gangster


Respect : Respecting one another despite ranks. Having each other back in hard times.


Loyalty : Loyalty is key, having someone on your back is what we go for and if broken then they are handled in a deadly way


Snitches : Any person found to be snitching on the gang will be dealt with by the gang.


Determination: Being able to stay active in the city and doing what is told from higher ups.


Theft: Stealing from another member in the gang will cause you to be hated and instantly removed.





Leader, makes final decisions on affairs.


Right Hand

Substitute when the leader is not around. Able to make vital decisions.



Third in command. Takes care of things when neither second or first in command is around.


Shot Calla

Able to look out for the gang when the higher in command is away.



Member that has stuck around the gang for a very long time. Is able to show the newer members the ropes.



Fully recognized member is capable of making decisions based off past.



Slowly getting trusted into the gang after showing loyalty and trust.



Trial for the gang.




-Establish an HQ


-Run the streets of Los Santos


-Get a hold of a heavy weapon dealer


- Create good friendship/allies


- Being recognized in the city as street gangbangers







- 50k EXP

- No OOC toxicity

- Must be able to maintain high quality RP

- Being able to be active unless on a LOA. Being inactive can result in removal.

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A New Home



After spending some time in Aztecas and some in LFM, Draco, Dre and Tyrell were talking about possibly making their own gang for a while, they decided to finally just make one so Draco and Tyrell left Aztecas and Dre left LFM. Tyrell talked with Alicia behind the Zeta Store and Tyrell was able to leave on good terms with Alicia. Then all three met up later putting on their new colours and calling up some old friends from Jewish Cartel.



Getting set up at our new HQ Tyrell went for a walk around the block to get used to the area and to imagine what he could do in the future for the gang. Having no meetings set up yet the group decided to set up meetings within the next couple days with all the gangs and still decide what we are going to do.



Getting all our members together to talk about what we plan on doing in the gang and our future goals and so far everyone in the Jewish Cartel is on board and is excited for what's going to come. We then decided to go camp at a drug lab to make some blunts to sell on the block to people, and we all were loaded with guns to last a while from our time in Aztecas/LFM and GD

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The Hustle



Chilling on the block with Julio, Austin and Kai late at night, Kai was asking about what we are going to do to make some money because selling blunts on the block is not enough to make a living. The four decided to go hit a few stores to make some extra pocket cash for each of them and to also launder money through LFM to grow our relationship with them.


After hitting a few stores getting a full bag of packed money, Tyrell called up Ricardo and Milo Borne, they met with us shortly after to launder the money for us. Milo drove Ricardo to the place we agreed to meet, Ricardo counted out the money in the packs and then shortly after, gave us our money and Tyrell then split it between the four OTF members and hit the block.


In the next couple days OTF contacted Ricardo and Milo about imports wanting to buy some weapons from them. Getting a text from Ricardo about prices and our order, a few OTF members packed up and went with some of the LFM members to help with the drop. When the drop was secured, Ricardo met with OTF at the strawberry complex inside the empty pool to give us the weapons we ordered. We then shook hands and stashed the weapons at our stash house and went back to the block to chill and sell blunts.

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