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Stranger 7465_7422 - FailRP, FearRP, NLR, Cop Baiting, Trolling, OOC in Voip, RDM, NCZ

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Your player name: Jason Parker

Player you are reporting: Stranger 7465_7422

Rules broken: FailRP, FearRP, NLR, Cop Baiting, Bug Exploiting, Trolling, saying OOC things in VOIP, RDM, NCZ

Explanation of events/why you are reporting: See for yourself. He broke too many rules to explain, just watch the vid.

Time and date: 01/09/2018 at about 11pm UTC. 

Evidence: Courtesy of Tavi Patronus (@hellequin):

Also had Jessica Anderson and Chloe Bailey on scene.


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After reviewing evidence, I have come to the following conclusion: 
Player Stranger 7465_7422 / @Flabbyflea will receive: 

  • Warning for FailRP , player failed to respond to basic /do /me commands, cop baiting and committing crime in the NCZ. Please read up on the rules we have and on our roleplay guide, if you have any questions you can ask in #helpdesk on discord or PM any of the members of the staff team, we are more than happy to assist new players.
  • Warning for using Out of Character content in VOIP, please refrain to do so in the future, VOIP is only meant to be used In Character and if you ever slip up by mistake, apologising in the Out of Character chat doesn't hurt.
  • Warning for FearRP, player failed to fear for their life when being threatened with a gun. We have a rule for FearRP which states, that you have to value your life and if its in danger you have to react accordingly, in this scenario proper way to react would be to stop and put your hands up
  • 1st punishment for breaking NLR, player instantly died to a bug when being wounded, decided to not to roleplay by leaving  the zone but returned the same minute, just to run past the people involved in the previous RP and go to the nearest Ambulance where he caused something that lead to him being tazed and cuffed by the same officers that he was killed by.
  • As for the other rules broken listed at the report, there was lack of evidence for the RDM and the instant death when being downed could be a bug where server thinks you are already dead and when you die, you don't go to the wounded state. It is odd that player instantly died in span of 10 minutes, but there is no way to prove it was bug exploiting.

Report Accepted / Resolved

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