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[APPEAL] Carter Navaja

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Account name: Shalami

Character name: Carter Navaja

Reason of Punishment: Combat loging

Administrator: Triple seven


Why should this appeal be accepted?:because I didn’t combat log, I was was crashing several times, which I inform to the police and people involve in the escene, but admin that respond to my /admin 3, was the same person I was reporting and deside that he need to permaban me cuz he have to go, he even say it and the proff of that is on the chat whit the admin I send to ballin over discord PM yesterday.


Explination of the events: I wake up to do a job whit the homies, when I was driving in downtown, I saw a police car at full speed heading to Bay view, I follow him and park on the back, then I crash. When I log back in I find out that the police (officer gosh) was after my friend Adriana Costa. As soon as I see this and having a shotgun on me and just one police on the scene, I park my car and ask him what was going on,  I take my shogun out and point it at him and say “release that girl now” in that moment the police crash, so I was going to pause RP waiting for him, but a medic came from the back of the ambulance (I don’t know how he saw me, I think he abuse game mechanics) and whiteout saying noting just shot at me and down me, he didn’t care that the police crash, and he didn’t care about RP or say something, he just came in gun blazing and open fire on me. He also metagame, since he don’t know my character and he keep saying my name even do I have mask.

Prof foe me talkig whit adrina before the event, showing I have been crashing: https://prnt.sc/hxuba6.

I call and admin and waiting for him I crash, I log back in and crash like 3 more times !!!, there was like 5 people over ther and all of them saw me crashing and coming back, also I talk whit the police that arrive later to the scene (Scotty)  over discord and whit the person I was trying to save (Adriana), I inform both of them (proof of this send to Ballin over discord) that I was having crash problems (you can check my chats whit Adriana, since yesterday I was having crash problems), but the admind didn’t bother in asking the police, he just pm me “are you coming back” and 4 minutes later he ban me, when I replay 5 minutes later I was already permaban and the answer I get is “make a ban appel if you think is unfare”.

I not just think is unfare, I think is disrespectfull to the players of the server, taking a report you don’t have the times to finish, ban someone cuz you don’t investigate the situation 100% complete, and tell him that he is the one that need to make and apple when he did nothing wrong but what he was suppose to.  Also when I try to explain the situation to the admins, he keep posting the link of the bans appel section and saying goodnight, which I find disrespectful to, since he is the one that make a mistake not me; 1- he shold not have the the report if he have to go sleep, 2- before banning he shood have ask the people involve If I contact them ( he didin, ask scote or Adriana) and 3- he sholds have give me more than 4 minutes to replay, since a perm ban is not something that you do “cuz you have to go and don’t have time” I was in my prime gaming time (9PM).


I think this admin triple seven have something personal against me, since he don’t heisted to ban me whitout investigation the situation, and admin is the same medic im reporting because he broke 2 rules: 1- he didn’t fear for the officer life and 2- he abuse the crash of the police to shot at me (when I get home I can find you the report where the person that did something like that (using a police crash to shot a persona) got punish for fail RP).


The las time I crash, the admin I have call to solve the situation of the fail RP, PM over discord and since I didn’t give him and answer in 4 minutes, he decide to permaban me cuz “he was going to sleep”.


After that we spend like 40m talking over discord, I have the conversation and was send to Ballin, in there he argue that he have to  go sleep and that’s why he ban me, but, why did you take a report if you don’t have the time to solve it ???.

Proff that he ban me whiteout even wait the proper time: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/339203025694359552/400361806914125826/image.png





I was coming back, and its not fair that I get banned for something that I didn’t did, I did not combat log, if YOU had to go just le me RP whit the officer and YOU log off, how does it make sence banning me cuz you gotta go ??? https://prnt.sc/hy3fua


1-      I will like to report the medic that shot me, cuz he didn’t fear for the police life and take his crash for his advantage to shot at me whit out say noting. (I remember a report where a player got ban cuz he kill someone when the police crash), I lost a shotgun whit 15 ammo and a .50 pistol whit 100 ammo, plus like 1500$ money I have on me. Link: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/5270-jeff-zed-mask-4050_4565/




2-      Will like to report admin abuse, since I did all I was suppose to, I contact the persons involve, I cabe back from every crash (you can check the logs) and resume RP as soon as admin told me to, wile he was cheking the case (admin involve is same person that shot me).

PS: I will also like to mention that I got ban for something like this on dec  18, and aferter appele it I got unban on the 31. Yesterday was my first day back to the server from a long time, and I find this. It leave a bat taste in my moth not be able to enjoy the server on the first day I can do it of this year, and having to spend time making and apple for sometng I didn’t do, im paying for the admin mistake and lake of time to solve the problem.


PS2: I also like to mention that admins team need to work better before giving a permaban, all the server see that message, and it’s something that deeply damage your reputation on the server, this really leave a bad taste in my month been the first time im able to find time to play in this year do to irl stuff, also will like to report the ooc way that the admin deal whit the situation, all of it can be found on the conversation bettwein me and him I send to head admin already, this guy clearly abuse his power and just give me a ban in my prime game time (it was 9:30PM and I play from 9 to 12PM when ever work let me).


hope this get fix soon, since I didn't brake any rules, all I did was log back in after  crash, like all the chat show.


and for last, I will like this apple to be use to report the admin for admin abuse, if I need to make another post to report it, please let me know, cuz I think admins like this do a lot of damage to the server, they power trip, cuz: 1- he shold not take part on a report where he was been report, 2- he should not take a report if he have to go sleep, and last, he shold have wait the necessary time before banning me (everyone knows that coming from a crash take more than 5 minutes).


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The Ban

Let's start with the reason of the ban which is ofcourse appeal-able as is any ban which is why I pointed @Shalami to this section immediately after he replied to me minutes after the ban was executed.

[02:14:50.874] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~w~** Mask 4105_331 has left the server. (Timeout)

Carter_Navaja was having a lot of connection issues and this was his final crash before the ban happened. Also his first one that said (Timeout) and not (Connection timed out).

[02:27:28.812] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~r~[Admin Chat] Quack:~w~ ~b~Quack ~w~banned player ~r~Shalami ~w~(0h)! ( ~b~Combatlogging | Offense #6 ~w~).

This is the moment of the ban after I contacted @Shalami on Discord through a DM (more than 10 minutes after his crash). Notice his response came after the ban was executed as I simply did not have more time to wait. The situation was already taking over an hour and a half longer than necessary because of crashes and OOC whining. The fact that this was a permaban is a result of the player's adminrecord.


IC issue

The IC issue, was not breaking FearRP imo. Also the officer did not crash before the situation with the threats and Carter_Navaja pulling a shotgun. Mamie had her eye on him from the moment Adriana_Costa asked for help. He moved himself into an advantageous position, which Mamie noticed, so she countered it, using the FIB ambulance to keep cover, pulling out a pistol and making sure she could make a move if Carter_Navaja decided to.

Proof of Mamie noticing impending danger (/rlow)

[01:37:31.301] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~b~** [RADIO] Mamie_Gumpert: ~w~have your weapon ready Chloe

Carter moves himself into a good position (Mamie stays in cover, looking through the ambulance windows where he is going, so she has a shot on him when needed, then prepares to push the panic alarm)

[01:38:06.592] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#B1B2B3~: Mask 4105_331 ~c~says: ~w~Hey Gosh, what happen here ?

Carter moves forward

[01:38:22.565] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8F8F8F~: Mask 4105_331 ~c~says: ~w~UNCUFF THAT LADY NOW !!!
[01:38:24.269] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~b~[EMERGENCY] *** ~o~Panic Alarm initiated by medic Stranger 4183_4494. /resp(ondcall) 39 to respond. ~b~***
[01:38:24.269] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#e6ccff~: * Mamie_Gumpert reaches their hand for the radio and clicks a button.

Mamie immediately fires on Carter_Navaja and downs him.

[01:38:28.268] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~r~[Admin System]~w~ Carter_Navaja got killed by Mamie_Gumpert with weapon Heavy Pistol

Officer crashes (clearly after Carter was downed, so claiming I shot him same time or after the cop crashed is a blatant lie):

[01:38:52.157] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~w~** Ryan Ghosh (8600_624) has left the server. (Timeout)

From here Carter_Navaja claimed I broke FearRP, which is why I called in @PB-AJ to help out as I was involved. As footage would be required to see what happened she could not do much and it was pointed to the forums.

2 videos of the IC event:


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Im not going to play that game of you say  I say, im just going to post this last discord chat, where you can see I contact the police that just arrive to the scene (after gosh crash? Check the times, and you will find the lier, I did not wait 10 minutes, I did not crash for 10 minutes, I crash and come back every time, this admind decide to ban me because he was in a hurry to leave and cold not wait 5 minutes, he ban me 4 minutes before contact me.



And about the medic action Im also reporting: you fail to fear for the police life, I have a shotgun to his face !, I have seen other reports where people get punish for something like that, lest se whats the final admin opinion on this, a medic that shot a criminal that have a shotgun to the face of a police. you need to remember this is a ROPE PLAY SERVERA, your a medic, not a swat, if you have been a police I will not act, since there will have been 2 police against 1 shotgun, a medics Is there to med people, not to shot someone, that's fail RP because you didn't even say something, you came shotinging, i think that's actualy RDM cuz your life was not in danger by me, i didn't pull a gun to you and i don't know your medic character so, why will you open fire to me like that if your not a police and i didn't pull a gun to you ?.

I will like the administration team and the owners of the server to take note on the way some admins treat the costumers/players of the server; this is my 3rth day ban for something I didn’t do, im paying whit a ban the hurry to leave of the admin that should not have take the report for 2 reasons: 1- he was involve in the problem I was reporting, I mean, he is the one I report and he take the tiket and decline it, and number 2- the admin didn’t have time to finish whit the report, and this is something that itzpazz have say so many times in lots of reports
“of you don’t have the time to RP don’t star the RP” or in this case, “If your about to go sleep, don’t take the report and ban a player cuz you haVe to leave”.


I hope this can be solve in a way that benefic all the person affected, I personally feel like im been mistreat by the admins whit all this and whit the ban still up.



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17 hours ago, Triple Seven said:

This is the moment of the ban after I contacted @Shalami on Discord through a DM (more than 10 minutes after his crash). Notice his response came after the ban was executed as I simply did not have more time to wait. The situation was already taking over an hour and a half longer than necessary because of crashes and OOC whining. The fact that this was a permaban is a result of the player's adminrecord.

you saying that the situation was taking more than one hour its  a lie, and you can confirm that in my chat whit Lady Costa.


You can say all that you whant, but i think it will be easy if you accept that what you did was wrong in SOO many ways;

1- shooting me while i have a shotgun to the police face, been just a medic and whiteout real combat training.

2- continue the RP after the police crash.

3- respond to the admin report where YOUR CHARACTER is been report.

4- banning someone cuz you don't have more time, if you don't have the time don't do the RP or don't take the report.


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I will like to use this same post to appeal my discord ban. It was put by admin itsPazzz cuz I told him in general “old carter will have told you to suck my dick, but not me, im a new carter” so he ban me from discord . I will like to be unban so in a case of sometine like this happening again (crash in the mid of a RP) I can directly let all the server my intentions to come back and that is just a crash.

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As it appears you were at least trying to re-connect from the game, the ban has been lifted. You need to make extra sure that if you disconnect in an important situation when it result in a negative outcome for you, that you're going to return, and that means before you're punished not after.

Player has been unbanned.

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