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[Eclipse Roleplay] Beginners Medical RP Guide!

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[Eclipse Roleplay] Beginners Medical RP Guide

By: Puzzling aka Matt Tezla

The reason for this guide is because as someone who has done medical RP on this server for over 7 months the medical RP has dwindled down to /do broken legs. This guide is just going to be suggestions to improve your RP, these are not finite things 



If you ever need medical attention, call 911 on your phone and ask for the medics. Try being descriptive when telling the dispatch what your problem is, and keep your description in character. Saying you are dying is wrong, as you technically don’t die, just black out. Saying you are injured also doesn’t give the medic a lot to work on, so try to be as descriptive as possible in the phone call about your wounds. When the medic arrives, tell them your injuries in a /do when asked. It’s a good idea to think about how you’re gonna word it, maybe even typing it out beforehand. Pay good attention to the chat, as the medic will ask for a lot of information and permissions, and they need your input! After being transported to the hospital, thank your medic and don’t hang around the hospital drop off area.



When you dial 911 try to make it as sweet and simple as possible. Just be aware that we really do see what you say when you make a call! It shows up on our call list and it helps us understand the situation. Remember that if you put anything OOC in the calls like “I died from a glitch” or “I got bugged and killed” we will close the call for it being OOC. Everything in the call is IC information and we use it while coming to a call. If you are bugged put in a /report 2 and if no one responds just RP an injury and do some sort of RP, medics are not just going to /stabilize you or just heal you.




When a medic responds to your location the first thing they are going to ask you is the following in some sort of way. Medics all have different RP but it will always end in some sort of "/do what would I find"


This is the part where you are able to respond with a /me *Injuries* OR /my *Injuries*

"/do yesor "/do there would be no injuries" is not a valid response!


You are able to respond with anything that pertains to the RP situation that caused you to be injured! Please remember if you want to do any sort of GrossRP you need OOC consent from the medic and anyone around according to server rules.

When going about what you want to RP for your injuries you can not lie in /me or /my… there is no reason to do it in the first place. We are here to have fun so if you get shot don’t say broken leg it doesn’t make any sense.

Examples of some valid injuries

  • /my neck is broken and is unconscious
  • /my legs and legs would have shards of glass sticking in them
  • /my leg would be broken and bleeding 
  • /me would have been laying in the snow and there is now visible frostbite all over his body
  • /me would have a large gash across his forehead that would be bleeding

Examples of non valid responses

  • /do nothing is injured
  • /me would not be alive
  • /do yes
  • /do would be dead

The first thing to do is to think about what got you injured in the first place, if you get smashed by a car sure you could have a broken leg but you can RP multiple broken bones, cuts, and bruises. There are a bunch of different injuries, you do not always have to go super in-depth but you can always RP different body parts and injuries.

Examples of some valid injuries responses for a car crash

  • /my left leg would be fractured and would have shards of glass in his face
  • /me would have a fractured hip and a broken arm that would be bleeding
  • /me has a severe road-rash on his leg

If you want to only do broken leg you can always add more to it such as:

  • /my leg would be broken and it would be sticking out of the skin
  • /me has a broken leg that would be bleeding heavily

Gunshot Wounds

If you were just in a gun fight and you have gunshot wounds (GSW’s) please say what GSW’s you have and where they are located on your body, you can make this up depending on what you feel like RP'ing

Instead of doing only: 

  • /do GSW’s

You can add more detail such as, locations of the gunshot wounds, if there are bullet exit wounds: (S was supposed to be a 3)



When a medic does the treatment on your GSW’s you do not always have to say yes the first treatment they do, if a medic tries to slow bleeding on a GSW and you were in a big gunfight, you can respond with something along the lines of

  • /do the bleeding would be soaking through the gauze

Please remember that DeathRP is no longer a thing and you can not RP Death or deny treatment forever!


These are just a few examples of injuries but please try to think about the scenario that originally got you into the injured state and try to make realistic injuries, you don’t need to know all the bone names or anything but just think of common injuries if you are just starting to RP!

Other kinds of Medical RP

Besides just basic script driven injuries you are able to RP something related such as severe car crashes and the LSEMS has a Fire Department so you can RP that kind of thing and get into awesome RP like the following which allows for more in-depth RP


Another type of RP that MD has is the Advanced Medical Division which is surgery RP. This kind of RP can be used with any sort of injuries such as gunshot wounds, severely broken bones, along with anything else that you are able to go into surgery for.


There are also plenty of other divisions we have such as lifeguard, CRU, Air & Rescue that you can all RP with to make your time and the medics time more enjoyable! All in all, medics are here to RP with you, we are not here just to taxi you from the injured state, it is another kind of RP that you will encounter a lot while playing. Try to make the most of it because people become a medic to RP injuries more than just broken legs! Try to change it around every once in a while, and be responsive as we require your input for the RP that we do!

I hope you learned something and will try some new things while you enjoy Eclipse RP! Have fun and thank you for reading 🙂


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