Automatic Fine Deduction

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i do find it disrespectfull, like ALOT, and not just to me but to the guy that post his suggestion here and you, like a inlove fan, come to use his post to talk about me, i find that to be wrong.  you keep talking about server rules, but what server rules have i broke ? crashing ?, to be honest i have combat log 3 times, 2 of them 5 moths ago, one the other one on the 18 of dicember, all the others so call combat logs, have been crashes mix whit pc and internet problemes that make me have to wait a lot to be able to reconnect, not that i have use hack like some of your friends, but let me stop here cuz im almost going down to your lvl. lest keep talking about how fines shold be pay.


PD: i dont understand why my opinion make you so god dam mad, it is unrealistic that the money is take automatic. but lest talk about real life and how fines work. if you lest say kill a cop, or try to kill a cop, the government wont charge you whit a ticket, they will charge you whit JAIL its up to the family of that police to make a civil lawsuit to charge you money for the kill of the damage you did trying to kill him, same if you damage some government property, jail and fines are to different subgets, at less in my country.


charge you the fine for your crime you make and let you paythem in 2 days or someting its actualy betther, cuz if you autocharge me and i have no money on me, you lost, i wont have to pay it later.

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6 hours ago, flow said:

If you don't pay your dues to the government, they will take your possessions. That's just how the system works. Yes, IRL there'd be a process before that can happen but again, we don't have those tools here.


Let's talk about realism then. 

We'd love to have everything as realistic as possible. No other faction on this server apart from MD has such a high desire for realism and strict RP as the PD does. No other faction has such a high emphasis on training and structured procedures. We want that more than anything. 

It was us, the PD, who lobbied for jail sentences to be reduced to 2 hours. We are also continuing to lobby for reduced fines to fit the jail times. We are well aware of the aspect of fun, we're not out to get you and ruin your day. It's a mutual thing. You have fun being a criminal and thus we have fun locking you up, it's a trade. 

There HAS to be punishment. And sadly, it has to be monetary. We had that, we had that fines didn't come out of your account automatically and everybody and their mothers were arrested all the time for failure to pay it. It's boring and tiring and not fun for the players involved. If you trust that people will do the right thing, you're on a losing streak. It's just frustrating, we've been through all of that before. That's why it was introduced in the first place. Ever since the system was put in, we have had a massive decline in stupid stuff people do simply for the fun of it. 

So no, removing that feature won't make anything better apart from your bank accounts and if that is your concern, then maybe you're not after the right motives in this.

You can not cry for realism without a trade-off. It doesn't work that way. Don't expect us to be the most realistic when we don't get the same luxury from you guys. 

Want it realistic, why not talk about the most obvious issues first? Why can you just buy a weapons license with felony charges on your record? Let's get rid of that feature because that's far more unrealistic than anything we do.

Ay man, not tryna insult the PD or nothing, just saying I don't agree with automatic fine reductions, sorry if you feel insulted dawg. 

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