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New and skeptical

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Hello all!

Kevin here, been toiling through communities and growing more and more disappointed as the days drag by. Watching all these YouTube videos of RP really gets my gears going to hop in to a server and be disappointed to find some 12 y/o driving monster trucks upside down around the map with infinite ammo!

Anyway, im not sure if there's a whitelist or what, but hopefully it's regulated and I can hop on one day and get some nice RP happening.

Born in Germany with decent, not fluent anymore, language skills. Being a foreigner are roles that can be developed or a foreign club/gang. Fluent English though. Not a plethora of law knowledge or voices, but good ideas and a tinge of evil! Civilian and criminal activities are my forte, though I've only been in the RP scene for maybe 10 hours all together?

Hope to see everyone around I suppose, 


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5 hours ago, SyncxzV201 said:

Welcome to the community, we’re happy to have you here!

Thank you, glad to be here!

4 hours ago, OsamaBigLag said:

Hello, welcome to our server. 
If you have any questions I recommend that you hop onto our discord: https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg and ask there. 
Make sure to also read our rules and the guides we have on how to play.

Will do and thank you!

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Welcome, enjoy your stay & have fun! Remember, if you have a question in game be sure to use the /report command (Select 1 - Question) and that comes through to the support team who are all more than happy to help!

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