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Christopher Permuy

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Christopher Permuy

Christopher Permuy, born July 21st, 1981, to mother Ann-Marie Permuy and father Joseph Permuy, in Hove Beach, Liberty City. Christopher suffered major home problems as a child, therefore effecting him as a person later on in life. Christopher's fraternal twin brother, Jeffery Permuy, and him, moved to West Palm Beach, Florida, when they were just two days shy of 17 years of age.

Christopher and Jeffery went their separate ways as they often didn't see eye to eye. Christopher went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he would be homeless for the next year. Christopher eventually met his first love, Tricia Davis, which changed Christopher a lot. Meeting Tricia caused Christopher to get a job, eventually making enough money to rent an apartment for him and Tricia. Tricia was one month younger then Christopher. One night, Tricia had a friend over, and this friend, Jess, turned out to be a drug dealer. Christopher purchased some Heroin from Jess, and shared with Tricia. That night, Tricia and Chris, had conceived their son, Thomas Permuy. 

Nine months later, Tricia had given birth to Thomas Permuy on August 24th, 1999, but in these nine months, Christopher had developed a severe drug addiction to Heroin. This addiction turned Chris into a major douche-bag as well as an abusive boyfriend. About two months after Thomas' birth, Tricia dumped Chris due to his lack of fathering skills. This turned Chris into a super depressed dick. Chris had again become a homeless guy, but this time with an addiction, and would stay this way for the next sixteen years.

In late 2015, Christopher moved to Los Santos, and became a Trucker. One summer day while trucking, in 2017, Christopher met a guy named Nathan Goliath, where he would be given his nickname, Crispy, and would go on to join "The Goliath Crime Family," becoming a known criminal, robbing civilians on the daily. In August of 2017, Christopher had been arrested for the first time for the following charges: Armed Robbery, Possession of an Illegal Firearm, Possession of Heroin, Reckless Driving, and Driving With Suspended License. The courts found Crispy legally insane, and dropped the charges. Now, Crispy is an independent criminal. Earlier in December of 2017, Crispy attacked the Downtown Cab Company out of a pit of rage.

Crispy will most likely go on to live his life as a legally insane dick, and will probably have no friends, as he lost his only friend during the DCC attack, Chuck Mangione.

NOTE: Christopher Permuy was found dead in his apartment due to a drug overdose on January 28th, 2018.

There may be more added to this story in the future, but this is what happened so far.

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