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Tony Romano / Tyrone Bell signing out for the last time.

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Its been a blast. It really has been a fucking blast. I attempted to leave back in July but failed in doing so as I had to help my friends out or I'd feel guilty for leaving them in a shitty position. I'v honestly had such a great time on this server. The community is filled with so many awesome people and the server itself is packed with amazing features and good devs. Things don't feel the same as they used to, many of the people I once knew are leaving or going legal. It is not in my current interest to switch to legal. I have been part of this great community since 2018 and it will be so difficult for me to leave it behind and live past it. I have watched so many factions build then fall. Truly, things have changed. 


I would like to thank everyone I met in this community. If we had beef in the past, lets keep it in the past. I make some mistakes like everyone does.

Factions I was part of


Golden Gauntlet


The Los Santos Irish Mob


The Rooks (very briefly at the start)


Front Yard Ballas


Los Santos Triads


La Familia Michoacana (briefly)


Crimson Syndicate


Street Fighters


The Vanguards 



It was an honour being part of these factions and I will never forget all the amazing people I met being part of them. I wish everyone the best. 


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