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Bird Up, Any Old School Players about?

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Hey All, How do?

Won't bore you with a long history but used to play and mod the original Godfather RP back in the day. Moved on to LSRP where I did many things for a long time, then created my own community for SA:MP called American Dream RP. Moved to GTAV RP creating a community with a chappy which I had to leave due to work commitments and the GTAV MP mods being shite.

Ermmm yeah, remember those good old SA:MP days, wanting to try re-create some of that in GTAV looking for a decent active community with an active and creative development team.

Previous characters encase somebody is lurking :)

Maxis Trivium (Godfather RP)

Maxis Trivium (LSRP - Police, Russian Mafia)

Xan Lau (LSRP - Triads Leader)

Xan Lau (ADRP - Police Chief)


Did a great many things, ran and joined a lot of factions but those are my most fun times.

A bit about me, I'm a software developer currently employed as a Consultant Business Analyst, I play games, 27 years of age, I play Guitar, in my spare time I build websites and setup communities. Blah blah blah.

Anyway HOW DO?


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