[1.2.0] [2017-10-24] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.2.0


  • New Inventory system ( This will allow faster implementations for things like alcohol)
  • Medics (of a certain rank) are now able to /givemedical licenses to players. This will allow you to /cpr a downed player.
  • Police are now able to use the MDC within the prison.
  • /togglecallerid (togglecid) is now available to hide your number from the person you are messaging / calling.
  • /togglemask will display an "Ame" showing the action.
  • You are able to extract seeds from marijuana with /extractseeds and plant them at drug plantations
  • Added ability to buy character slots
  • Added boats
  • Added drug effects
  • Drug plantations


  • Changed how weapon switching works
  • Added /bindtoweapon in order to bind weapons to keys
  • Injured animation when low health


  • /cpr can only be applied once per 15 minutes per downed player.
  • Lowered maximum prison time.
  • /masktoggle now has a /togglemask.
  • Increased store robberies rewards
  • Removed healthbars/armorbars
  • Readded trailers/refactored truckers script
  • A lot behind the scenes fixes and improvements to server code


  • House parking bug.
  • /charge command no longer conflicts with phone charging.
  • Barber shop no longer freezes you in place when trying to cut your hair.
  • Fixed bug where taking gun/drug out of car would make some disappear
  • Fixed authentication bug with enter key
  • Fixed bug character creation with incorrect values
  • Random errors with clothing stores have been cleaned.
  • Custom credit plates.
  • Store robberies where the store owner always has their hands up.
  • DMV UI is usable.
  • Invalid names with the cellphone has been fixed.
  • Trucking drop off location (the boat yard) has been altered to be not included (hello unlimited boat fuel supply).






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Its used to be 10 hours! Where can we see these changes as I cant see any change-log, as I would be amazed if it is still 4 hours and the developers didn't listen to any of the community feedback regarding prison times.

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