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A meeting was conducted amongst the More Blood high command to discuss what they would like to do moving forward. They agreed that they should start giving back to the poorer, and less able communities within Los Santos. They delegated on how they plan on doing this. When one of the leaders, Rafi Leib, suggested to do a food truck event. He went on to say ‘More Blood members should go around town in a taco truck giving away free tacos and water for free'.The remaining members of high command agreed upon this idea. Kane Mysterio suggested that we go round ourselves and gather the relevant ingredients that would be needed to make a taco, mainly referring to the meat and wheat for the taco shell.

Rafi Leib found some free time to go out hunting. For a while he couldn't find anything on the hills and forests. Until they finally came across a cow which he killed and cut up, to collect the meat needed for the tacos.


Sam Onizuka decided that he would get the wheat himself, so he headed down to Paul’s Farm. He decided to take a minute to take it all in. He had always gone past the farm but never thought he would have to work on one. He saw this as a good grounding experience, reminding him of how he used to live when he grew up in Japan, in poverty. This is the very reason why he wants to give back to the community and is so against the idea of mass monopolisation. 



Sam took two full bags worth of flour and handed it off to Nathaniel.

Take these two bags back to the apartment and start making the taco shells, make sure you get them done tonight” Sam said imperatively. 

Nathan nodded and proceeded to the apartment with the bags of flour. 

Nathan took the bags of flour back to the apartment and proceeded to make the Taco shells. 





Later that same day Kane Mysterio radioed that he was being confronted by a La Familia member and that he was verbally disrespecting him. The La Familia member decided to follow Kane. Kane decided  that he would take him to the golf course as there was no one around to witness what was about to go down, since the golf course was closed. Kane came to a halt and the La Familia member got out of his vehicle and pulled out a strap. Kane responds to this threat by getting off his bike and pulls out this gun. They exchange shots with Kane ultimately coming out the victor, and with not a scratch on him. 

Both Sam Onizuka and Davy Jugg made their way to the scene, being notified of the location by Kane himself. When they arrived, they saw Kane standing over the body. This is when Sam came up with a gruesome idea. Being brought up in a Japanese household, he understood respect but also learnt a great deal about the Yakuza way growing up in his early teens. Sam proceeded to carve up the dead body in front of both Kane and Davy as they looked over in horror and disgust. They asked Sam what he planned to do with the human meat.

“You’ll see,” Sam replied.



 The very next day Sam Woke up with a fat grin on his face. He could not bear the excitement any longer and proceeded with the idea he conjured up last night. Sam went upstairs and headed straight to the kitchen, where he hid the human meat. He started to slice and dice up the human meat in the kitchen and eventually transferred it into a zip sealed bag. 

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Later that same day, Sam Onizuka and Nathaniel Tugg headed out to Taco Bomb to see if they could rent out a taco truck for the day in order to help cook and distribute the free tacos. They managed to rent out one and proceeded to put in all the meat and taco shells they made. The Taco Bomb manager loved what we were trying to do with the community and gave us condiments and extra toppings for free.

A person riding on the back of a truck  Description automatically generated

Both Nathaniel and Sam were heading out towards Strawberry when there was some gang business that needed to be taken care of. It only made sense that Sam would go and take care of said business, but he felt a sense of fulfilment towards what More Blood was trying to do right now. He informed Nathaniel of this and decided it would be best if Nathaniel went instead of him. 

Sam was driving around different areas, such as Strawberry and Grove street, but could not find anyone. He then saw four individuals around and shouted out if they were interested in some tacos. Before they could refuse, Sam told them that it was part of a ‘giving back to the hood’ scheme he and his ‘organisation’ were trying to implement and that the tacos were for free



Before Sam decided to return the Taco Truck, he still wanted to proceed with his plan. So he headed to the pier to find some La Familia, as they usually love to fish in groups there. Shockingly, there was none in sight. Sam decided to drive along the beach until he spotted one La Familia member whose face he remembered.



Sam offered the man a Taco,informing him that it is on the house due to the ‘Giving Back To The People’ project that More Blood is conducting. The La Familia member jumped at the offer, little did he know what he was getting. 


The La familia requested a taco with extra meat on it, and extra meat was what he was going to get. Without him noticing, Sam switched out the normal taco with a taco filled with the human meat that he carved from the dead La Familia’s body the other day.  


More Blood is a gang that believes in respecting those who show respect. If respect is not shown then, you see what happens...


(( The events that took place in this post happened a while ago and do not represent current in-game situations. ))





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Name: Hope Hamilton

Birth name: Evita DiMaria

Nationality: Argentina/Denmark

Language(s): English, Spanish and Danish

Mother is from Denmark, Father is from Argentina

Date of Birth: 6/NOV/2000

Gender: Female

Eye color: Blue



A stormy day in November the wife of a successful gang leader gave birth to a little girl, her name was Evita DiMaria. Evita grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was 7 years old her mother lost a 2 year long fight to cancer. After the death of her mother her father started to train her hard every day, he taught her to shoot a gun, he taught her to fight and defend herself. He taught her to be a real killer, no feelings, just a silent killing machine. Already at an early age she attended all the gangs businesses, she learned a lot but also saw things normal girls at her age would never see. He knew that one day she would have to take his spot as the leader of BA Bravas. 

At the age of 18 things started to get heated in the gang and people were displeased because of the decisions her father made, he didn’t want to go to war, they said he was getting too old and scared to lead their gang.

On her 19th birthday the gang made a big dinner for Evita. But she didn’t know that this evening would forever change her life. Her uncle stood up to make a toast to her and the gang, everyone lifted their glasses to make the toast. All of a sudden some people pulled their guns and started shooting. She watched her father get shot and within an instant, fall to the ground. she later got away with no harm done to her however, No-one around to accompany her.


She knew that she had to leave the country and she looked for another place to live. She moved to Los Santos where she changed her name to Hope Hamilton so no one could ever find her. She had to let go of her past with only one memory from her past, her mom's old bracelet. She is lost, what is she gonna do now? This is going to be the start of her new life, the life of Hope Hamilton.


After everything Hope had been through, she built big walls around herself, to protect herself from harm. The thought of letting people in scares her, what would happen if she let someone in, would they just leave? She is scared to be loved and scared of what would happen to the people she loved, would anyone ever be able to breach her walls?

After a week in the city Hope got the opportunity to join a new gang called Eastside Ballas, she joined that gang and this is where she met Ryan. Ryan looked after her and helped her with everything, they spent much time together and got a special. Ryan is like a brother to Hope.


Ballas was perfect and fun, it was like a dream until some of the members started to do things they were not supposed to do, which ended up in a situation with Aztecas…….

Ryan and Hope jumped into Ryan's car to drive to the city after a little meeting with the gang. All of a sudden cars started pulling up and yelled at Ryan and Hope to get out of the car and put their hands up. They did as they were told and were held up inside their hq by Aztecas, after a little while they left, giving the gang one last warning and one last chance to get things under control. 



Hope chose to leave the gang and find her own path in the city, still wondering what she wanna do in her life and if she even wanna be in a gang. Being in a gang is all she knows and has ever tried. Maybe she will find her own way of doing things. Hope has not found her call, and yet again she is lost just like when she came to the city.






A New chapter 

After a long time wondering around and not knowing what to do with her life, she finally decided that now it was time for her to find a family. So she started asking around to get to know the different gangs. She talked to her friend Ducky about the gang More Blood, and decided that she wanted to give it a try. The members of More Blood gave her an amazing welcome and she felt like this was where she belonged. 



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Jonathan Wellers

Life after Murdablock was rough for Jonathan. The war with council, although short, left him both financially suffering and alone in the streets. He had no one he could turn to. That was until one of his close friends, [redacted] gave him a call.

"Jonathan." The voice on the other end sounded elated that he had picked up. "Hop on this radio frequency now, we need bodies for a fight thats about to happen." is what was said down his phone. He had no idea who or what they were about to fight, but Jonathan was quick to make his decision. He grabbed his last .50 Pistol out of his safe and put 9 rounds in, shoving 3 more mags in his pockets as he rushed out of the RV he was living in.


Jonathan showed up to the fight as shots were being exchanged. It was council members. They had compromised a drop that had been ordered by an underground organisation.

"Take cover Jonathan!" the radio screamed at him. However, Jonathan was not scared. He rushed forwards, taking shots at the council members. 36 bullets gone. Just like that. Once he was out of bullets however, he was a sitting duck. Although he took down some enemies, the opposing backup was strong, and Micro SMG bullets were sprayed into his chest. He woke up at the hospital in a flash. 

30 minutes after waking up at the hospital with no idea of what had gone on, he received a text from [redacted]. 

"You did well. The boss wants to have a word with you." 

He met up with the man in charge. His name was Ash Volkov. He filled Jonathan in with what had happened at the previous fight, and how their shipment was safely secured. Ash was impressed with Jonathan's bravery, and was willing to give him a shot in the crew.

This crew was heavily disliked by "council". They would compromise each other's shipments and fight at drug labs whenever they could. Months passed as Jonathan settled into this crew. He met numerous people and made countless allies. He was always ready to fight. They did heists on banks and their main objective was simple. Make money while slowing down their opposition. Their opposition was strong however, and help was needed from other gangs.

The crew became close allies with Rafi Leib and his group of friends. The street gang at the time was called More Blood. Little did Jonathan know that he'd soon be joining them.

Purple Line Design Png & Free Purple Line Design.png Transparent Images  #90636 - PNGio


Purple Line Design Png & Free Purple Line Design.png Transparent Images  #90636 - PNGio


Purple Line Design Png & Free Purple Line Design.png Transparent Images  #90636 - PNGio

Jonathan had to leave the city for a while due to personal reasons. He didn't think things would change. He assumed that as soon as he came back into the city, he continue fighting against those hes. However upon landing, he had found out things that shocked him. Close friends of his had been deported, and those who he thought would fight against council decided to join them. Jonathan respected their decision and still to this day considers them to be good friends. But when it comes to fighting enemy gangs, friends become foe, and any personal relationships must be put to the side.

Jonathan drove his car to LSC immediately after he flew in. Driving in, he saw Kane and other members of More Blood. He knew they were fighters, and Jonathan knew them well already. He knew More Blood would be the gang for him when he saw their potential while they helped Ash's crew. Jonathan approached Kane and other members. Jay Russo was also there. He was one of the people he had fought with against council with Ash. He had joined GD in order to help them fight against Triads and Irish. Jay put in a good word for Jonathan along with Jake Wilby and Jonathan was made a Runner for More Blood, skipping the prospect phase.

Jonathan was given the rundown with the current situation in the city. He was told that he'd be fighting alongside with Aztecas, GD and LFM. Jonathan didn't have an issue with this. Those were the gangs that had caused him trouble in the past. He knew they were powerful names in the city. With a smile, Jonathan took down the high command contacts onto his phone, and drove back to his house.

He equipped his Micro SMG, attaching a clip and a scope before putting a mag of 30 bullets in. He put 100 more ammo in his bag in case he needed it. He threw his AK over his shoulder and put his .50 Pistol on his waist. He stared blankly at the TV in his house and thought back to the good days. But if he wanted to get around in this city, he had to move on.

And so he did...





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"Oh how times have changed... You get a different vibe when you now focus on developing your organisation internally. To say I don't reminisce being the underdog is a lie, but the city decided it was no longer More Blood's time - instead, it chose [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]."

Every time someone shouted "war", Ahmed Abraham knew nothing but to swing his assault rifle over his shoulder and tuck that micro in between his hip and jeans. Why wouldn't he? These men in his sights once fought with the goal of turfing More Blood from Los Santos, but they still rose. Countless months of guerrilla warfare against several gangs had only made him hungry for more blood, so you'd think he would sympathise with [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] but that made no sense to him. He had no choice but to fight them and tuck any excuse away, it was his time to make them pay for their cowardly ways. Of course, the feeling of guilt would rush him but a little glance at his brothers would remind him of everything they've been through and what they're fighting for. 


He curls his fingers into a shape resembling 'MB' and shouts

"More Smoke, More Blood, More Blood, the better"

After talking with his fellow higher ups, they agreed that it was time to develop relations where it seemed fit and it was determined among them that while bloodshed is necessary, it does not have to be forced.

To be continued...


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It was a dark and dreary night in the Summer of New York City, close to feeling like the only time you go outside, twelve in the morning. It is the perfect time to go mall shopping, go to the bar and get drunk, or just walking around the whole city having fun with friends. This was the wonderful place Lauren Baker lived, which she did almost every night. She used to get drunk every night with friends. She lived in Nassau County so, she took the train to the city with her friends. The most challenging thing for her was to get home while drunk. When heading to the train station known to be extremely difficult. She was so drunk that she fell on the ground and ran in the street by accident, not even noticing what was going on because she couldn't feel anything. Even though she woke up every day feeling worse just from being always hungover, she loved to do it. 

Lauren had come from 3 years of the military and loved it, but she had suffered very traumatizing events that caused her to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She had experienced many of her close friends in the military deaths in the worst ways and seeing their bodies aftermath. Because of this, it was the reason why she continued to get drunk. It took her mind of these traumatic events. Her idea was that if she goes to sleep, it will be drunk, but it still never worked. Lauren continued to drink because she didn't know another way to deal with it. She hated medication and knew she would never use it, especially for traumatic events as sometimes she needs these events to remember her closest friends and their love for them. One day, Lauren's friends had brought her to meet with a psychologist with no choice.

The psychologist said that "This PTSD is being suppressed due to your drinking. But you hurt yourself by drinking this much. You will start to feel worse and worse over time, and this drinking is not healthy for you, causing alcohol intoxication." After her friends and her hearing this, the friends decided to take a road trip to Florida. They explored all the states heading towards Florida. She had a great time but, her PTSD was triggered significantly but, she never told her friends. She was also experiencing it more and more because her friends didn't take her to bars and stayed up until she fell asleep, so she didn't try to run out and get a drink. When she had finally head back to New York, she went to her house in Nassau County to think about her life and what she wanted to do about it. She decided it was time to move away. She found a great city called Los Santos. She loved everything that was there. She heard about the great opportunities there, such as news agencies, mechanic shops, and even cab companies. She thought these things would be an excellent way for her to start off her life again. So, she got a flight first-class to Los Santos from JFK airport to Los Santos International Airport but, she didn't tell her friends she just left without their knowing. She brought no, luggage because she wanted to start fresh Lauren had a low amount of money, but she was going to be okay. This was a fresh start! 

She landed at LSIA after an 8-hour flight from Delta Airlines. As soon as she arrived in Los Santos, she caught the first shuttle bus and took it to the Los Santos Department of Motor Vehicles. She took the driver's test, passed, and received her driver's license. She had called a taxi to Once arriving there, she withdrawal all her salary and met a wonderful person at the bank name Stela Carter and received a $25,000 check for being new to the city. She was very kind and helped Lauren get her first motorcycle. Once reaching her first bike, Lauren needed to figure out what she wanted to do. She decided that she applied for a sidearms license since she knew the rules of using a gun and how to use the firearms. She was accepted through the government website application and bought the permit from Mission Row Police Station. She was happy to receive this permit. She went to the gun store and received her first firearm in Los Santos, a .50 caliber sidearm. She thought it was a fresh start, and due to her PTSD, she's been through many things and experienced them. She knew that she couldn't continue with a legal job. She knew it was time to live in the shadows of criminals. She knew it would be different, and she felt it would improve her PTSD problems as she would have to contradict the PTSD by attacking others and robbing them. She met a man named Jaiden Santos. They had become best friends, and one day she asked him, "Do you want to rob a store?" His response was, "I'm down as long as we don't get caught." So, that's what they did. They robbed the Bellas Bites store and got away safely and sound with $20,000. She noticed many stores need to be divested to make lots of money, especially when she splitting it with someone. This was her time to figure out the best way to make money. She met someone named Damius Jakori, and she asked him. He had said that the best way to make money was to cook drugs so, that's what she did. She paid $5000 for a recipe for LSD. She cooked this at a drug lab in Sandy Shores above an abandoned general store known as Ace's. She made over 35,000 dollars when she thought it was a lot of money. She worked alongside Damius Jakori, and he invited her to roll with his crew known as Kleptos.


She had lots of fun with this group. They fought every group at the time Misfits, West Coast Assassins, Triads, Zetas. She had lots of fun; they won and lost fights, but they ended up disbanding because everyone left town along with her. It was her time to move on. After a few months, Lauren met someone named Skye Thale, and she spoke to Lauren, asking if she was willing to join a new group. Lauren had questioned her, asking, "What group?" and she said, "It's a surprise!" Lauren was confused and happy, but she went with it, and it turned about to be the West Cost Assassins. Lauren was confused and glad that Skye was trying to give her a chance for a new gang group to take her in. Lauren had become a prospect but ended up getting kicked 3 days in by Anthony Laurie for a false accusation of stealing drugs even though she had never stolen any drugs, and even when they pat her down, nothing was found on her. So, she ended up getting kicked out as a Pre-Prospect of WCA. 


Then, Lauren left town again homeless only with her bike. She needed to take a break and think about herself. After almost a year of thinking, she met someone name Harley and Kate. Harley was secretly apart of the [REDACTED] but just said that she was apart of the Void and Kate, a colleague. Void was said to be a security company, but Harley quickly told me about their illegal parts. They weren't a very legal company. Harley had invited Lauren to join The Void. She had accepted the offer and decided to come to town more often.



Once banks became more open to the public first thing The Void chose to do was rob a Bank. They all met at the Playboy Mansion and decided on a game plan. Once they had agreed on this mission, they got their heavy weaponry. Lauren received an AK from Harley, her first heavy weapon, and they got to it. Once arriving at the bank, they had noticed a Sheriff's Department helicopter the first time so, they went to hide and then came back and attempted to hit Route 68 Bank. It was a challenging task. It ended up backfiring once fighting cops. Lauren and Boga Banks were the only two that made it out of the fight. Many bloodshed and many went to jail, but we learned so much from that experience that the next time we did a bank successfully, the key was to just not fight cops. 


After Harley had made it out of jail from this Bank Heist, she took Lauren to WCA's old hideout, the university, and Lauren to the family, The Rooks. Harley saw Lauren's dedication to the group and thought that she deserved it. Not too long after this had happened, Harley was lost. Lauren was upset but, she continued fighting under Ash Volkov's lead for about 5 months along being allies with another group known as More Blood. Lauren had the most fun she had in a long time. Lauren, just like in Kleptos she fought some of the most significant gangs. She won some and lost some, but it was worth it. While Lauren was in the Rooks, Ash gained her trust and gave her access to his property with his drug lab, and she made hundreds of thousands of dollars from there.


One day she had received some news that Ash Volkov had decided to leave the family and join Irish, a rival group of hours that we had fought many times. The Rooks had started to fall apart but, Mike Laurie and Jay Russo brought it back together they created a combined group with More Blood called NIC known as Ni**as in Charge. It was a group that ended up turning out to ally with Gangster Disciples along with La Familia Michoacana. These three groups were at war with Triads and Irish... Now that NIC was in good standings, they ended disbanding because Mike Laurie and Jay Russo joined GD, but Lauren was able to go with them, not as a GD member, but since Lauren was on good standings with Mike. Gangster Disciples' leader allowed it was well, and she was delighted to fight with them. She had some great fights that she would never forget.

Lauren finally said it was time to settle down. She knew the people in More Blood very well, especially the High Command. One day she sent a text to Kane saying, "I think it's time for me to settle down in a group and not be a free agent anymore." His response was, "You've fought with us for a long time. You are always welcomed into our family." So, one day they met up in Jamestown, and he welcomed him her into the family. She was finally apart of More Blood, a Soldier. She settled down in a happy place and was ready to move on from this. Lauren was ready to continue this war with Triads and Irish attempting to force them to disband.


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