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Add GoodRP/BadRP log to Panel

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6 minutes ago, Devonte said:

+1, i think this is a good idea but it wouldnt be allowed. /goodrp and /badrp is something for the admins to see and i would say helps judge things like ban appeals or decision appeals.


I agree with this sentiment. Past contributions and dedication to providing good RP to players should be considered in such matters.

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+/-1 Let people see their Good RP feedback to encourage positive RP and OOC relationships. Leave Bad RP feedback for staff to read to review a player’s negative contribution to the server and disable notifications for the player when they receive a Bad RP feedback to avoid any ill-feelings mid-scenario. Include time stamp with the Bad RP feedback so that staff can review the interactions had between the players so that feedback is not taken at face value and can be judged without bias upon review if necessary.

Poor RP would definitely not improve as a response of receiving bad feedback for the receiving player’s panel. RP is best improved by positive reinforcement, friendly advice by surrounding players, and following by example. Enable people to see positive feedback.

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