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Firstly I would like to say that I appreciate all of the work that NBDY and the development team have put into this new Phone Update! It's been an update that we have all been waiting for and asking about for such a long time and this update shows that the development team is starting to listen to the community about what we want, which is fantastic!

With that said, I would like to suggest that group chats get added to this new phone. It's a feature that was suggested in the original suggestion thread that I assume inspired this update and I think it was one of the main features that everyone was excited to see in this new update!
Original Thread: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/35569-phone-overhaul/


Now that the phone is a phone that was actually developed by the Eclipse Development team and not just a phone from GitHub, I believe this phone can now be developed and worked on whenever a new addition needs to be added to it, rather than reinventing the phone whenever something new could be added. This means that new features such as group chats should be easier to add to the phone and wouldn't require months of development to add a small feature, which is fantastic!

Group Chats are quite a small addition, but something that is extremely needed. The main group of people who would gain from this addition are Criminals, via sharing new radio frequencies, however I can see lots of people using group chats for more than just sharing frequencies. It can be used to set up meetings, tell people a time and place to arrive, or you could just make a group chat between some friends to talk together.
I think this would add a bigger and beter social part of this server, it would allow people to communicate when they're busy or at work, and would just make the world feel more alive and social.

I don't think this would take much work to develop, seeing as the text threads have already been developed for one on one, just need to make an option to add multiple people to that group thread. I'm sure there are multiple different tutorials online showing how to do this properly.

I think quite a few people were disappointed with the lack of this feature with this new phone update, and I believe this should be added as soon as possible in order to improve quality of life for the whole playerbase.

I'm open to comments with further suggestions and discussions, but I would love for this additition to be given attention to by NBDY and the development team.

If you agree with this suggestion, leave a +1 and any comments you have. I'd love for this discussion to gain traction in order to get the attention of developers.

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+1, But i feel that, the group chats could be made a bit customizable, by saying that i mean, that like in "messager" the owner of the chat could add nick names to the people which would make it a lot harder for rival gangs or people to find out who you are rolling with, Because otherwise, if you get killed by a rival gang member, and he takes pictures of your phones group chat, he could find out all names involved in the gang and numbers which would fuck it up for the rest of them, if he cant find names, he has to go through a more rp process of finding numbers, through other people that you might speculate is involved which would lead to some good RP in my eyes

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+1, was hoping for that and kind of surprised that it was not added. Also like Jose suggested, I think sorting would be a cool feature, either automatic by alphabetical order or manually dragging contacts throughout the list.

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