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*The Lost Motorcycle Club*

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Humble Beginnings

    There's no simple way to explain the history of The Lost MC. It's been put through the worst and come out the other side, time and time again. I suppose the easiest way to get into it would be to explain how it started. The Lost was originally founded in 1964 by eight U.S. Marines who met in Hanoi, North Vietnam. Months and months of fighting the Vietnamese had battle hardened them. Taught them how to use their body to fight the enemy and fight the sub-par conditions in the jungles of Vietnam. They turned into different men over time. No longer waking up to the sounds of screaming wounded soldiers, the ear ringing noise of a M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun being fired fully automatic into a field of burning corpses... Or the rhyme of twin UH-1N Huey helicopters taking off mere yards away from where they sleep. Most would cry and most.. did die. But those eight men grew closer and closer through every battle, through every river of blood, through every tear wept for friends butchered by the enemy.  


New Battle, New Me

    After the war ended, the 8 men banded together in an attempt to reform the brotherhood that they built together in the military. Wanting to continue the thirst for drugs and violence, they formed "The Lost" in honor of all of their friends who had killed in the war but mostly derived from their staff sergeant's name, Abraham Lost. Who died brutally to the hands of an enemy mine. Billy Grey, the fearless leader of the men decided to set up shop in Blaine County, San Andreas. Billy had grown up in the area and was already accustomed to the lack luster life style of a redneck. Fast and free is how they rode. Unstoppable to any entity, above the law and thoroughbred fighters. The local sheriff who was a retired chief of the Los Santos Police Department tried to stop the bunch; many times. Subsequently failing time and time again. This only allowed their numbers to grow and grow as more veterans and common folk joined the brotherhood. The club grew close, no one threatened members of the club because every member was backed up by his brothers who would stand and fight with him until the very end. I suppose you could ask the same question that the Police Department asked: "How do you stop 128 bearded men, riding motorcycles, high on crystal meth and toting guns" Well, I suppose I could save you the time and simply say; You don't. 


Paint It Black

    The club thrived for years and years until law enforcement finally set in. I guess the drugs and drug use finally caught up with them. Countless shootouts occurred, killing more and more club members. Brothers, dying side by side, fighting with law enforcement or other rival clubs. It's a shame. Over time The Lost suffered - as any outlaw club would, losing their Sgt. At Arms Joe Lynne to a shootout with a rival group which a Hispanic MC going by the name "Uptown Riders". Next in line was Angus Martin the clubs leading road captain, being torn to shreds by a vicious firefight with the Los Santos Police Department's SWAT team, who's search warrant was for the wrong house.. However guns and dirty Hispanics weren't the only thing that beat the club up, drug use became an issue with many of the members. Johnny Klebitz, the acting president, became addicted to Methamphetamine. Johnny's Girlfriend, Ashley, also continued to seek out her own addiction, supplementing payments with sex, much to Johnny's Grievance. The club grew smaller and went into hiding. The Lost's primary business in Blaine County became the illegal distribution of firearms and drugs. Transporting them in unmarked vans, construction pickup trucks and air drops around Mt. Chilliad. Smaller but still willing to fight, the club pushed into a new fronts, Construction companies, Automotive repair and a packaging company. 


Dale Mills

   The Lost was finally handed off to Dale Mills, who is currently in the process of rebuilding. Dale, a lack luster gun dealer from Los Santos had family ties to the club, being that his father was one of the first eight. Dale grew up around the club, experienced the lifestyle but eventually left and pushed forward with his own plans. Dale became a high ranking member of The Lost Family, eventually controlling most of their gun distribution among Lost Santos. Dale slipped back into the life, leaving the Lost Family, holding the club until the rightful owner came around. That though, is yet to happen - so The Lost will continue to make history.




+ President - "Boss" of the club and club operations. Makes all of the decisions and choices for the club.

+ Vice President - Second in charge. Will handle most club matters when the President is not around to make decisions. This role should always make sure to enforce the members and rules within the club. Ideally keeping all of the drama away from the President.

+ Road Captain - Will follow direct orders from the President and Vice Pres. This is a member who is chosen to organize rides, handle missions and the ranks below him. He can have his own "Crew" of people that he chooses, which will ride alongside of him and do as he pleases. Will also be in charge of collecting "Club Dues" from members whom are below him. Which are small daily payments from each member. He will keep track of who collected dues and then give them to a Vice Pres. or President. Which will then go into the club treasury.

+ Patched - Member who has passed the initiation process and has been voted into the club, whom now has a say at the table. Which is a meeting with all of the top four ranks and they will vote on club ventures. Becoming a "patched" member allows you to get your top rocker (Club name, IE wear the "Patch") for your "Cut" (Leather jacket/vest). There are also other perks that come with this rank such as: Wearing club tattoos, more trust from ranking members, trust to sell club weapons., ect. This rank WILL show respect to the ranks above him, or he will lose his patch/cut. Becoming a patched member is a big deal and usually comes with celebration.

+ Prospect - Lowest ranking actual club member. This is someone who has been voted in on becoming a member of the MC and has shown great appreciation for the club and respect to the club members. Since it's the lowest rank, they will have to deal with being treated like a piece of shit and hazed by other members. If you pass this period, you can then move up in the club.

+ Hangaround - Someone who has no actual ties to the club, but has shown interest in joining it. They can work with and around the club, but will not be trusted with club information as they are viewed as an everyday civilian and not a member. They cannot wear leather.

+ Friend of The Lost - Exactly what it says. You're a friend, not a member. You may have close ties to someone in the club and may be respected more than some low ranking members, but you cannot decide or handle club matters.




[Brothers Together As One - Circa 2008]


[Ride Together, Die Together - Circa 2009]



[Meet The Locals - 2017]





  • Find Dale - Rides a Deamon with "The Lost MC" stitched on the seat.
  • Stumble into the bar outlying Sandy Shores, near the DOC.
  • Sometimes the chinamen can lead you to the president.
  • Show Loyalty. Show respect. 
  • Ride a motorcycle or be in the process of buying one.
  • We will not baby sit you.




- Must be able to RP reasonably well. This isn't for people who don't understand the outlaw 1%er lifestyle or don't know how to play the game whatsoever. I don't mind helping new players out. But, KNOW HOW TO RP YOUR CHARACTER.

- I don't care if you have a mic or not but be fluent with English

- XP count doesn't matter to me, playing hours doesn't matter, money doesn't matter. I don't care if this is your alt and you have a police character. Nearly everyone is welcome. Be aware that RPly outlaw motorcycle clubs are inherently racist, although black members are still welcome. This club will accept anyone of any nationality or color as long as they are dressed properly, can function as a team properly, respect each other and follow the rest of the guidelines.

- Motorcycle Club members are usually the picture perfect white trash redneck or country folk stereo type, hard working and blue collar.

Discord - https://discord.gg/3Y5taFY






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Hey Dale,


Goudenjaapie here, looks stunning man the jackets and your motor. it was really nice to meet you by the farm. i talk to you soon, i will pm you when i got my license.





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