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The Four Seas Order

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Alright Mr.Frankwunder and Ms.Cheng, are any of you familiar with the Four Seas Order?”

Silence went down inside the room, Ling's sight locked on the floor as she kept torturing her own fingers.  A cup of steaming black coffee was laying on the desk upfront.

Leaning towards her in order to whisper, her attorney, so called Stan Frankwunder, asked Ling if she was part of it. Her response wasn't immediate.

Be honest with me, I want to know as much as I can to use it to our advantage.”

Being forced to choose whether trust him or not, Ling choose the one option that, hopefully, could've caused less harm.
“Yes, I’m part of it”

The detective placed both her hands on the desk, tilting her head on the side like a predator would do looking at its prey, eyes locked on Ling.


 “ So what about the name change?”

Even though the lawyer’s advices kept wandering around her head, Ling felt like someone just made electricity go down her spine, a soft spot was just touched.

Boiling out of anger, she raised her sight on the detective.

“That is MY actual last name.”

Stan cut the question before it went any further.

“You're asking something you have an answer to already.”

Spreading her hands slightly on the desk in what felt as a sign of disappointment, the detective moved onto the next question, keeping the eye contact with Ling.

“I see, Ms Cheng.
How often do you visit the noodle shop near Oceanic MORS?”


At this point, it was starting to become kinda clear the purpose of all the unmarked cruiser that have been seen running around noodle in the past month, keeping an eye on every member.

Before Ling could have had the opportunity to answer, the attorney rushed it ahead, ending up in a rather funny direct back and forth with the detective.

Ling felt reassured, the “kind” detective Quinn didn’t had nothing in her hands to use against her, just few vague questions that seemed not to have a purpose at all.

“I see, interestin that I have a list of names Ms.Zhuo…-sorry, Ms.Cheng’s name is on it, she’s been seen and known to frequent the noodle shop, very fond of Mr.Lau…well, culinary selection.”



Visibly annoyed, Stan took out of his pocket a small piece of paper, starting to write on it few words, before sliding it on the desk with non-chalance.

“Shocking that anyone can write on a piece of paper” 

Quinn seemed to pay no attention to him all throughout the act, until she rapidly reached out for the paper, unfolding it.
Samuel Osborne and Roman Carter as members of Triads could be read on it.

Ling’s expression slowly changed in a sort of smirk. Still handcuffed, she leaned back on the chair, the hands resting on it between her legs.
Full of herself and entertained, she spoke calmy, the sarcasm could be felt in her words. If the detective really wanted some sort of recommendations on the food around the city, that was all she was gonna get.

“I heard that the Ocean’s grocery burgers are the best.”
“I heard similar.
Are you planning to give her a meal plan?”

Stan backed her up, and allegedly annoyed by their words, the detective smiled slightly at them before talking.
“I’ll make sure to include few illegal firearms or maybe an assault rifle in one of them.”
She went on with the accusations.


So close to lose her patience, Ling lean back on the char once again, definitely done with the accusations that were being thrown at her.
Beside from the fact that Ling went regularly to the noodle house, she literally lived one block away, living in the Asian part of the city.
She started talking in half mandarin, her mother language, and half English, all aimed at annoying the detective even further.



Leaving aside any sort of greeting, the interrogation could be finally be considered done, and the flavour of victory could be heard from miles away as Stan Frankwunder and Ling were leaving, heading directly towards the prison’s exit.



Everything needed to be referred to the higher-ups and dealt in the best way possible.
The Four Seas Order wouldn’t hide in the shadow anytime soon.


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--- (Taking out the Trash) ---

(Warning: Graphic descriptions of torture following)


Waking up in the city of Los Santos was never followed by something pleasant. Shootouts, PD at your house door, Heli’s flying above your estate. Never fun. But when you wake up to a text from your brothers-in-arms from Los Zetas, it brings a smirk to your face. Until you read the text and realise it’s about a completely different thing you thought it might be.


Hey Dlugi, can you meet up with us? CC


Surely enough, a meeting was arranged, and High Command from both the Four Seas Order and Goblins showed up to the location without wasting any time.




Names, numbers and greetings were exchanged. The usual friendly meeting quickly turned a bit sour in the mouths of FSO High Command.


One of the Goblins was recently house-raided by the newest FSO Trials. Two names were dropped during the meeting, leaving FSO with no other end result in their mind, but to cut off the fat from the gang. Idea’s were quickly exchanged in the presence of the aforementioned. In the end, Goblins loved our quick response to the issue caused. FSO basically had to re-establish their punishment policy to anyone who thought we were joking.


We said our goodbyes to the Goblins, apologised for the major inconvenience and left, still on good terms.


Everyone was called to meet up at Noodle House. All members showed up without any delay, all were ready to roll out. We packed out all the 4-doors, and moved to a discreet location. We all left our vehicles parked by the docks, hid them around the buildings not to make our presence known to any passer-bys. All lights outside were killed, engines turned off, and everyone headed inside a maintenance room.




A small circle was formed by the present members of FSO. Jerome then took the lead in asking whether anybody was involved in the previously mentioned house raid. Nobody stepped forward. It was only after Jerome said “we know exactly who did it”, that there was a shuffle around the room, with Jaiden taking a hesitant step forward, into the middle of the circle.




Jaiden was quickly asked why he decided to house raid the Goblins, potentially risking to throw all relations FSO had worked on out the window. His response was “I didn’t even take anything from them”. When asked why he shot Goblins, he said it was in self-defence. Self-defence. While being in their own house. He got smacked in the face multiple times with the grip of a .50 for that answer.


The sound of metal slicing the air whipped through the room as Lyosha cracked the captive in the back of the leg with a golf club, sending him straight down to his knees. With the makeshift weapon in his grip Lyosha looked down at his failed recruit, his mind swirling with a variety of emotions, none of them good. 


Teeth gritted and sweat dripping down his forehead there was no further hesitation. The sickening thuds filled the room, each hit of the club caused the Trials who were watching to jump slightly in place. The brutality didn’t end until Lyosha had rendered him unconscious, the lifeless body lying on the dirty floor of the abandoned building. 



As Lyosha pulled back for one last swing Jerome reached out and grabbed the club. He motioned the man to walk away and compose himself as he turned back to the watching recruits. Jerome’s foot stepped down across Jaiden’s hand, his heel twisting into the flesh as the man awoke screaming. 


Shut your fucking mouth unless we speak to you....


The badly and at this point quite unrecognizable face of Jaiden looked up Jerome just in time to catch a swift boot to the ribs, the cracking sound mixing with the wheezed breathing of the man. Jaiden’s hand reached out in agony, his fingernails breaking and tearing away as he tried to grip the cracked concrete floor in desperation. Jerome knelt down, withdrawing the hammer from his side and tapped the concrete beside the bloody fingers.


Was it worth it?


Jaiden’s pain didn’t allow him to formulate words, just noises of agony. A thick pool of blood pooled beneath his mouth on the dirty floor connected by a rope of saliva. Finally he managed…


Kyle had nothing to…


The words were cut off by the sound of the hammer crushing the fingers of the man, the screams wailed and echoed through the building. His other hand reached out to protect himself but this too was met with a devastating blow. Defeat was evident as Jaiden’s head lay down in the coagulated blood only to have Thomas reach down and rip him up by his hair. 


Death isn’t that easy Jaiden… don’t leave us yet.


Thomas’ words sent shivers down the spines of the Trials who were present. His hand reached to his side to withdraw his knife before tracing the tip of the blade across one of the open wounds on Jaiden’s face. 


I want to send you off with something to remember me by…


Thomas whispered these words to Jaiden, the man’s only open eye rolling upwards to look at his aggressor. With the head still raised in his grip Thomas took the blade and sunk it deep into the flesh of Jaiden’s forehead, the skin parting easily beneath the sharp edge. Soon a bloody “T” was formed by the deep cuts, blood now pouring as it splattered across the ground in sickening wet smacks. The Trials whispered between each other only going completely hushed once Thomas turned his attention towards Larry, the newest of the recruits. With that Thomas’ grip released, sending Jaiden’s face to the floor with a gruesome thud. 




Your hammer, Jerome…


Thomas’ hand reached out for the second weapon as he peered back down, the edge of his blade placed down across one thumb of the tortured man. With a single tap of the hammer on the top of the blade the digit was cleanly cut from his hand. Jaiden’s mouth opened, sound though unable to escape. He watched as Thomas pulled his other crushed hand in place and repeated the process, dismembering the thumb as it rolled to a rest right by the first. 


That’s enough…


Jerome tapped Thomas’ shoulder as the man in the white suit stood, a bit annoyed by the splattered blood on his once nice suit. Handing the weapon back to Jerome he stepped away as Lyosha came from the back. The sloshing sound of the petrol inside the jerry can could be heard with each step as Lyosha neared the fallen man. The blue haired Gangster kicked the detached thumbs from in front of him and wasted no time dousing the man with the flammable liquid. Again Jaiden’s hands, what were left of them, clawed into the rough surface as his mouth opened agape. His head rolled from the searing gasoline creeping into his open wounds, pleas were attempted yet no sound would be heard. 


Anyone got a light?


Lyosha turned back to the others as he tossed the empty jerry can to the side, his hand reaching into his front pocket to remove a pack of cigarettes, pulling one free. Jonny reached in his pocket withdrawing a lighter, only lifting it to Lyosha as he was hesitant to speak. Lyosha neared the Trial and stuck the cigarette to his lips as Jonny lit the end, a few drags taken before being blown back in the Recruit’s face. Turning his attention back to the fallen he neared the gasoline covered man, the blood swirling in the puddle of petrol. 


Get your guns ready, boys…


The four ranked members withdrew their weapons and chambered a round as they prepared to send this man into whatever afterlife awaited. Lyosha watched, taking another slow drag as Jaiden looked up to him one last time. Just as the cigarette was flicked from his fingertips into the bloody puddle, igniting it as the trail of fire roared towards the body. The swollen eyes parted once more though it was too late, the blast of heat shot through the room as flames swirled around Jaiden’s body. In an act of pure adrenaline Jaiden pushed up to his knees, his screams he couldn’t muster prior finally escaping as the skin began to sag and fall from his arms and face.


Put this fucker down…


Coming together in a line, Dlugi, Jerome, Lyosha, and Thomas raised their firearms and pointed them directly at the burning figure. The shots rang out, loud enough to make everyone’s ears ring as the chunks of burning flesh ripped from Jaiden’s body. To say it was overkill would be an understatement, the shots not ending until the guns clicked with only empty magazines left. 



After Jaidens body was wrapped up in a dusty old carpet found in a corner of the room their attention turned towards Kyle, who was still sitting inside of the locker. Dlugi went up to the locker and kicked the side of it hard. From inside you could hear Kyle falling over from the shock and impact of Dlugi’s kick. Jerome stepped forward, opened the door and told Kyle to get out. Kyle crawled out of the gasoline drenched locker and stopped after a meter, waiting for any further instructions. The room was silent for a moment before Dlugi told him to sit down in a chair that was placed on the other side of the room.

Kyle slowly moved across the room and sat down on the chair. Dlugi asked Thomas to remove Kyles shoes and to roll up his pants. Kyle's feet were then placed inside a steel bucket filled with water up to his ankles. While this was happening, Jerome went to look for some jumper cables. He found some laying underneath a stack of newspapers dating back to 2002, as he pulled them out, he saw that they were in a very poor state, rusty and barely holding together. Hopefully, they would still be able to get the job done.




Jerome gave the cables to Dlugi who hooked them up to a generator sitting close by. He began pulling the rope to start it up, after a few tries it spat out a small cloud of black smoke and it started. Dlugi took the positive and negative ends of the cables and touched them together to see if they were working. A rain of sparks showered across the room. With cold eyes he looked down on Kyle and said, “This is your chance to tell us what happened”. Kyle looked up at him, visibly confused and stressed and said, “I have told you; I don’t know anything, I wasn’t there!”.

They had heard enough. Thomas and Jerome secured Kyle to the chair by tying a rope around him. Dlugi connected the positive cable to Kyle’s chest before saying, “Last chance, have anything to say.” Kyle shouted out “I have told you I don’t…” But before he could finish Dlugi connected the negative cable to the bucket. A surge of electricity travelled through Kyle's body and he screamed out in pain, shaking violently in his chair, trying to get free from the rope holding him in place. Dlugi disconnected the negative cable from the bucket and looked at Kyle.


Are you ready to talk now?” he asked. Kyle, with his head hanging down and saliva dripping from his mouth muttered weakly “I …don’t know…”. Dlugi had no patience for his lies, once more he placed the negative cable on the bucket letting the electricity flow through Kyle's already torn body.

Feeling like he had been struck by lightning multiple times Kyle felt extremely weak as Dlugi removed the cables from the bucket and his chest. He slumped over, resting on the ropes that held him to the chair, struggling to stay awake. Dlugi, Jerome, Lyosha and Thomas moved a bit to the side to discuss what to do now. They all agreed on to not kill him here but to knock him out and toss him in the ocean. If he was going to survive or not, they left in someone else’s hands.



A gruesome job had been completed. None of the members like what had taken place, but it had to happen. The Four Seas Order cannot and will not let people drag their name into the dirt. The family comes first, and it always will.




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The family was checking labs when we got to Chiliad. While we were clearing the labs there was a man hiding in a bush who popped out and attempted to rob one of the family members, using a knife.

He was quickly put under gunpoint and put on his knees. It was during this time that the family realized this was the same person who had disrespected and harassed one of our members earlier that day. After robbing him they brought him over to Charlie to tell her what he had done.



The first thing he did was deny over and over again that he had done it. But Charlie had the word of 5 of her family members that this was the man. And when they shared that the guy had said to Ling Cheng earlier that day Charlie knew that a message had to be sent.

So someone makes a mistake - okay, you own up to it and apologize and then you move on. But this man here couldn’t be bored to do so. He kept denying it over and over despite the fact that it was confirmed he had done it. No one could disrespect a member of the family without disrespecting the family as a whole. 

The boy’s wanted to throw him off the mountain but Charlie decided she would send him off with a stinging reminder instead.






She gave him one last opportunity to fess up to his misstep but he chose not to take it. One by one she cut his dreads from his head. Dropping them onto the ground in front of him. She did not stop until his head was bald.

Taking off her glove she spat into her palm and gave his bald head one firm slap. She leaned down to look into his eyes and told him to get out of there. She had hoped this memory would live with him for quite some time and prove to him that he needed to be careful who he spoke to with disrespect.



And it seemed it had worked for about 10 minutes. Before they knew it the family found him back in the same bush attempting to attack them yet again this time with no weapon at his disposal. Four Seas Order is nothing if not true to their word. They send him on to meet his maker.

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Chris, Eddie, Conner and Thomas had sent out the invitations to the grand opening of their bar in Paleto. Of course there were many things to do in the city such as labs, cooking, fishing but high importance for FSO was showing face for some of their own. Upon learning the theme, FSO went to the clothing store to make sure everyone was dressed perfectly on theme: the 80s. After everyone was dressed on theme they traveled in one large convoy up north to Paleto where the event was being held.




Upon arrival there was already a crowd and the venue was abuzz with life. The free entry matched with popping music and conversation filling the air made a pleasant atmosphere. FSO came in ready to party with their pockets open to purchase some drinks and settle in. Inside were all manner of folks from all walks of life. Some legal workers, some … less than legal workers. Everyone had a good time dancing on the floor.




Overall the event looked to be a huge success with many people having a great time. There was one fight outside which Chi stepped in to help move away from the property, and one unlucky guy decided he wanted to be disrespectful to the ladies of FSO. But both those matters were quickly dealt with so that the partying could continue. It was important that no one would bring any of that shit to our homie’s doorstep. And to that goal the night was a huge success as well.




While the venue was closing up for the night FSO stood guard on a nearby roof to ensure no funny business came by until the bar was all closed. The group decided how to spend the rest of the day when a text came in to Charlie from Aztecas. They were formally invited to a celebration that Aztecas had thrown together in honor of Mexican Independence Day. It was from one party on to the next. This Friday being a great day for relations and throwing your feet up and having a good time. FSO always had time for a little bit of fun mixed in with all the business.



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(Growing Relations)



Being a criminal in this city is a delicate dance of diplomacy. This usually translates to meetings, meetings, and more meetings. And SURPRISE! More meetings. Those who know the dance well prosper and those who stumble - fall.

On this particular morning Charlie woke up to news that one of her men had been shot at by a member of the Irish. This put a sour taste in her mouth - It had been but a few mere weeks since herself, Dlugi, and Brandon had met to discuss a ceasefire between the two groups and to step forward leaving the bad as water under the bridge. What could this shooting mean? All manner of things - an end to peace, intentions to start back up war. It is easy to let one's mind run off with all the different possibilities but Dlugi Macshea of course put everyone’s minds to rest. 

“Most likely a misunderstanding let me call Stephen”

Just like that the dance of diplomacy began. Before we knew it a meeting with Irish was set up. The probably cause of this shooting being that people had simply not known one another. So a meeting was set so that apologies could be offered, names could be shared, and High Commands could chat and get on the same page. The troops piled into their cars and headed over to the place where the meeting was set to happen. 


Once we arrived we all formed one large circle to exchange names so that everyone would know one another. It was a big hectic but after a bit everyone finally had one another's names. This would help in the future should any confusion arise.


After the names were exchanged Dlugi had Floyd stand forward as he was the one who had been shot by the Irish Member. Stephen likewise had one of the parties at that event step forward and offer apologies. Both parties acknowledged the mistakes that led to that situation and were able to walk away from the discussion feeling better about it.


Once that was handled the High Command stepped aside to discuss the going ons in the city and how each group was faring etc.


Now that there was no threat or need for any escalation as the issue was handled the FSO was able to leave the meeting to go handle something equally important at the Shrine. Two members of the family were being promoted to important Roles. Sneeze was promoted to the Training Team and Purple Crane. Lyosha was promoted to Head Recruiter and Purple Crane. Two trials joined the family and then Tyler was promoted to Green Koi.


Meetings over the FSO returned to their cars and back to Noodle where they would make their plans for the rest of the day. Irish and FSO may not always see eye to eye. They may even butt heads from time to time. But just like any group - the dance of diplomacy is important. For the preservation of your group, the wellbeing of its members, and the longevity of your history. FSO strives to maintain diplomatic relationships as they can - much over war or aggression. As long as groups operated outside of Little Seoul and did not mess with members of the family it was of little consequence to FSO regardless.



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(Party Time)


Where there’s a party, there’s drugs and Los Santos was about to have a big one. With the announcement of Sandchella, a music festival held on the Sandy Shores airfield, Los Santos had its citizens ready to party and forget about the stress of life for a while. The Four Seas Order knew exactly how to take advantage of that and were more than happy to supply some stress relievers. 

Preparing for a big day, Leo visited their favourite citizen of Little Seoul to pick up bags and drug scales. 


With the supplies in the bag of his van, Leo made his way up to his house in Sandy where Ling and Jackson were already working hard on the tables, preparing drugs to be packed up and sold at the festival. 


With their bags filled with weed and ecstasy, they made their way to the festival site.

The crew hid their bags inside the bushes a few meters removed from the event, out of sight from the many cops patrolling the area. Once they made sure that no one could spot their goods, they marched through the dry Sandy Shores heat, past security and into the festival, seeking out their first customers. 


It didn’t take too long for the group to sell their first batch of drugs to the festival goers, who were more than appreciative of the weed and pills. This evening was going to be a fun one.

Not long after, it became apparent that the plan was a total success. The Four Seas Order had seemingly hooked up half of the festival with drugs to last the festival and then some. 


Thomas and Ling met an old friend they had not seen in a while and after a friendly chat to catch up on what all had happened and to explain what brought them to this festival. Thomas knew that his friend had been a lifelong raver and thus offered to sell the last batch of his drugs to him, which he happily accepted. 


Job well done, all the drugs had been sold and so the group met back and headed back to their drug van to count the spoils of the evening. Once the cash was shared within the crew, they decided to head back into the city, capping off a successful day.






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Ever since taking up the Noodle House, the Four Seas Order have steadily been working on making Little Seoul theirs. Fending off petty criminals, protecting local businesses and community outreach - the denizens of this neon-lit neighborhood have certainly made notice of their new neighbors, everyone expressing their gratitude in their own way. 

With their influence rapidly spreading throughout Little Seoul, it was time to get the word out to the rest of the city. Chi and the Pandas came up with an excellent idea and immediately got to work on the first issue of the Little Seoul Times. With the help of the local copy and print shop, they printed out batches to be given out to the rest of Los Santos.

Of course they had a moral duty to make sure everything printed in this newsletter was of the utmost news quality.


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“Just give me a call and we’ll help you out.” Chris had put on his warmest smile and best suit for this day. He shook the internet cafe’s owner’s hand and got back in his trusty Jester Classic. With a sigh of relief, the Golden Panda crossed out another name on his list.


Thomas and he had spent the day cruising through Little Seoul, meeting with business owners and local residents, going over their needs and wants and of course, how the Lau Foundation might be able to help them out. With his background in graphic design, Chris had prepared business cards for himself that were given out at each of these visits. 


“Job almost done.” The two made their way to the Korean Plaza to give out the last of their business cards before calling it a day. A stressful one for sure, but also a rewarding one, as the happiness of those that they protect is a top priority for the Lau Foundation and thus the Four Seas Order.


Crossing the last name of the list, Chris and Thomas headed back to the Noodle House to report back to the rest of the family and relax. They had certainly earned it.


--- Later that day ---

Chris was getting ready for bed when he noticed his phone ringing. 


“What the…”


Who would call him this late? 



Taking another look at the time, he picked up the call, masking his tiredness to the best of his abilities. To his surprise, it was the owner of the local hair salon.


“Kellermann, how can I help?”




“Your brother?”


“Of course…”


“I’m sure we can get something arranged…”




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With the reopening of the “
Lau’s Noodle House” coming closer, the chefs team decided that it was time for some major adjustments.
After gathering up, they went over some typical chinese dishes, preparing them, testing out their own interpretations and finally tasting them. With all that work, the staff was convinced that they had exhausted all the possibilities for a perfect menu.
There it was - the official restaurant menu for the “
Lau’s Noodle House”.


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The sun was setting below the horizon, and as the first lights were starting to poke through the skyscraper’s windows, lighting up the city, the Four Seas Order was getting ready for the Noodle's Grand Opening.

After being done with the usual daily schedule and threw on the white coats, the only sounds that could've been heard inside the building were the ones of the plates being placed on the tables, the screeches of the chairs being dragged on the floor.

The mumbles of those people who were getting ready for the night filled the kitchen.

Chris was anxiously walking back and forth within the room perimeter, right hand running through the white hair, the freshly ironed shirt starting to look wrinkly under the suit's jacket.

"This is gonna be a disaster."



The roaring of the engines flooding into noodle’s parking lot blatantly preannounced the arrival of the guests.

Despite the tensions that within the last weeks had torn apart the road of Los Santos, everyone decided that night to lower their guns and set aside their differences.

Eddie and Dlugi were standing in front of the building’s door, keeping an eye over the crowd that was slowly gathering in front of it.
Only one rule was established beforehand the noodle’s opening:

No guns allowed.

Making sure that this rule was being followed, every guest was searched from head to toe.



Within a couple of minutes, Chris’s nervousness had faded as he saw the number of people taking their seats at the tables ready to enjoy some noodles.

The menus were being handed out by the waiters with a smile on their face, the scent, and the sizzle of the noddles frying in the pan pervaded the dining room. The sound of the ceramics hitting each other could be heard as the tea was being served along with the dishes.

Loud chatter started to fill the room as the guests became more and more comfortable, joyful shouting from one to the other side of the room between the tables.




“I don’t want to ruin all the fun...but there’s an heli flying over us guys.”

The chatter stopped.
The laughs that seconds before were filling the room rapidly became pure noise, a crash of people’s voices shouting over each other to get out of the building.
Even though they didn’t have nothing to fear in the first place, as everyone was allegedly clear.
The Police Department didn’t think the same.



SWAT screams broke up the silence of the night as they were raising up the carbines against all the people flooding out of the building.
Compliant and confused, everyone got on their knees, hands over their head as they glanced around, looking for their own friends.
Mandarin, Spanish and Gaelic shouts started coming out of the gang’s mouths after the first few minutes of overall confusion, united by the hate against the police.



“What’s the reason for this raid?”
“Someone was seen getting inside with a heavy weapon.”

Angry, disappointed by the way they were treated, more than a couple of FSO members raised their tones, giving as much as a hard time they could manage to the officers.
Most of the said members still had their serving gowns on, covered in oil stains, chopsticks still in the pockets.
Left so much in a hurry that Ling left the stove open with a pot of noodles still on top.

How could they be considered dangerous?



Chris looked around, disgusted by the sight of barrels pointed at everybody’s face, some cops even going so far as to mock the kneeling crowd of people.

Pigs on a power trip. It reminded him of why he supported the brave people fighting the system.

“Bring a prison bus.”

Sure enough, just a few minutes later, Chris looked over his shoulder to see people getting loaded into the bus that was to bring them to DoC.

To his surprise, even Dlugi, who had left the scene early enough and came back to speak to one of the Detectives was in one of the seats. Apparently, he was standing too close to the bus, so they decided to just put him inside.



With the police checking the inside and outside of the property, the wait dragged on for everyone. With a sigh of relief, Chris finally got his fingerprints taken and was allowed to leave, along with Eddie and other FSO members that didn’t have to take the trip to DoC.
Those found with anything illegal on them, unfortunately, had to deal with an unlawful assembly charge. No one was really sure what was unlawful about serving your friends a nice hot bowl of noodles.

Bad news came later in the night for the Pandas Eddie and Chris, as Eddie had lost his firearms permit and the two were definitely registered as gang-affiliated now.

Where would this lead Eddie? Where would it lead Chris?

As cheerful as the night started, the course of the events left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths. Disappointed yet undeterred, Chris already started planning for the next opening, after all, the noodles were a hit.


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Jean just woke up, proceeding to go through his daily routine.. Wake up, pick up the phone, check messages, freshen up his face and hop in his car.

He was driving to The Noodle House, where he usually find it's relatives around.
But today was a different day...

No one could be seen around the restaurant so he proceeded to drive to the pier where he knows he can always find someone to chat with.

As he was passing in front of the skatepark, he saw an unusual amount of cars around the area. The typically quiet park was blooming with energy as it was filled with people and bikes hopping all around the place.

He quickly noticed all of his friends cars so it could only mean one thing...


"It's finally happening! The BMX competition!"


Jean parked his car, joined the group and the sight of all the people enjoying themselves sure put a smile on his face.

He had time to enjoy a good Taco from Kentavion, who took the opportunity to bring in some food to everyone around.


Quickly enough, contestants where invited to register themselves and a few brave man put up their honour at stake.

Jean, having no experience of any sort on these kind of bikes, figured it would be better for both his ego and his overall health to keep himself off the competition.


"If you are competing, get in the line!"

Contestants were urged to get ready for the competion.

We could feel the tension and the excitement of each and every one of them as it was their chance to grasp the official title of the best BMX rider around town.




The competition ensued, with a slight breeze of fresh air and a beautiful sunset, we couldn't have wished for better conditions on this very day.




After all the participants put their life on the edge, trying to pull off the best trick that would allow them to stand over the others the jury called for a final, between 3 participants. 

Tyler, Travis and Dlugi were called back in line in front of the half pipe.

The final started and the whole crowd was tense as the contestants were all putting up their last trick up their sleeves to win the title.

Altough... Only one could remain... 

"Dlugi Macshea!"

The name of the BMX king was finally settled.

After the competition, the park was reopen for a freeride session with the public.

To everyone's suprise, even some members of the local police departement hopped on bikes and began to show off their skills.



A little party followed, everyone had the chance to have a chat and a picture of the crowd was taken!


Everyone was then invited for some refreshing noodles at the restaurant, the police officers were also invited so we had to make this one a hit! 

Jean got back to his home, took a quick shower, switched clothes and was ready for assisting in the restaurant. To his suprise, only a few people from the crowd came in the restaurant. He still made sure they had the best service they ever had.

Altough he was expecting much more people, Jean figured some late night noodles aren't everyone's taste and was still satisfied with the clients he had.

The event was a huge hit and Jean is fairly certain someone else truly feels he deserves the crown.

But will anyone ever be able to defeat Dlugi? 



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Part 1

The Blueprint


A lot of planning goes into a bank heist. Stake out your surroundings and plan for any unforeseeable circumstances. 


Jerome has been staking out the Fleeca Bank for a few hours every day for the last week. Getting to know the routines of the employees, money transports and the local police presence, timing and taking notes on the regular daily activities.


Soon enough he had gathered enough intel to continue shaping the plan and start informing the rest of the gang. Meeting up in a hangar of the Los Santos Airport, Jerome went through the plan with everyone, showing the all-black outfit everyone would wear during the heist, as well as the timings and routines he had taken note of. 


The plan was simple: Two scouts, one north, one south. Two people hold up the tellers, one person drills through the safe door. Then of course you gotta pick the security door. After that, everyone just grabs what they can get their hands on. Once one of the scouts calls out cops over the radio, everyone leaves. Practicing the plan, it became apparent that bikes were a better option over cars because of the better ability to scatter and confuse law enforcement.


Once Jerome felt comfortable with everyone’s knowledge of the plan, the team gathered to discuss some final details before leaving the airport and laying low until the right opportunity presented itself.


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A layer of fog was covering the city when the day finally came.
The plan was imprinted in the Four Seas Order’s minds, everybody was conscious of what was ahead of them and their role in the robbery.
The first thing that needed to be done was to make themselves unrecognizable to the police’s eyes, dropping off every hint in both their clothes and vehicles.
Having established a location and time, a multitude of differently colored bikes rolled up, everyone’s face covered by their masks.


Their target was the Fleeca Bank on Great Ocean Highway, that Jerome had been previously scouting.
Once scouts had positioned themselves on the north and south side of the bank, the plan was ready to be executed. The vehicles positioned themselves near the entrance and within seconds, the Four Seas Order had swarmed the inside.


With no cops in sight, everything needed to be done quickly and clean, just like they had practiced before. Connor Cee stepped forward with the drill and went to work on the first safe door.


Just as fast as the bank had filled up, it emptied again, with everyone scrambling to get to their vehicles.  
Scattering into all kinds of directions, the lonely police cruiser decided to chase Larry’s Dominator GTX, Connor with the drill in the passenger seat. Soon enough the two had what felt like half of the Police Department on them.
Disappointed by the unfortunate timing of the random police patrol, the rest of the Four Seas Order regrouped at the vineyard. 


Sometimes plans have to change. 
With Connor and Larry serving as a distraction to law enforcement, they decided to use the opportunity to rob a different bank. 
After all, there was still money to be made and how much could the two banks really differ from each other? 
Making their way to Route 68 as fast as possible, they went with the same approach. Fortunately enough, the store right next to their target had drills in stock.

Clock ticking.

 Scouts set up outside and the crew went inside, again drilling through the safe doors. This time the police weren’t as nosy, giving the team more than enough time.


Stuffing their bags, they left no safe unchecked. Complete silence until suddenly: “I hear sirens.” Coming from the dirt roads, the cops finally found the time to check out what was happening at the bank. Too slow. The heist team was already gone.
Once everything had cooled off, the Order regrouped to count the spoils and celebrate.


Larry and Connor’s sacrifice was not in vain after all, with a lot of members already wanting to plan the next heist.



Thanks to William Roy for putting together this awesome vid!

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(Harsh Reality)

They arrived at a location, where no one could see or hear them. The one man, taking the victim out of the trunk and slamming him upright next to a metal beam, the other two men, taking a rope, tying the arms of the unconscious body firmly around it.
With a splash of water in his face, the man had awakened.
“You have changed. You are a
fool, you are a failure. You are trash, waste. You are nothing. Look at you! You failed. You failed in life, you failed me.”
You could hear the disappointment in his voice, you could feel the pain. You could see a man suffering, a man not wanting to lose. You could see the void in the cold and shocked face of the man - he didn’t want to let go. He wants to save him - he wants to save his family.
“I dragged you out of this
shithole. I helped you to become the person you are, the person you were. I gave you family, I gave you a meaning in life. I was there for you and you have nothing better to do than to throw away everything? Everything you have worked for? Everything you have cared for?.”

“You never even asked me how I do. You never even texted me once and yet you expect me to be happy? Yet you expect me to be myself, Th-”
The pistol whip that he received, made Quentin relive his past of former glory.
Manager at DCC and Weazel, Real Estate Agency, Co-Owner of a gun store - he lived the life that some people could only dream of. The bigger you are, the harder you fall.

“Shut the fuck up! Did I allow you to talk?”
Thomas glanced to his side to see Edward Bronson and Connor Cee silently observing the spectacle. Overcome with emotions himself Edward decided to speak to Quentin.

“This man gave you everything and you decide to throw it away? Me and Connor owe you, Quentin. We don’t have to do it that way. Right now, your life depends on us. We could simply end it right here, it would make this whole thing a lot easier for us. And yet we are here, giving you a second chance. A chance to change your life from this shithole.”


Quentin, whose body must have been 80% drugs at this point, worked up the power to respond.
“Th- Thomas. All this time I have been working. All my life I tried to show my full
potential just to get disrespected by everyone on my way. I have had enough of this shit, I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to anymore, it’s enough.”
With tears dropping down his face, Thomas lifted up his pistol with his right hand, lifting up Quentin's chin with the other. He puts the barrel into his mouth.

“Listen. Everyone
hated you, they wanted you to get out of this shitshow of a job. I was there to give you a new life in FSO, I was there to help you. Yet you decided to throw it away, look at you know. We sell this shit Quentin, we sell this to human trash, from which we can profit off. People, who have absolutely nothing - that’s easy money.
You aren’t any different from them right now, you are
trash, humiliating. You aren’t you - I could end it all right here, right now. You have two options, no in between:

1. You are going to change. You drop all this bullshit. You stop taking drugs, you stop killing yourself each day over and over again.

2. You die a lonely death, without anyone caring for you. Take all the drugs you want, I don’t even need to pull the trigger, you will die out eventually, without any meaning in life.

Thomas pulls out the barrel of his gun, looking over to Edward and Connor and back to the lifeless body of what Quentin has become.

Quentin looks into the faces of his friends, barely avoiding eye contact, before he mumbles
Number One.
He could only look on as Edward threw away his bags filled with drugs into the nearby river. 


“Cut him loose.”

Edward, Connor and Thomas got in the car, leaving Quentin and his thoughts behind them.

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