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Paul Gelfand [Bio]

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Paul Gelfand was born on 12 december 1990 in Grapeseed, San Andreas. 

His father, Valentine Gelfand, is from secular jewish descent and was then a farmer in Blaine County. Gelfand family had one of the biggest farm in the county. Paul Gelfand's mother is Laila Gelfand (née Eustace) worked in Sandy Shores Medical Center as a therapist. In 2008, Valentine Gelfand sold his farm in Blaine County and moved to Liberty City with his wife. Paul's parents decided to run real estate business in Liberty City,  Valentine's relatives have connections with Mori Kibbutz who is businessman in Broker, LC. 

Paul Gelfand attended Paleto Bay Community College in Blaine County. He wasn't a good student, and rarely had good marks.

In 2008, Paul Gelfand had graduated from the college and he decided to join the U.S. Marine Corp. 



Service in USMC



In 2008, Paul Gelfand passed ASVAB test and showed good physical results. Paul was sent to a boot camp in Fort Zancudo, SA. Training took 13 weeks, followed by three weeks of Marine Combat Training. A typical training day for Paul began with reveille at 5:00 a.m., continued with drill, physical training, and several classes in weapons and conduct, and ended with taps 9:00 p.m.

After graduating ceremony, Paul Gelfand was sent to his first tour of duty in Afghanistan. Paul arrived to Baghram Air Base, Afghanistan at 1500, 13/SEP/2008. 

The new U.S President, that was elected couple month ago by that time, began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. The situation in the country was heating up, because local terrorist cells felt more freedom of action. Because of that Paul took part in many skirmishes that happened in Afghanistan in 2008. He showed himself as a good marksman and was adviced to join a sniper team. 

In November 2009, Paul Gelfand had decided to become a scout sniper and went scout sniper course at Marine Corps Base Quantico.

In January 2010, Paul Gelfand had joined the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and was sent back to Afghanistan as a sniper. Upon his coming back, situation in the country was severely. Afghanistan's cities suffered every day terrorist attacks. Almost half of the country wasn't under government control.

The 1st Recon Bn were deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2010 where they produced 300+ enemy KIA, did not lose a single man in their seven-month deployment and was regarded as "The deadliest battalion in Afghanistan". Paul Gelfand saved two soldiers' lives from his platoon while covering allies from a hill. When the platoon stepped back, two allies soldiers was surrounded by enemies. Paul shot a enemy car's fuel tank and explosion distracted the attention of the enemies. This helped well so the soldiers managed to escape the enemy's ambush.

In 2012, Paul Gelfand promoted to Sergeant and he continued his service in 1st Recon Bn.



Life after the USMC

In 2016, Paul Gelfand was discharged from the military honorably. After military service, Paul visited his parents in Liberty City after 12 years. In meantime he was exploring new city for opportunities. Paul had changed 5 jobs in 3 years while living in Liberty City.

In 2019, Paul Gelfand decided to return to his hometown in San Andreas.


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