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I have played on ECRP since 2018 and since then I have seen endless amounts of player inventory development. Which has all been for the better, However, I believe the inventory system lacks some fundamental user friendly functions. Hence why I am making this thread today. I Believe the inventory system should have the ability Hold Shift and Click items into another inventory. This creates a much easier method for transporting items from your main inventory to a bag, for example. This would stop the need for players to have to drag and drop 18 items from their player inventory to a bag, briefcase, crate or safe. 

How it should work:
1. You MUST be looking inside a storage (eg. Bag, Briefcase, Safe, Stash) 

2. Go to the item you want to transfer to a storage (eg Player Inventory > Storage or Storage > Player Inventory)

3. Hold SHIFT and click the item. 

4. The Item should transfer from the Inventory to the storage or vice versa, filling the inventory slots from the top line, chronologically. 

If you agree with me, Please LIKE the post and drop a +1

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huge +1. the current inventory drag and drop feels so clunky and not really natural. even a right click -> move/take would be fantastic. we also have that bug where if you drag many things between inventory and storage, it will sometimes clip and the item will temporarily disappear out of your UI, till you re-open the bag or click another UI element.

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