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Changes in Phone  

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  1. 1. Do we need group messages and Broadcast messages?

    • Yes! we need group message to talk on confidential information and broadcast message to instruct my group or share new radio frequency
    • No! I am good with finding and texting one single message to every one personally in my group
  2. 2. Do you need Weazel News App?

    • Yes! I miss many information like contact details, especially when I am offline or when I am in middle of an active RP.
    • No! Got fast computer to switch to discord and search there, even if it is in html format and non attractive.
  3. 3. Do we need our bank statement?

    • Yes! We need to see how much did we make and from where and how much we spent where. I need to track my expenditure to cut them and make more profit
    • No! I am good without statements, if I will need to know my profits and expenditure then I will write it down on a piece of paper and do some maths.

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There are lot of changes required for phone, sometimes it gets really haptic to call emergency as you need to toggle your phone off using mouse and then pressing T to open chat and then enter command.
It will be lot easier to just add phone toggle button. Like:
pressing 'P' phone pop-up/recede in screen
- pressing 'O' talk over phone.
- pressing 'T' working even phone is popped up over screen

Along with this there are many more things that can be change in Phone. Those are:

There are group/gangs/faction in game. They contact over radio in group. But there are some confidential messages which are just send via personal message, but sending 10-30 people same message is haptic for the leader or a person sending information. Cause in radio when you say something other person near your proximity can hear that and it will let others know what you are talking so, group messages and broadcast messages are 2 things:
Group messages: A person add contacts in group and name it. People can chat there. Share confidential messages.
Broadcast messages: A person make broadcast list and name it, where he can send the message and it will deliver to everyone in that list and if someone reply then that message will go to the owner of that list.

Just like one can search contacts it will also be great if people can sort their contacts and even messages are sorted like recent contacts.
- Contacts by name a to z, not by time and date when it was added
- Messages by recent time and date, not by whom a person texted first.
- Unread Message should show first (and in bold) according to time and date, which is recent (there is a bug, 2-3 messages are shown from a person)

- Weazel News: Employee adding/removing post (or removed after a week) in that app under categories like: Events, News, Apartment, Vehicle, Offer, Stores, Ammu-Nation, Buying, Selling, Renting, etc.

There should be a message section where all our bank messages are sent, like, how much has been withdrawn, how much has been deposited, how much is transferred, how much tax payed and how much salary taken out. We cannot reply to those messages. If notification for bank actions are made then Bank Account Statement can also be made and it can be access through Bank App.

As per recommended in below topic: It can make people see their notification from over mini map. It will also not show in chat making it cleaner. Like sometimes there are many Weazel News messages and INFO in chat, which interrupt messages or commands or roleplay commands or radio.



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