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Not even sure if this was already suggested or not or if this is the right section.

This suggestion would go well with these 2:


There's a lack of animals on the server and animal hunting is boring as hell and too risky, same goes for farming crops and I have always wanted to interact with animals, not just use them as pets.

This place would be the best for this: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Grapeseed_Cow_Farm, there are more places on the map.

GTA doesn't have a big variety of animals, but these ones should be enough:




Sorry for not explaining how it should work because I have no idea as I have never in my life been on a farm/worked with animals. They can be a good production for meet where trucks could go there, collect what farmers have made and deliver them to properties.

It should also pay a lot since the properties are going to be in need and rely on them + a reward for the time the farmers are going to put into it.

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Like farming.

  1. Start farm,
  2. Raise animal,
  3. Feed / Tend animals as they grow,
  4. Kill off predators (that may spawn outside the farm),
  5. Harvest animals ( slaughter or gather could work )

Or, just become a farmhand to an already existing farm. This one seems very simple and easily possible.

  1. Get hired,
  2. Get random 'task'
    • Feed
    • Clean
    • Water
    • Nurture
    • Harvest (eggs, milk, meat)
    • Transport (grab an animal, carry / guide it to another location)
    • Butchery (hand off an animal to a butcher assigned to the farm.)
  3. Do task.
  4. Get paid.
  5. Repeat.

Would be great to have your own farm via /pets that you could get tend and harvest milk, eggs and meat from also per timer.

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