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After recruiting a few more members and talking to the people around Los Santos, members of Underground met up at their newly found HQ to finally set up their first night of pay-in racing, collecting money from the buy-ins and the rest going to the winner


After the meeting took place and the track was decided, everyone loaded up in their cars and headed up the highway towards the grapeseed track. After a quick introduction, Baxter gathered everyone around and went over some of the rules of the night such as how money was going to be handled and to keep all the races clean, no ramming or off-road shortcuts.



After a few races, nearby sheriffs started getting wind of the races and sent a helicopter to come check out the area, so we put on one last good show for them before deciding to head out to a new location.


Everyone reconvened at the most well-known track in Los Santos: Observatory. They ran quite a few races for both money and pride. While in between races, members of Underground got to interact with a lot more people including some members of a local car group, Burnout Nation, who were there to look at cars and hang out.


At the end of a very successful night, Underground had finally begun collecting money into the crew and got to get its name out about setting up events for everyone to meet up. They gathered names of people who would be interested in doing more paid-in races and headed out, ready to set up the next night of racing.


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It was the eve of Matt and Niki's wedding, and Baxter, being one of Matt's groomsmen, wanted to make it a memorable night for Matt. He had a plan that safely combined a staple of bachelor parties - BOOZE! - with his and Matt's biggest interest - cars. He would get 4 stock Warreners, fit them with roll cages and race seats, and host races in tracks relatively off the beaten path. Low End was frustratingly lacking in Warreners at the time, as were Atomic and Motorsport... Thankfully, Heavyflow had exactly 4 at the time. 


He might have decided to get cute with other upgrades while he was hauling them back and forth from LSC...

With the help of Tommy, Baxter hauled the Warreners out to Garbage and hid them down on the beach for the hour leading up to the get-together.


When it was time, Baxter met up with Matt, blindfolded him, and drove him to Garbage to reveal the surprise. As you'd expect, Matt was extremely skeptical of the idea, thinking it would be lame. But once the booze started flowing, the inhibitions were lowered and the fun was on! The streets were clear, the seatbelts were on, and the green flag waving! The fun was short-lived however, as after a couple laps the cars were in dire need of repair (much as you'd expect...). A mechanic was called, and Niki decided to ride along with the mechanic from LSC. They pulled up in the middle of the filler entertainment that Tommy called in while the cars were being repaired, and well...

(In case the video is removed by youtube for copyright: https://streamable.com/5a5gnc)

So the night ended a little early, but fun was had, Baxter still owns the cars, and with proper planning and advertising they could become quite the attraction for Underground, both internally and externally!

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