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La Nostra Famiglia

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Joey Scadaducci




Joey Scadaducci was born in Sicily, Italy in March of 1995. Quickly after his birth, Joey’s family fled Italy to the United States to avoid prosecution for crimes relating to the Sicilian Mafia. Once arriving in the city of Chicago, the Scadaducci family got right to blending in, as they already had ties to the mob within the new city. This led to Joey growing up with a life filled with crime. By the time he was in elementary school, Joey had already had his fair share of petty theft. Once out of highschool he was used to carrying and selling guns, and running the drug market throughout his southside neighborhood. But this ultimately brought him to his downfall. At the age of 25, Joey caught wind of the feds planning a huge raid on his home and several local stash houses. This meant getting out. He quickly packed his bags and booked a flight to the only place he knew that would fit him: San Andreas.



While at the airport, Joey was hit with the first instance of something he can only call fate. He saw an old friend from the neighborhood, Christopher VanHyse. They spoke over drinks at the airport bar for hours, helping ease Joey’s mind from the stress looming over him. Then came the time to board his plane, so the two said their goodbyes, never expecting to see each other again. To both their surprise, the two had neighboring seats on the same plane to San Andreas. This gave Joey an idea. As the two had been close in the past, it was ideal that they stick together in the unfamiliar city. Joey could see the reluctance in Chris’ eyes, but after the two hour flight, he agreed to the proposition.




Once their plane touched down in the city of Los Santos the two had no clue where to begin. After speaking to some more established locals Joey and Chris started their freelance work around the city. From farming, to mining, to fishing, to oiling, nothing was making the cut. It had been a week in this state and the pair had yet to make any connections.



But one day Joey awoke to a frantic phone call from Chris. He spoke of a man he met by the name of Jace Bianchi and insisted that they meet in person to discuss. Once together, Chris explained to Joey that Jace was looking to start a family just like the one he was used to being a part of, and he had the connections to further their careers in the city, given they play their role. After a couple of days, Jace sent the location and was ready to meet. Joey and Chris were joined by two friends they had made in the city, Sam TyDavis and Negan Wesker Luciano, who were also interested in the family. The four arrived at the location and walked up the stairs to be greeted by three individuals. They would all make note of their names: Jace Bianchi, Leah Lennox, and George Rossetti. Jace began the story of the family and what he imagined it becoming. The men listened with all ears and expressed their interest and desire for the same dreams. But it would not come easy. Jace gave each of the men a task to do and a time to complete it within, but they were not worried, this is what they lived to do...

To be continued...

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Mitchell Higgins, 33, an ex-farmer from Liberty city. After the downfall of his family business, he became estranged from his wife and decided to sell the lands and start a new life in Los Santos. A well-meaning character, Mitchell opted to earn a living through civilian life, and was interested in the transport sector. Through working freelance with his friends Stef and Tek, he was able to save enough money to buy a truck, earning additional income in the mining sector.



One day, Stef mentioned he was going farming with his new collective, and Mitch joined along. One meeting with the family later secured Mitch’s interest, and he was a prospect



Ending up in jail, and eventually prison, confirmed his transition to criminal life



He took classes on city smarts, made missions with the family




And also met a few other collectives through a friendly BBQ get-together at the HQ



Now he is a Soldato, bled into the family




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Stefano Pilati

Stefano Pilati

Stefano Pilati is an Italian man born in Naples, Italy of the year 1993, July. He grew up in a bad household and was forced to look for friendship to distract him from the pain and disappointment his family has brought to him. He found himself in the wrong crowd at the age of fourteen and it led him into the world of violence and drugs. He ran with a small gang and ran drugs throughout the streets of Naples until one evening of the year 2012 he was caught in the act and served years in prison, an event that would always scar Stefano. He moved to Los Santos right after serving his time in prison to try bettering his life. Although he had no idea what was on the other side, he was ready for everything and anything that set foot on his path.



He thought his life would change for good, for the beginning of his time there, it did in fact change but not in the way he hoped. Stefano was in a rough spot, he had no money after his flight, he couldn’t afford food or water, he was definitely struggling. No jobs would hire Stefano, but he did get some quick money from the freelance jobs around the city,starting at Post Op and moving on to farming. Even with this. he made barely enough money for the food and mandatory resources to get him through his daily life.


Of all his days in Los Santos so far, there was one that stood out from the others. It was just a casual day with a buddy that moved with him. As they were scavenging the streets on foot, seeing as that was their only type of transportation, two men in a black car with purple pearlescent passed by then quickly backed up. This was for sure going to lead to them being robbed, mugged, something of the sort because that’s just how the city is, but no, it was Christopher Vanhyse and Joey Scadaducci, they drove us to the back of a alleyway and told us about La Nostra Famigla and asked if we were interested, we told them yes, and that's where everything started for Stefano.




After a while of running with La Nostra as a Prospettiva, Stefano did various things to increase his reputation with the members within. Stefano has finally gained enough experience and reputation to become a Soldato this past Sunday, no one knows what will happen next for him, but his story will continue..

His first order of business as a Soldato of the family was to wear his official tie and celebrate their first gathering.



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Sam TyDavis


     Sam TyDavis, grew up in a packed 2-bedroom apartment in New York, along with his two siblings(He has 3) and his single mother. Sam is the youngest of the 4 children. Growing up, Sam was always pushed to do his best and be one of the best in his class. He Maintained the label as one of the top students till Junior Year of High School, all the pressure he was given caved in on him and left him stressed. He then slowly started hanging out with a bad group of friends, and started trapping. Him and his friends were known all over New York as "the plugs", selling weed to almost every borough. As time went on so did his name, He had people that loved him all over New York, but he also had people that despised him and envied what he had. Since he had people out for him, he had to level up his Inventory and Sam TyDavis began to sell and stock up on Illegal weapons. All was good until one day when one of his shipments came in and he was set up, one of his "brothers" hated the fact that he was doing better than him and called 12 to be there at one of his pickups.

    So there he was, in the back of an NYPD cruiser being told that he was arrested for the possession of illegal fire arms. He was given 5 years to serve on Ryker's Island. Overtime Sam thought over what his life has become and hated himself for it. He kept the mindset that when he got out of prison that he would turn his life around and move to Los Santos, a city that one could dream of living in. So once his Five Years were up, Sam Headed to Los Santos dreaming for a Fresh Start at life.....

The Story of The Skulls

 Once in Los Santos, Sam started to meet some new people, one of those people being a man named Michael Braddox. Michael Informed Sam about a gang he was starting, The Skulls. Sam grew interest in the gang and believed that, that organization was where he belonged. He thought this for a while until he met a man named Christopher Vanhyse. At first, Sam didn't know how important Christopher would be to him, He merely thought that Christopher was an average Gun Dealer trying to hustle his way in Los Santos. Once spending time with Christopher, Sam realized that Christopher was actually a very genuine and honorable man that he could see him self spending time with.  As Sam and Chris Spent more and more time together, Christopher came to Sam with a very bold proposal.  This proposal suggested that Chris and Sam both take the risk of becoming Prospettivas for a new Organization by the name of La Nostra Famiglia, lead by a man named Jace Bianci.  This meant Sam would leave everything behind, including the Skulls. After more time with Chris and deep thought, he had made the decision that he deemed best for him.  Sam then went on and left the Skulls, which left Michael very angry and Envious because Sam was one of Michael's best Men. Michael promised Sam that he would be killed the next time they made contact. Sam then informed Jace that his life had been threatened and in the blink of an eye Jace Bianci had a countless number of men help set up the Skulls at the Vinewood bowl. Once Sam had seen the way that Jace handled the Skulls, he knew that he had made the right choice with Chris. 

Prospettiva Phase


      After some meetings with Jace and other Prospettivas, Sam was given a few tasks and was put in a 2 month trial to see if he was worthy enough to be in the family. Sam's Tasks were to find and chop two specific cars, a Warrener (any color but white) and a Panto. Although the tasks were some what hard, Sam had got them done.

dHS2uIG.jpg f5FkF1f.jpg

Bled Into The Family


         So there Sam was, lined up with the other Prospettivas facing the Family. Leah approached them with a knife that read, "Sangue Versato Da Questi Legarri Per Sempre".  She then Proceeded to cut the palm of each Prospettiva individually and then wrapped their hands with a yellow tie. Every prospettiva received a yellow tie except for one, Christopher was given a striped tie, he was moved straight to the Tenente Phase. Everyone was assigned a sector, Sam was given the Furto Sector, meaning that he would specialize in Petty Theft and Robbery.

This is only the beginning to Sam's story. More is yet to come...

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Pt 2: The meeting with Lost MC and a deal neither side could refuse.

The meeting went better than expected with Lost MC, and it was time to move onto the next phase. Jace was spending time discussing future endeavors with Leah Lennox and Negan Luciano when he received a phone call. 
The familiar voice of Ralph came through the line. "Jace, docks. 15 minutes." He knew that his order was arriving, and he looked at the Madrina and one of his Soldatos before telling them to get in their vehicles and follow him. He called over radio to turn phones off, as this was definitely not something that
Jace wanted Los Santos' finest to get wind of.  They arrived ahead of schedule at the docks and waited. That's when the big cargo ship pulled in, and he knew what had arrived. 



The shipment arrived at last, and Jace looked to Leah and Negan before pulling out. First thing he needed to do was store the vehicle and make some phone calls. After talking to several people, he called Stephen who put him in touch with Eoghan Macc, a respected member of Daichead Gadai, and a very good mechanic. Stephen told Jace that Eoghan could do anything to any car he could dream of. His number was passed, and a few hours later, Jace received a text. After formalities were out of the way, Eoghan told Jace to meet him at an old mechanic shop underneath the bridge. There he'd find a green Komoda waiting for him. 


Everyone got out of their vehicles, and introductions were made. Jace told Eoghan exactly what he needed done to the car. Eoghan nodded his head, but he knew it would be a lot of work to do. The vehicles were pulled into the garage, and out of sight of any of the police who might have been lurking in the area.
So they got to work, and Jace made sure everything went without any problems. He had big plans for this vehicle, and he needed big modifications. Stephen assured Jace that Eoghan was the man for the job, and we were all about to find out. Jace closed the door to the garage, and they got to work. 


The vehicle was finally finished, and Jace was thrilled with what he saw. He went into the back of his Surano, and grabbed a bag of cash out of the back of it. He handed the duffle bag to Eoghan and thanked him for his services. Eoghan seemed shocked at this action. 
"If you take care of the mafia, the mafia takes care of you." Is what Jace had told him, and then assured him we'd be in touch with more work for him soon. Everyone got in their vehicles and parted ways. 

The family took their small convoy of vehicles and met at one of Jace's secluded houses. There he pulled the Rumpo into the garage and closed the door, knowing he'd need it within the next few months.


((The following images are the RP that was done to modify the Rumpo. I decided to put it at the end because it is quite lengthy, but it is definitely a good read!))

unknown.png                                                                       unknown.png

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The Story of Our First Capturing

This story starts when Christopher and Joey were on their way to mine oil for a few extra dollars. On their way to the oil mines they were stopping at Ocean Grocery to grab pickaxes and drinks when they ran into a friend of an Enemy by the name of Montag. The person who they both shared a connection with went by the name of Charlotte Valmonte. Christopher started by asking how Montag's relationship with Charlotte has been going since they haven't spoken in months. Montag proceeded to express his deep disliking to Charlotte and her antics and this is when Christopher's and Montag's friendship had begun through Mutual Enemies. This story truly started to unfold when Christopher, Joey, and Sam were all at the bank collecting their paychecks from the previous days of work. When coincidentally, Montag had been there as well conversing with Charlotte. This is when Charlotte threw a punch towards Montag's friend then proceeded to get in her car and smash into Montags car while driving off. Seeing this, Christopher, Sam and Joey jumped into action chasing Charlotte to question her motives for attacking their friends. In this process Charlotte rammed her car into Christopher's beautiful sports car and her actions weren’t going to be simply let go without conseqeunce. Jace, Leah and a few other members of the family witnessed this and had the same feelings on how the situation should be handled, and so it was. This insinuated a fairly long passive chase while the family tried to avoid any conflict with the police while also trying to capture Charlotte. Patience most definitely showed to be useful in this situation and there wasn’t anything that was going to stop the family from getting their target. After many attempts to try to alert police of the danger she had just put herself in Charlotte was scooped up by the family and had been put into the back of Jace's Komoda with a gun jabbed into her ribcage to ensure no funny business was being done. After a few minutes of driving around to try and disperse any heat the Family had on them, Charlotte was taken to a remote location where no one would hear her screams of agony from what the family was about to inflict. 


The Torturing

So once everyone had been settled in and ready to have their fun with Charlotte, Jace went into a backroom and grab a bag filled with all sorts of tools that would enhance the quality of the torture scene. This consisted of  Blow torches, Saws, Knifes, Power tools and many more. Jace and Leah simply wanted to send a clear message so a Sharp Butchers knife was the weapon of choice for the both of them. Only thing left to decide is where they wanted to inflict their punishment on Charlotte. Since the whole scene started in vehicles, Jace and Leah were going to make sure Charlotte wouldn’t be driving for a long time.


 So they had their way slicing Charlotte’s legs up taking chunks of flesh out of her right thigh. It was a gruesome scene to most but not Jace and Leah whom both were smiling ear to ear as they stripped the flesh off Charlotte's leg, Leah even taking off Charlotte's hair putting some in a baggie as a “Little Souvenir”. 


Photo Credits @SaintSaitta

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Training The Prospettivas

        So as time went on Christopher Vanhyse and Sam TyDavis brought in more people that the deemed worthy enough to join the Family. Before the men are able to be part of the Family they had to learn a thing or two.


       At the time they were unsure about how ready the men were in action, so Chris and Sam decided to give the group of Prospettivas a class to teach the men how to properly steal a car and to observe how well they work. For the class, Sam and Chris took the men to a remote location in the hills, The Two set a car out back of the building as a prop car to give the Prospettivas a demonstration and for them to also practice on.


        Christopher and Sam ensured that before they left, every Prospettiva knew their way around stealing a vehicle....

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Learning the Ropes

As the Family started to grow more and more and began making themselves more known around the city Jace had to prepare for the inevitable future of leading a criminal organization, Conflict. This meant he had to get his guys into the best shape for gunfights possible. He started with teaching everyone how to properly handle and clean a firearm.




The Class Started simple with a pump shotgun Jace dove deep into the mechanics of the firearm and how to safely clear the chamber and then take the gun apart piece by piece to assure the weapon would be thoroughly cleaned. After demonstrating Jace let everyone practice cleaning their own shotguns in the living room for roughly ten or so minutes. After everyone had a clear understanding of how to clean the shotgun Jace moved onto a more Complex Weapon, an MP5. The MP5 was by far more mechanically advanced then the shotgun due to its ability of shooting rounds fully automatically. Learning how to take apart and clean the MP5 was very time consuming so everyone just observed closely and didn’t get the chance to practice much taking apart the MP5 but They sure will have the opportunity soon.


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The Family You’ll Never Forget


Back Story 

This story's timeline began 2 hours prior to the major Incident. Soldato Barker was in prison when he met an unpleasant individual named Luke Nelson. Luke was a troublemaker, at the very least. He thought his actions would have no effect on him outside of the prison. Luke and Barker spoke inside the walls of the prison about which Organizations they took part in. Barker told Luke the family name. Luke’s response was to laugh and say “La Nostra Famiglia sounds like some Italian bullshit.” Barker warned the man of his words and who he was speaking to. Luke paid no mind to the advice Barker was trying to generously give him. This led to a physical altercation involving the two men. With everything said and done Barker told Luke that he would see him on the outside and there weren't going to be any guards to protect him this time Luke laughed it off thinking his actions would go unnoticed and he would remain untouched. 


An Accidental Catch

  After Barker was Released from Prison Barker, Christopher, Sam, and Treyvon Along with some new prospettivas by the names of JJ Trigger, Domonic Maxwell, and Alex Bohac decided they all wanted to pay a visit to a few of the local drug labs around the city. Their first target. Sea Lab, a very open space susceptible to ambushes. But they were ready for anything thrown at them. With the amount of people they had They were a hard force to stop. Christopher scouted the lab from a safe distance noticing a lone truck in the middle of the lab. This was their opportunity to come up on some quick assets. So they swarmed down the hill surrounding the truck and it’s occupants. The truck had a single person in it Christopher Ordered him out of the truck. Under gun point the man stepped out and surrendered himself to the Family.  After Rummaging through his pockets to find his ID and Taking off the man's mask so they could Match a name with the Face. Barker Recognized him as the same person who was disrespecting the Family and everyone who surrounded him 2 hours prior in prison. Initially Christopher was going to let the man go about his day with little lost. But after hearing of his actions in prison. Christopher decided it was time for him to pay. 

Some Earn Respect. We Demand It.

After Getting the man into the car and taking him to a remote relocation Christopher knew who would be the perfect person for this job. Treyvon previously spoke about his love for torture and how he missed doing it. So with the given opportunity Christopher was going to let Trey do what he does best


Trey started by getting the man down on his knees. Trey then sharpened his knife and prepared his blade for the slicing of flesh. Trey started by taking the man's shirt off exposing his chest and slowly running the cold blade of the knife across his bare skin. At the same time Sam used his own shirt mixed with some tape to create a makeshift gag to stuff in the man's mouth to muffle his screams. 


Trey then decided it was time to get to work starting at the left side of the man's chest he began to carve letters into his chest. Spelling out “La Nostra Famiglia.” By carving The Families name into his chest Trey was assuring this man would never forget who we were. Although the encounter looked very painful and surely was hard to watch, the man seemed to have not learned his lesson. Trey noticed the man's failure to change is demeanor so Trey wasn’t going to stop there. Trey decided he was going to practice his newly learned language. So he asked Sam and Christophe to pin the man down by his arms while he wrote One more phrase into the man's arm. “Stronzate Italiane” he spelled out. It translated to Italian Bullshit. The exact words the man had stated in prison not knowing how they would come back to hurt him. After Trey’s carving the man had barely shed any tears. The family wasn’t finished. We wanted a souvenir. A few tokens to remember the event. Trey took the man's pinky finger clean off along with his trigger finger. Trey Kept the pinky for himself and gave the other finger to JJ Trigger because it only seemed right. Lastly Trey was ashamed the man had barely shed any tears, So ashamed he was going to take away his ability to do so. He planned to do it by cutting his eyeball clean out of the socket mixed with a dash of sulfuric acid and a dab of powdered lime to fill its place. Barker prepared the chemicals while Sam prepared the knife, handing it over to Trey to do the dirty work. After the eye was taken out  it was put into a Jar along the other pieces of Luke that were taken from him that day. The Family treated the man's wounds before pistol-whipping him unconscious in the basement and taking their leave before anyone could catch them in the act. 


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Lealtà | Parte 1 | Opportunità Bussa
Loyalty | Part 1 | Opportunity Knocks

Flashing a smile to the parking attendant and offering him a quick wave, Leah Lennox approached her Kamacho and immediately felt unease as a shiver ran down her spine. Glancing around, she entered the vehicle and her eyes darted to the right, noting that the glove compartment had a small slip of paper jutting out from the top of it. As she looked around, scanning the area for a moment, she started the ignition, placed the vehicle in drive and repositioned to the back of the parking lot before snatching the paper.


A single word followed by a lone letter provided just enough reassurance for Leah to let go of a slow breath and sink into her seat. Pulling her phone out from her pocket, she tapped on the screen, dialing a few numbers from memory.

What is it now Nino?

Rolling her eyes, she muttered under her breath and raised the phone to her ear, hearing the familiar ringing before a booming voice sounded on the other end. As the conversation dragged on, Leah uttered very little and opted to give the occasional off handed mhm until one comment struck her with interest. Pacing back and forth outside the Kamacho, she drowned out bits and pieces of the conversation as the sound of the snow crunching softly beneath her boots lingered in her ears.


“We need to ship this equipment and San Andreas would be the perfect location.”

Cupping her hands around the phone even though already out of earshot for others, she quietly asked for more details of what was being presented to her. Knowing Nino, she settled in for a treat.

“Whispers are starting to come up around the warehouse. All of the equipment and paper is there and we need to get it out sooner rather than later. We’ll take a hard hit if we can’t keep printing. Paul told me about you and Jace and his blessing for extension so here is your first job.”

Back in Italy tucked away in the city of Genoa the family owned three warehouses, each dedicated to a specific purpose. The first of the three was registered as a front of a packing and shipping company, regularly open to the public during normal business hours. The second warehouse served as a storage center, front facing with simple storage and back end serving as a quiet product holding/movement area. The third and most notable for now had a line of offices and a hallway that led to a keypad locked area. Behind the keypad were industrial printers, mountains of paper and countless stacks of freshly printed money, wrapped in bundles sitting atop wooden pallets. The printing center was home to the production of millions of dollars that was distributed to loan sharks on a regular basis.

Leah knew from her previous work with the mafia that declining a job was never an option and she needed to figure it out. Being the leader of the Contratti Sector within La Nostra Famiglia it was her duty to organize and see through every offer of contracted work. There was no such thing as a job too big, too small or unachievable - not when it fell into the lap of Ms. Lennox. Having no location to store and utilize the equipment, she needed to get to work.

Recognizing not only the desire but the need to prove their worth to everybody back home, a simple sentence was uttered as Leah stepped back into her vehicle. The determination was evident in her words - years of making ends meet when the odds were against her ensuring her this was the best decision.

"I'll handle it, wait for my call."


Who would have known the opportunity to proceed was going to knock at her door?

More specifically in the form of a text from the lovely Lola DeValera.

To Be Continued....

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Una Vendetta personale e un accordo Fatto | A personal vendetta and a deal made



It was date night for the Capo Famiglia and Madrina, and he was prepared for the evening with his female companion. Jace had recently purchased a new apartment, and he wanted everything perfect. Roses lined up on the floor, leaving a trail upstairs into the bathroom. This trail led to a basket, which Leah very quickly found out held an assortment of bath bombs (not the kind of bomb that Irish use don't worry), salts, candles, and things of that nature. Jace wasn’t the romantic type, but when he needed to be, he could be. The male had spent days planning this, ducking off from running the Mafia and working at Weazel, to make this evening perfect. 


Everything was perfect when Leah had come in the door and seen everything, they both knew the evening would be absolutely magical. Everything was going tremendously, and they had just lit the candle for a nice romantic evening, when Jace received a call. Leah knew nobody normally called Jace, so she insisted he pick up the phone.


“Jace, I need you to do something for me.”

[Redacted] you know these things aren’t free.”

“I know. Name a price, I need you to get me a list of everyone associated with

“A task like that isn’t too difficult,

“I’ll double it. See you soon.”

With that,
Jace ended the phone call and smirked to Leah. She smiled back, knowing there was something to come very soon. That could wait until tomorrow, because all that mattered to Jace in this moment was his Madrina

The next day things went as one would expect.
Jace began to make the proper arrangements to have things watched over. Leah was more than capable of handling things for the day, so Jace would be able to complete this contract that had fallen into his lap so easily.

He set to work, calling people, and watching people work. Before the week ended,
Jace had all the information he needed. A quick phone call was made once more.

[Redacted] I have the information.”

“I’ll be at Casino in 5 minutes.”

That was the end of the conversation. Unfortunately for
[Redacted] he had to wait a bit longer than 5 minutes before a Prospettiva’s life was threatened and that had to be handled. Family before anything else. He texted the male, apologizing for the delay but he was on the way now.



They saw each other at the entrance to the Casino, and drove back towards the derby area.
Jace, Leah, and [Redacted] All stepped out of their vehicles and Jace removed his bandana.

Jace reaches into his jacket pocket with his left hand and pulls out a piece of paper, extending it to the male.

The male takes the paper and folds it up, he tucks it away into his own pocket.

“Everyone associated with the group is on that paper. Some of the people include [Redacted] [Redacted] and [Redacted].

“Good, is your bank set up to accept wire transfers?”

Jace nodded, and the next thing he knew, the money was in his account.


“We’ll be in touch.” Jace nodded to the male and got back into his vehicle, and waited for 10 minutes after the male left. It’s best they’re not seen leaving together.

Little did
Jace and Leah know however, was that the family was still watching.. And they were always watching. 



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