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With how adamant the PD are about removing cars from the pier, I think making the HE lot a NCZ would be a good medium. Currently everyone parks on the pier and stands by their car because if it's parked anywhere else it's almost guaranteed to get stolen. 

Secondly, I would like to see either a reduced amount of chop shop mechanics and/or rotating shops again. Opening up all the locations 24/7 has made car theft extremely toxic. Realistically cars wouldn't be stolen as often as they are. If your car isn't parked or in a NCZ and you're not watching it, you can guarantee it's going to be chopped. You could even code 0, come back, and not have a car because someone sees an empty car without anyone near it. Reducing and/or re-adding the chop rotations would make it much harder for cars to be continuously chopped.

I think both of these would be fair changes.

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I think the last thing we need is more NCZs. To add on to this, by doing a little bit of research, you can find the following online:

In Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Pier area itself has the highest crime rate in all of Santa Monica. Santa Monica has almost twice the average crime rate than that of California, and almost double that of it's neighboring major city, Los Angeles. To say that realistically, your car could not get stolen, is quite frankly incorrect. You should understand the risk of you leaving your car unattended. Perhaps you could make a suggestion in-character, to increase police presence at the parking lot next to/on the pier. Similarly, what prevents you from moving to another fishing location?



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