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Add an action timer to /pw

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Title says it all.

Don't think it makes any sense to see someone have a macro set up that will have them RP taking out a Micro-SMG, M4 and a kevlar vest in less then just 5 seconds.
I don't see a single reason to really be against something like this, the timer doesn't have to be long, it will simply create a few moments in which PD/SD or even DOC can take a few more moments into planning and setting up instead of just having cruisers rush in one after the other creating an unrealistic incident while making sure people actually put in effort into their RP and don't just automatically set up macros that do it for them in less than two seconds.

Timers can be short as 5 seconds for stuff that's basic, i.e pistols, kevlar vests, flashlights and batons while it could be slightly longer for weapons like the Carbine Rifle or Micro SMG and etcetera (10 seconds or so, whatever works tbh).

Feel free to comment with your opinion, any feedback's welcome.

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I'd be in support of this if it means I'd no longer have to type out the /me for taking a weapon out. I don't use binds so currently typing out the RP for removing a shotgun from the /pw is roughly 5-10 seconds

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If we didn't have to type the roleplay each time then I have no issue with timers but currently we have to type out a /me then /pw. Typing this out already adds time to the /pw. There could be a auto /ame or something like "/ame unracks the shotgun from the cruiser" "/ame unracks the SMG from the cruiser" and same for when we put it back "/ame racks the shotgun from the cruiser" "/ame racks the SMG from the cruiser".

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I agree with everything said. But if /pw has a timer surely crims putting a heavy weapon in their loadout should have a timer?

I think the argument is that because they have a physical item, opening inventory and dragging it is all that is needed while PD/SD spawn their items, thus requiring a bit of RP + we are suppose to display a higher standard of RP, so I don't mind.

Like others have stated if the timer is accompanied by an automatic /ame for specific weapons then +1

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